26 October 2021
Iraqi police: the assassination of an anti-corruption officer in the southeastern province of Maysan
The Iraqi Security Media Cell: 5 missiles were seized, ready to launch, in Nineveh
The Counter-Terrorism Service in Iraq receives equipment and weapons from the international coalition, worth $6 million
Director of state company for crops trading in Kirkuk & 15 employees arrested & investigated for charges of wasting & causing damage to public wealth estimated at 7 billion IQD ($4.7Millions) in the case of changing grade & quantity of crops, Federal Commission of Integrity
4 month ago
ISIS has claimed responsibility for bombing 3 electricity transmission towers on the Mirsad-Diyala power line in Iraq's Diyala Province, allegedly destroying two of them and damaging the third
Iraq cancels $4.2 bn Russian arms deal over graft concerns
4 month ago
The Iraqi Security Media Cell announced that it arrested 14 ISIS members in the governorates of Kirkuk and Nineveh
OIR Spokesman: Based on Intel, troops from Iraqi Federal Police 2nd Mechanized Brigade, in coord with the Field Engineering Battalion, conducted a search op in Hawija al-Hajal area in Kirkuk. 3 Daesh hideouts were destroyed. The ISF is committed to the enduring security of Iraq
Turkish Ministry of National Defense: 5 PKK militants detected within the scope of Claw-Lightning and Claw-Lightning operations in northern Iraq were neutralized4 month ago
Turkish Ministry of National Defense: 5 PKK militants detected within the scope of Claw-Lightning and Claw-Lightning operations in northern Iraq were neutralized
Iraqi security forces announce the downing of second UAV in Baghdad tonight
The Senate of Salah al-Din clans rejects sectarian calls against the city of Tikrit, and calls on the Iraqi government and security forces to carry out their duties
In pictures, inspect the Iraqi-Syrian border to prevent the infiltration of militants and smuggling into Iraqi lands, photographed by Alsumaria photographer
The leader of Iraqi Shiite militia Asaib Ahl al-Haq, Qais al-Khazali, has threatened, "The resistance factions will never abandon the military option except with the actual departure of the American forces. The decision to escalate has already begun to be implemented
4 month ago
Turkey launches a ground campaign aiming to capture an alleged PKK base north of Duhok
IS Badoush prison massacre: Iraq exhumes bodies from mass grave
4 month ago
Major General Al-Khafaji: The pursuit of ISIS remnants was launched on 10 axes
4 month ago
Major General Al-Khafaji: ISIS took advantage of some border gaps between Syria and Iraq
4 month ago
Syria: Unconfirmed reports of a drone strike targeting a warehouse near a border crossing used by militias on the Iraq/Syria border in al-Bukamal
In Iraq, spokeswoman for Nasr Coalition: assassinating activists & attacking the Green Zone are acts of terrorism. The government must reveal who is responsible
Drone targets Baghdad International Airport, and the Iraqi army launches a new operation to hunt down ISIS in the west of the country.
Al-Kazemi: We are working to correct Iraq's paths and adjust the work of the armed forces according to national rules
One person killed in explosion in Halabja: police chief
An Iraqi security source: The attack on Baghdad airport was carried out by a drone that crashed near the Victoria base, which houses American forces
Iraqi forces launch a new military operation to hunt down ISIS elements in 3 regions in western Iraq4 month ago
Iraqi forces launch a new military operation to hunt down ISIS elements in 3 regions in western Iraq
Iraqi media: Drone threw explosive shells at the military base at Baghdad airport, but no injuries
Inherent Resolve:June 5 - 11, our ISF partners arrested a number of criminals & killed 3 militants, located 169 IEDs, seized 42 hideouts, 36 caches of ammo & wpns, 52 pieces of wpns, 143 projectiles, etc. The ISF remains committed to the DefeatDaesh fight & long term security in Iraq
ISIS blows up electricity distribution towers in the Iraqi province of Salah al-Din
Iraqi Shiite insurgent sources are reporting that a new drone attack has taken place early Monday targeting U.S. military assets based at Baghdad International Airport
4 month ago
Iraqi Shiite insurgent faction Ashab al-Kahf has issued a warning to Iraqi security forces, complaining that "roadway protection guards opened fire on a unit belonging to us" following a succession of Ashab al-Kahf IED attacks yesterday in Iraq's Salahudeen Province
Iraqi Shiite insurgent faction "Brigades of Qasim al-Jabarin" has claimed responsibility for three IED attacks reported earlier today targeting convoys supplying the U.S. military as they passed near As-Samawah, An-Nasiriyah, and Al-Diwaniyah in southern Iraq
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