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19 August 2018
Iraqi Baghdad Police Command: any person preparing to protest, burning tires or writing on walls will be arrested.
Another video of Najaf tonight
The protesters of Shula neighborhood in Baghdad are burning a tired to protect themselves from tear gases , when the Iraqi government have sent more troops to break the demonstrations.
Karbala tonight
The road leading to and from AlGhazaliah and AlShula in Baghdad is closed due to protests, while forces headed from AlDhaght street to control the situation.
Protests continue in Baghdad, thousands of Iraqi people are gathering in Hayy Al-A'amel to support the demonstrations of Basra.
Iraqi security forces arrest 15 protesters in Shula neighborhood in Baghdad.
Demonstrations in Basra Southern Iraq have started again, dozens of protesters are gathering in (Al Jumhuriya) neighborhood.
Iraqi SWAT And Asa'ib Ahl Al Haq forces are firing the civilian protesters in Najaf . The protesters are throwing stones on these forces.
Iraqi Anti Riot Forces breakup protest in Shuala area of north Baghdad by firing weapons on the protesters , they want to Arrest them , more military forces have been deployed to the area.
1 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We must stay united as Iraqis. We defeated an existential threat to our country and achieved a historic victory over Daesh because we came together as a nation
1 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We must not allow a minority that is using the legitimate grievances of peaceful protestors to divide us. They want to harm Iraqis and Iraq, but we will not allow them to succeed
1 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We support the right to peaceful protest. Our security forces work to ensure that Iraqis can exercise this right in freedom and safety
1 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: It is our duty as a government to listen to peaceful protestors, and to implement measures to address their legitimate grievances. All Iraqis must have good public services and live in dignity
Baghdad demonstrations starting from Tahrir square to demand services and fight corruption
Campaign of arrest in Basra tonight, shots heard at this video
Iraqi Security Forces deploy in Amal neighborhood of Baghdad to prevent gatherings. Entrance to airport street closed.
Iraqi Security Forces breakup protest in Shuala area of north Baghdad by firing weapons into air. Roads leading to area closed.
Iraqi government declare A curfew in Basra , a large numbers of security forces have deployed in the city
Shy demonstrations in Baghdad compared with Basra and southern provinces, Dozens of protesters in Tahrir Square
A photo from today's protests in Karbalah Province.
The Iraqi federal police is arresting those who participated in last days demonstrations in Babil province.
Iraqi counter terrorism forces are Arresting protestors in Diwaniyah province southern of Iraq
The Fighters Of Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq guards opened fire to disperse protesters in Najaf .
Iraqi Government moving large numbers of security forces from outskirts of Baghdad toward the City Center to confront the expected protests.
Inherent Resolve:3rd Cavalry governmentnt BraveRifles troopers conduct a mass casualty exercise near the Iraqi-Syrian border. CJTFOIR supports our partners as they continue Operation Roundup to Defeat Daesh remnants.1 month ago
Inherent Resolve:3rd Cavalry governmentnt BraveRifles troopers conduct a mass casualty exercise near the Iraqi-Syrian border. CJTFOIR supports our partners as they continue Operation Roundup to Defeat Daesh remnants.
Inherent Resolve:Between July 9 and July 15, Coalition military forces conducted 14 strikes consisting of 16 engagements in Iraq and Syria.
The Iraqi government deploying large numbers of security forces and many tanks, armored vehicle to Al Tahrir Square in Baghdad to confront the expected protests
Iraqi Counter-terrorism service 2nd ISOF Brigade Commander denies that any forces have withdrawn from Kirkuk.
Protesters are burning the headquarters of the Fadilla Party in the province of Samawah
Iraqi Interior Minister began an expanded security meeting at the police headquarters in Karbala
Islamic State remnants remnanting near Samarra
Iraq's 9th Armored Division has been deployed in Basra to end the protests in the province.
Protesters in Basra halt demonstrations due to high temperatures. They plan to resume protests after 4:00 pm, one of the organizers told a Kurdistan 24
HPG Commander: Qandil war a battle to defend Iraqi Kurdistan
Iraq's Umm Qasr port expected to be fully operational on Monday or Tuesday - three port officials
9 protesters have been arrested by Iraqi security Forces in Basra. there's a preparation for a big demonstrations in Baghdad which expected to be participated by Millions of Protesters.
Iraqi troops destroyed on Monday four Islamic State tunnels and detonated 80 explosive charges in Anbar province.
Mobile internet services restored to parts of Iraq, including Erbil. However, messaging applications remain unavailable.
Protests in Basra, Najaf resume for ninth day in row
About 200 protesters gather at main entrance to Iraq's southern Siba natural gas field
Internet is back everywhere in Iraq
The Kurdish Peshmerga and US Led Coalition operation in Karachokh mountain is continue
US led coalition Warplanes are bombarding IS in Karachokh mountain near Makhmour near Erbil.
Viber is down in Iraq.
Snapchat is blocked as well. Iraq
Reports of a large deployment of riot police across central Baghdad and of protests being dispersed in the northern Ur district of Iraq's capital.
The internet was down in Iraq since yesterday 3 PM and it literally just came back (that's more than 36 hours) The nation wide shut down of the Internet happened (again) after protests in the southern provinces.
8 civilians, 13 security forces injured in Maysan protests: official
IraqProtests: Demonstrators cross the road leading to Malaysia's petronas company north of DhiQar
Clashes erupt between Turkish army, PKK in Kurdistan Region. NRT correspondent Abdo Hussein said the clashes broke out in Garwi Kawrate near Lelikan village in the Bradost area, northeast of Erbil.
According to a phone call from Nasriyya: Many civilians were injured and at least 3 killed during the protests. No electricity.
In Dhi Qar Province Iraq, 46 injured in protests including 29 Security Forces. Protesters surround Dhi Qar Council building. Security Forces try to disperse crowds with water cannons.
Iraqi PM sends 6 Emergency Response Division battalions and 3 Counter-terrorism service battalions from Baghdad to Basra in the wake of ongoing protests. A number of Army brigades also ordered south.
Iraqi security forces open fire against protestors in Basra as demonstrations enter the second week. Rising unemployment and an electricity crisis has plagued the city amidst temperatures reaching 117 degrees
Iraqi government decreases Nineveh Province share of electricity from 750 MW to 400 to increase electricity hours in southern Iraq - Director of Nineveh Electricity says.
Fly Dubai declare that their flights from and to Najaf will be suspended till 22th July.
The Iraqi government deploying large numbers of security forces in Baghdad to confront the protesters gathering
Jordan's state airline suspends flights to Iraqi city of Najaf: statement
Fly Dubai cancel all its flights to the city of Najaf, Iraq until July 22
Two counter-terrorism officers were wounded in clashes in Dhi Qar governorate
Basrah: One demonstrator was killed and another injured by live bullets
Iraq's security forces have clamped down on groups exploiting protests in Hilla, Babil province, to burn and vandalise people's properties.
Dozens of Iraqi protesters are attempting to break into the Dhi Qar Provincial Council currently holding a council members emergency meeting. Protests continue to rage on in southern Iraqi provinces over lack of public services.
Residents of Talar City in Erbil protest lack of public services
Medical source for Rudaw: injuries among rioters and riot police in Dhi Qar
1 protester have been Killed and 3 Injured after Iraqi police opened fire to disperse dozens of protesters near the Basra Governorate
1 month ago
Iraqi police opened fire to disperse dozens of protesters near the Basra Governorate as they demonstrated against a shortage of jobs, electricity, water and other basic services.
1 month ago
Demonstrations have been started In Basra southern of Iraq, the protesters attacking Governorate build and the Public sector in the city have been Shut down, the security Forces blocked all main streets.
Protests ongoing in Dhi Qar province.
1 month ago
Iraqi security forces withdraw from Kirkuk to southern Iraq
Demonstrators in Basra storming the headquarters of the province
1 month ago
Basrah: 5 demonstrators injured after the Iraqi security forces used gas bombs and live bullets to disperse them
Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the Basra governorate building threatened to break into it after clashes with riot police
1 month ago
Two protesters killed in Najaf while trying to enter headquarters of Shia group
July 14 - Saturday night local time Baghdad protests in solidarity with rallies in Iraq's southern provinces; angry people are setting fire to the offices of the Dawa and other political parties affiliated to Iran's government.
The increase in the number of casualties following the live fire on demonstrators by elements of the armed parties In the province of Missan Iraq
Missan: The security forces fires at the demonstrators1 month ago
Missan: The security forces fires at the demonstrators
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