17 April 2021
Iraqi security forces arrest ISIS official responsible for war booty in Zuhara neighborhood in East Mosul.
Iraqi security forces use force to disperse strike in Mu'amil area of Baghdad. Several strikers injured. Strikers were protesting poor services.
Coalition military convoy spotted on Al Alam-Tikrit bridge
An Iraqi defense delegation in Erbil to present a map of the deployment of troops to the Ministry of Peshmerga
ISIS militants execute Sunni Tribal Forces in Diyala for being a part of Hashd al-Shaabi
Iraqi forces kill ISIS commander, four extremists in Hamrin operation
Acting US ambassador in Baghdad urges Iraqi government to withdraw militias not under PM's control from Sunni areas. Security should be provided by local police.
Islamic State: Yesterday, a Radar Vehicle of the Iraqi army was destroyed by an Explosive Device (IED) In the area of Kilo 160 West Ramadi, Iraq
Islamic State: 3 PMU elements were wounded by two different explosive devices (IED) near Tarmiyah, North Baghdad, Iraq
Hasakeh: The arrival of hundreds of oil Tanker coming from Iraq, entered Al-Hasakah and is on the way to Damascus, to ship oil in several cities like Damascus, because of the severe shortage in the oil and fuel
Muqtada al-Sadr criticizes Hashd al-Shaabi for sending teams to respond to flooding in Iran while Iraqi people, in southern country, are suffering from the flooding.
An Iraqi security official says the anti-terrorist forces (elite forces) killed the military "governor" of the ISIS in the eastern Hamrin mountain range
300 Trucks of International Coalition, loaded with Military and logistical equipment, entered Qamishli through Semelka border-crossing and is on the way to Syrian democratic forces points in Northern Syria.
Iraq begins trial proceedings for 900 suspected Iraqi jihadists who were transferred from SDF to Iraqi authorities
Iraqi militias reject U.S. naming of Iran's Guards as terrorist group
Villagers are on alert in the Qarachogh mountains after they say ISIS opened fire on Iraqi forces. Chwar Choman village was evacuated a week ago, says a local. No immediate casualties reported as of Friday night.
Iraqi 8th Division receives 200 ISIS prisoners from Syrian Democratic Forces. Prisoners to be taken to Baghdad for investigation and trial.
2 year ago
Airstrikes against Zap and Avashin
In Iraq, Saraya Salam Militia announces it has stopped ISIS attempt to infiltrate Samarra from the east through a series of ambushes that killed a number of ISIS and turned remainder back.
Iraq: 1000+ Ukrainian Fort-19 9x19mm pistols apparently seized by Iraqi Border Police, from a container apparently marked as "Bicycles". The serials are even still visible, come in the full packaging and a spare magazine
Two brigades of Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Forces commence operation against ISIS remnants in northern Hamrin Mountains
Situation in Kurdistan has reached point that people will take to streets like Sudan, Algeria: New Generation
PM @AdilAbdAlMahdi orders the Counter-Terrorism Services, supported by the Army Aviation and @Coalition aircrafts, to conduct operations targeting Daesh remnants and their caves in the Hamrin Mountains.
Syria's Kurds announce the agreement with Baghdad to return about 31 thousand Iraqis to their country
IS militants claim it killed or wounded 7 Iraqi Tribal Hashd militia near Jumayla and an IED attack near the Umm al-Shababit Bridge, Shirqat
Three unidentified explosions in the Qaim district of western Iraq on the Syrian-Iraqi border.
Iraq: Baghdad has offered the US-led coalition to try hundreds of foreign IS suspects in exchange for millions of dollars, three Iraqi officials told @AFP
Military operations against ISIS continue: U.S.-led coalition says week after final ISIS territory recaptured, 52 strikes launched in Syria and Iraq: statement
Iraq's popular forces detonate a booby-trapped car driven by a suicide bomber in Salahuddine
Iraqi security forces reopen the closed roads and lift the "concrete" blocks in various neighborhoods and streets of Baghdad.
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