11 December 2023
Two "active members" of the Islamic State (IS) were captured in the capital city of the Kurdistan Region, Counter-Terrorism Service said in a statement without mentioning the date of the capture.
"The UK condemns the senseless attack by Iran on Erbil, which was an unprovoked violation of Iraqi sovereignty. We continue to support the security and stability of Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region of Iraq," UK Consul General to Erbil David Hunt told K24 on Tuesday
The Iranian militias declare a state of alert, in the ranks of their brigades in the town of Ayash, west of Deir Ezzor, and abandon some of their positions in the fields, and take down their flags and banners from the headquarters, in anticipation of a possible US response, after the Guard militias adopted targeting the American consulate in Kurdistan, Iraq the day before yesterday
1 year ago
The UAE strongly condemns the attacks that targeted the city of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan. wam
Iraq's ministry of foreign affairs summons Iranian Ambassador in Baghdad, Iraj Masjidi, following the Iran's missile attack against Erbil
The IRGC says the Erbil attack was a response to "recent crimes" by Israel, indicating that the missile attack was a response to the killing of two IRGC members targeted in Syria. Top IRGC officials attended their memorial
1 year ago
Iran launched the missiles from the Seyed Al-Shohada barracks (37.903, 45.919°), a location used for missile launches in 2018
According to a senior US official, the missiles fired toward the US Consulate in Erbil emanated from Iran. Multiple missiles were fired. None hit the Consulate. No Americans were injured. US personnel do work and live in the vicinity of the Consulate
Missile attack on Erbil was launched from OUTSIDE Iraq, 12 ballistic missiles fired, Iraqi state media says, quoting anti-terrorism forces in Kurdistan - Reuters
Video taken from Iran Khordo Factory @  37.9004°, 45.9462° Inferred launch from trajectory, IRGC base near Khosrowshah1 year ago
Video taken from Iran Khordo Factory @ 37.9004°, 45.9462° Inferred launch from trajectory, IRGC base near Khosrowshah
Several explosions hits near US consulate compound in Erbil
Initial report of a large explosion in Erbil
Iraq's Ministry of Immigration: after their rehabilitation in Al-Jada'a camp near Mosul, hundreds of IS families have returned to their areas in Anbar province, added that ministry have the plan to transfer 500 families, from Al-Hol camp in Syria to the Nineveh Governorate
C-RAM active over the US embassy in Baghdad as a drill.
1 year ago
Iraqi forces repel a terrorist attack in Salah al-Din
1 year ago
Injury of a member of the army with the rank of corporal in an armed confrontation with militias in the "Hussainiya" area, northeast of the capital, Baghdad.
Rocket attack targeting US Army's Camp of victory military base near Baghdad's international airport
Ukrainians in Erbil protesting against Russian war against Ukraine
Another part of the world is at war today. Children & women lives will change forever. Human beings will become more savage. Smokes will fill the serene skies & earth will receive new tumorous objects. Schools will be empty & hospitals will be full. Wars start & never stop
Iraqi Supreme Federal Court postpones decision on constitutionality of second round of presidential candidate registrations
Inherent Resolve:Our ISF partners are combining capabilities to create & deliver a competent & capable force ready to deter any threat & keep Iraq safe. Recently, Iraqi AF in coord with CTS conducted a successful airstrike, destroying 2 Daesh hideouts in Kirkuk, said @SecMedCell
Iraqi Shiite insurgent faction Ashab al-Kahf has claimed responsibility for an alleged IED attack on Sunday that targeted a convoy supplying the U.S. military as it passed through Iraq's Babil Province
1 year ago
IED attack on US logistic convoy in Bayblon governorate
An Iraqi engineer was reportedly killed on Saturday in an armed attack in the province of Dhi Qar
Initial reports that Iraqi special forces have carried out an attack by helicopter on unknown men in Hasakah countryside, with news that four people were killed
In Iraq, headquarters of Taqaddum political party attacked with hand grenade in Hit district of Anbar Province. Taqaddum is the party of the Speaker of Parliament. Taqaddum party has been repeatedly attacked in recent weeks in Baghdad & Anbar
1 year ago
An Islamic State commander was killed in an Iraqi air force bombardment in the desert in al-Rutba district in western Anbar on Thursday
Iraq's National Security Council requested the Iraqi Oil Ministry to work closely with the KRG and set a timetable for resolving the oil and gas issue based on the constitution
Unidentified drones flying over Al Hut prison in Nasiriyah southern Iraq. The prison hosts thousands of IS detainees. Security forces tried to intercept the drones
The Popular Mobilization Forces and the security forces detonate 1 ton of war remnants in the desert of Najaf