19 January 2022
In coming few days, the KRG will repatriate 17 bodies of Kurdish migrants who were drowned in the English Channel aiming to arrive to UK territories. The KRG under the supervision of PM @masrour_barzani working closely with French government to make the repatriation happens
The National Intelligence Organization (MIT) organized the attack on Qandil in northern Iraq on December 7, 2021. In UAVs Operation. 2 high-ranking PKK/KCK militants neutralized
The Islamic State (IS) jihadists on Monday kidnapped four people near the Hamrin mountain area that links Kirkuk, Salahaddin, and Diyala provinces.
The White House: The coalition forces will provide advice in Iraq at the invitation of the government
The White House: The remaining coalition forces in Iraq are limited to advising to confront ISIS
White House: There are no longer American combat forces in Iraq
1 month ago
High ranked IS official detained in Halabja northern Iraq in a joint operation between US forces and Peshmerga
1 month ago
Today 9 militants were killed in Gara with an operation coordinated by the MIT.
Inherent Resolve:Our ISF/Peshmerga partners are united for a secure & stable Iraq. While the Coalition combat role is complete, we will #AdviseAssistEnable to maintain the enduring defeat of Daesh
White House Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa @brett_mcgurk has just arrived to Baghdad. McGurk meets with PM of Iraq @MAKadhimi and president @BarhamSalih
1 month ago
Iraqi News Agency: Iraqi army aircraft destroy ISIS sites in Kirkuk
Iraqi forces launch an operation to pursue the remnants of "militants" in Diyala Governorate
1 month ago
Iraqi Shiite insurgent faction Ashab al-Kahf has claimed responsibility for an IED attack today targeting a convoy supplying the U.S. military as it passed near the Iraqi city of Al-Diwaniyah (in the "Greater Sumer" area)
1 month ago
Al Jazeera English: "Turkey hits PKK targets in Iraq after three of its troops killed"
The Pentagon: Threats against our forces in Iraq still exist, and we reserve the right to self-defense
"We have to assume that threats to US forces remain credible in Iraq" per @PentagonPresSec re Iran-backed militia groups "We're not under any illusion that those threats might still occur" he says, adding US forces can defend themselves if attacked
In Iraq, Fatah Coalition: the Federal Court has the power to overturn the election results. The High Elections Commission did not examine the totality of fraud charges. Lawyers from the Coordination Committee are arguing our case
The Iraqi National Security Adviser announces the end of the combat missions of the international coalition forces in the country
1 month ago
Reports about a large attack by fighters of the HPG/YJA Star, PKK's armed military wings, targeting Turkish army in the region Zap in Medya Defense Areas, Bashur. Statement by HPG Press Office expected in the next hours
Joint statement expected tomorrow on U.S. transition to non-combat roll in Iraq. "U.S. forces will remain in Iraq . in an advising assisting enabling an intelligence sharing role to support the Iraqi Security Forces in their fight against ISIS," Kirby said
1 month ago
US-led Coalition forces against ISIS and Iraqi warplanes carried out airstrikes against ISIS in the Anbar desert. 10 ISIS members were killed in the airstrike. ISIS has no place in Iraq, but the organization hides in caves in the desert and from time to time carries out bloody attacks.
1 month ago
Two members of the Iraqi army were killed in violent clashes with ISIS in Al-Dibs district in Kirkuk
A security source has confirmed to Kurdistan 24 that the news of a rocket attack on Erbil International Airport was false and that all flights will remain normal as scheduled.
Peshmarga forces advance toward the countryside of Kifri town near Sulaymaniyah northern Iraq1 month ago
Peshmarga forces advance toward the countryside of Kifri town near Sulaymaniyah northern Iraq
1 month ago
ISIS attacks Iraqi army in Twelaa village, Dubiz northern Kirkuk
Video circulating on social media of sirens being triggered tonight at the US Consulate in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. No warning sirens at the Erbil International Airport. Iraq
1 month ago
The arrest of an ISIS gunman by the Peshmerga forces near Altun Kobri district
Aircraft inbound Erbil Airport diverting
Sirens ring out at US consulate in Erbil
IS claimed responsibility for yesterday's attack on Peshmarga forces near Altun Kobri. 3 Peshmarga were killed in the attack. But despite some reports, no village had fallen to IS hands in that area, military sources confirmed
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