Map. History of Iraq conflict

25 September 2018
ISIS attacks Iraqi PMU (Hashd) base in south Kirkuk city, Saladin province. 4 PMU injured
Regiment 11 and Ninth Brigade with the help of Iraqi Air Force repelled Two isis attacks on East of Ad Dawr and Albu Ajil Valley
2 suicide bombers were ambushed by Iraq's army after intelligence indicated that they were about to target processions of Shi'a pilgrims in northern Baghdad. Ambush set up in Tarmiyah, outside the house they were staying in. Both killed
Islamic State says it blown up a house of a Hashd Al-Shaabi militiaman #PMU in #Tarmiya north of #Baghdad #Irak
Islamic State announces that it damaged a SUV and killed / wounded several Hashd Al-Shaabi #PMU militiamen during a tense ambush east of #Tikrit in #Salahaddin #Irak province
Iraqi forces arrest 13 suspected ISIS in East Mosul one day after arresting 15 in West Mosul.
PKK have attacked a Turkish base in Del mount, Bradost area northern Erbil. At least 4 soldiers killed.
Iraqi local police capture ISIS official responsible for tribal affairs south of Mosul.
ChamWings flying from Najaf Iraq to Damascus Syria right
Iraqi PM: there has been a Turkish presence in north Iraq since 1980s due to an agreement between Turkey and the former government. It is no longer in effect. We protest any infringement on our sovereignty but we don't want to be a party in Turkish-PKK dispute.
5 month ago
Increased activity of coalition aircrafts at Al-Tanf area on Syria-Iraq border
PM Abadi denied that Turkish forces have made an incursion into Iraqi territory, calling such reports "completely false."
Iraqi forces ambush and kill 5 ISIS in ambush in Rashad subdistrict in Kirkuk province.
Armed group kills a civilian in his home in Kirkuk city, Iraq.
Reports this morning IRGC left their headquarters in Abu Kamal and went to Iraq.
Muqtada Sadr says he is willing to mediate between KSA and Iran, 'despite the difficulty'
Iraqi Army arrests 13 suspected ISIS members in Sadiq neighborhood of East Mosul after search of 150 houses.
@obretix: Drone swarm of four MQ-9 Reapers in Khara'ij captured on satellite image (26 Dec 2017)
Islamic State reports killing 8 Sahawat tribal militiamen #PMU and wounded 19 others during raid by suicide bombers at #Haditha in Anbar Province #Iraq
Islamic State claims a double suicide attack that killed 7 Iraqi soldiers / security guards #ISF and wounded 13 others in Al-Hall Party HQ where municipal election candidates gathered at #Hit in the province of # Anbar #Iraq
Iraq Court sentences 7 ISIS leaders to death on genocide charges in Nineveh province
Muqtada As-Sadr asks Iraqi government to respond the Turkish military incursion inside Iraqi territories.
Hashid al-Shaabi thwarts ISIS attack in Hawija
Iraq, Iran,Assad government and Russia established a joint intelligence-sharing operations HQ in Baghdad's Green Zone
Italian soldiers "Dimonios" from Sassari Brigade deployed at the Mosul Dam. They also met the @USACEHQ Commander.
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) 16th Brigade kills 5 ISIS in village in Rashad subdistrict 35 kilometers southwest of Kirkuk city. All 5 were foreigners.
Iraqi Security Forces kill ISIS leader Baghdadi's key advisor, Abu Walid Shishani, called Baghdadi's "right arm." He was killed in desert area near Kirkuk city. He was responsible for sleeper cells planning attacks in Kirkuk city.
Two Iraqi forces killed in ISIS attack on Haditha town
Turkish Air Force drone UAV  TCS185 month ago
Turkish Air Force drone UAV TCS18
Iraq Islamic State Claims Killing 6 ISF Soldiers In NE Of Baqubah.
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