Map. History of Iraq conflict

24 September 2018
Iraqi government refused to let Belgian Defense Minister to visit it's troops in Erbil, in response DM Steven Vandeput said "Then we will not go to Iraq at all, although we also have a few instructors in Baghdad. Belgium will respond to this diplomatically."
8 month ago
Nine killed and 28 injured today after a bus carrying Iraqi refugees overturned in the Silopi district of southeastern Şırnak province en route to Kurdistan region.
Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region @PMBarzani to meet @Pontifex in Vatican today
Iraqi Parliament speaker Saleem Al-Jubouri and Iraqi National Accord, Ayad Alawi establish a Coalition ahead of next Iraqi elections.
Locals from the Tuz / Bashir area reported an "unidentified aircraft" over their skies this morning.
Earthquake strikes Iraq, felt in most cities across the country, including Baghdad.
M5.5 earthquake (زلزال) strikes 136 km E of Baghdad (Iraq) 7 min ago. Effects reported by witnesses
Earthquake strikes Erbil city, Kurdistan Region.
Greater Ali announce the beginning of the final stage for counterinsurgency operations in Hawija. High coordination between them, 9th Armored, Federal Police, and Army Aviation allowed them to purge the area NE of Hawija town all the way to Kirkuk city outskirts.
KRG Spokesperson @SafeenDizayee urged Iraqi Prime Minister @HaiderAlAbadi to start a serious dialogue with the Kurdish government instead of making "false weekly statements."
Iraq to ask foreign oil companies to build houses, 'provide services' for Iraqi employees - Iraqi oil ministry
Iraq's Prime Minister @HaiderAlAbadi says elections will go ahead on its scheduled time. #IraqVotes
Photos of Hawk strikes on the mountains east of Tuz Khurmato after the recent mortar attacks
Brigade 11 and another section of 9th Armored Division are progressing towards Riyadh with eventual goal of reaching Hamrin Mountains to begin another cleansing operation there.
Brigade 2 and 9th Armored Division cleared Marata, Qawaz Arab, Salihiya, Umm Qasir, and al-Siaha villages north of Hawija during operations today. Several weapons also seized.
Iraq to begin new refinery project within 30 days in push to increase overall oil production
After tracking by Coalition aircraft, an airstrike was carried out which resulted in the killing of 3 ISIS, one of them being the Tigris Governor. SWAT from 38th Regiment was sent to clear the area and confirm the kills.
A service member with @CJTFOIR died today in a non-combat-related incident. "The service member's name and the circumstances surrounding the death will be released at the discretion of the pertinent national authorities"
Iraq bans Erbil-based Kar Group from operating Kirkuk oil fields
Tuz was subject to several mortar attacks this morning. Another message posted an hour ago.
Uploaded by a resident of Tuz Khurmato an hour ago, a mortar struck the roof of his home.
Iraqi Parliament establishes committee to investigate Tuz Khurmatu events
KRG concerned with Iran's 'baseless' claims of plotting protests with CIA, wants good relations
Iraqi command again talking about sending additional military forces to stop tribal fighting in Basra
6 PKK Members was killed in Kani Rash Village, Northern Iraq.
ISIS claim from Mosul,- this time assasination of a spy in Oreibi neighborhood
Iraq to start exporting Kirkuk oil to Iran before end of January, Oil Minister Jabar al Luaibi says
IS said to have had a small military parade with trucks in Jazeera area of West Ninewa IS elements said to be moving from West Ninewa to Salahaddin and Anbar
ISIS attacks Iraqi forces in Jubour area, Qaratapah, Diyala province.
Recent riots in Iran plotted in Erbil: Mohsen Rezaee
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