Map. History of Iraq conflict

24 September 2018
OIR Spokesman: Iraqi Security Forces and Syrian Democratic Forces link-up at shared border yesterday. Secure int'l border protects Iraqis and Syrians from remnant Daesh mvmt into and across the region as terrorist fighter/leaders attempt to flee the battlefield
[email protected] adds contribution of Peshmerga in fight against ISIS to his victory speech after criticism from Kurds
Estonian FM: Kurdistan Region is an important character in resolving all Iraq issues.
Muqtada Al-Sadr has ordered his powerful Saraya Al-Salam paramilitary units to hand over their weapons to the Iraqi state.
Iraq holds military parade celebrating victory over Islamic State
Hashd completed 100 km long security trench along Iraqi-Saudi borders with 2nd Brigade Hashd in charge of ongoing security
The US Federal Aviation Administration has reduced the flight warning over Iraq to 26,000 feet and that will allow American and US-registered aircrafts to fly over Iraqi airspace again after the fight against ISIS has officially ended.
The Coalition congratulates the Government of Iraq on its announcement of the liberation of Iraq from Daesh. For release visit
Iraq oil minister says Kirkuk oil swap deal with Iran is for one year
Iraq holds military parade to celebrate victory over IS
Arab Movement in Kirkuk Province, Iraq: there are still some ISIS fighters remaining in SW Kirkuk Province that need to be defeated. ISIS fighters are preventing displaced persons from returning to their homes.
9 month ago
UK Prime Minister Theresa May: "whilst Daesh (ISIS) is failing, they are not yet defeated. They still pose a threat to Iraq, including from over the Syrian border"
PMF commander Qais Khazali threatens Israel and promises to 'capture' Jerusalem.9 month ago
PMF commander Qais Khazali threatens Israel and promises to 'capture' Jerusalem.
Iraq announced the end of UN sanctions imposed on the country following its invasion of neighboring Kuwait in 1990
A statement by the Lebanese prime minister calls for investigations into the appearance of an Iraqi militia commander on a tour inside Lebanese border areas in military uniform
PM Abadi announces control Iraqi forces on the Iraqi-Syrian border. No more ISIS in iraq
Iraq joint operations officially announced all of Iraq completely captured from ISIS.
Iraqi PM declares 'end of the war against IS' in Iraq
Abadi declares the end of the war against the ISIS after full control of the border with Syria
ISIS from Syria attacks Iraqi Border Guards 2nd Brigade HQ at Waliid border crossing, 7 Iraqi forces killed. ISIS withdraws to Syria.
Iraq: PMU announces the completion of military operations and full control of the Iraqi - Syrian border
PMU in Iraq declare full control of the border with Syria in cooperation with Iraqi forces
Iraq and Iran sign contract to export crude oil from Kirkuk fields.
Car blast hits Iraqi forces convoy in Tikrit, Iraq.
Rapid gains by the PMF prompted ISIS to withdraw deep into the steppe towrds the Syrian border. 21 militants and 1 SVBIED were eliminated. Iraqi Forces took control of light and heavy weapons along with a headquarters.
Iraqi 7th Division, 8th Mech Division and 9th Armor Division capture 10 villages in desert area of Anbar and Ninawa provinces.
Muqtada Al-Sadr warns "Israel": "We can reach you through the borders of Syria."
No US airstrikes against ISIS targets in Iraq from Sunday to Thursday
Peshmerga: all our previous meetings with Baghdad have not resulted in any agreement.
Iraqi Forces launched the Great Battle of Jazeera at 10:00am local time
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