19 September 2021
Defense Mobilization reporting they killed 4 ISIS tonight in the Muqdadiyah sector
US delegation: we will hold Iran responsible if our forces are attacked by militias in Iraq
"Specifically, the Pentagon is closely watching "troubling indicators of potential attack preparations" from Iranian militias in Iraq, the official said
Former PM Haider Al Abadi claims Iraqi authorities knew and approved the drone strike that targets IRGC Qassem Suleimani
9 month ago
US Central Command: Iran's inability to get us out of Iraq indicates the weakness of Qassem Soleimani's successor
The United States Military is at a heightened level of alert for a Potential Iranian retaliation, According to @politico
US Central Command: The government of Iraq is active in working against these groups
9 month ago
US Central Command: We are concerned that Iran's militias will take action in Iraq without returning to Tehran
9 month ago
Explosion heard in northeast Baghdad was the Controlled Demolition of war remnants scheduled by the Army
Kurdish official says Baghdad-Erbil negotiations are on "the brink of a breakthrough"
Tura and Sabreen News are both reporting that their sources have confirmed the resumption of operations against the American forces in Iraq. Tura claims this is new to failed negotiations
In Iraq, 2 trucks belonging to US Coalition attacked in Samawah city in Muthanna Province
3 IEDs exploded in an international coalition convoy in Samawah, southern Iraq
Iraq:Extending the curfew between the governorates of Sulaymaniyah and Halabjah
Iraqi Human Rights Commission: 8 protesters killed & 54 injured by security forces in Sulaymaniyah Province of Kurdistan. Security forces used teargas, plastic bullets & gunfire. Protesters burned various party headquarters. Baghdad & Erbil must negotiate
Iraqi News Agency: Dhi Qar demonstrators decide to open Al-Haboubi Square in Nasiriyah
ISIS elements active on Makhoul, outskirts of Zawiya
The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court announced that it was ending a preliminary investigation into alleged war crimes committed by British soldiers after the US-led invasion of Iraq
Iraqi Commission: 8 dead and 54 injured in Sulaymaniyah protests within a week
9 month ago
During his press conference today, KRG PM mentioned that PKK affiliated groups not only didn't leave Shingal, but also brought more fighters from Syrian Kurdistan [Northern Syria ]. This could be related
High level US delegation visits Erbil & confirms its support to Kurdistan & continued training of Peshmerga. US supports negotiations between Erbil & Baghdad
Slemani's High Security Committee in a statement says: 'Security forces will no longer allow unauthorized protests to take place and they will arrest anyone who participated in damaging public properties as well as those behind them.' Kurdistan
Iraqi security source says ISIS attack on army checkpoint between Hit city & Baghdadi subdistrict in west Anbar Province kills 3 soldiers & injures 4
One person killed and 5 others wounded in clashes between protesters and security forces in the district of Chamchamal in Slemani province - Xendan reported
Map: Civilians killed and injuried by Turkish military operations in Kurdistan Region, Iraq
USAF Lockheed C-5A Galaxy airborne over southern Iraq.  Callsign: -  Reg. 69-00129 month ago
USAF Lockheed C-5A Galaxy airborne over southern Iraq. Callsign: - Reg. 69-0012
Iraq is preparing to sign a oil deal worth billions with China in exchange for cash
The Iraqi President: Joint regional cooperation is a priority
Kurdistan Region PM @masrour_barzani says one Peshmerga was killed by a bullet. He also stated that there were foreigners and people from Syria among the protestors
The Iraqi President: The road to groups seeking to destabilize must be blocked
President of the Kurdistan government: All the country is going through a difficult phase
President of the Kurdistan government: We are working to settle the outstanding issues with Baghdad
Kurdistan Prime Minister: Stability and security must be preserved in the whole region
President of the Kurdistan government: We call on the federal government in Baghdad to solve the salary crisis
2 explosions hit Khabaza Oil field near Kirkuk, Iraq9 month ago
2 explosions hit Khabaza Oil field near Kirkuk, Iraq
A fire broke out due to two explosions in two oil wells in the Khabaz oil field in Kirkuk, Iraq
9 month ago
ISIS targets oil wells of Khabaza field in Kirkuk province with two IEDs. Fire broke out at two wells. Fire fighters deployed to the area to put out the fire - Police source says
9 month ago
Iraq: Fires break out in the Khabaz oil field in Kirkuk, after two bombs exploded
Main Shia political parties threatened to remove Iraqi PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi from office if he sends the Kurdistan Region's budget share fully [as Erbil and Baghdad are close to reaching a final agreement over budget & revenue sharing issues]
Imam Al-Baqie Brigade within the Defense Mobilization reported another attack earlier tonight, making it the third against their forces in the past 5 days. The unit has lost 3 fighters and sustained 7 wounded since December 3rd in Muqdadiyah area
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