20 September 2021
ANF: "Turkish army bombed the Priz, Bergarê and Siyanê areas of Gare in the Medya Defense Zones (PKK-held areas) with fighter jets and Cobra helicopters at 3 am." After the airstrikes, Turkish soldiers landed in the Siyanê area, ANF said
Najaf: Burial/funeral procession of Iraqi Shia militias killed by alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria
Six ISIS hideouts controlled south of Kirkuk Iraqi forces have taken over six hideouts of IS militants in Daquq, southwest of Kirkuk, tens of bombs and explosives found
7 month ago
Turkey has announced the start of new military activity in the Kurdistan Region's Duhok province. Operation Claw Tiger-2 has begun on Wednesday on Gara Mountain, attacking suspected Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) positions in the area, announced the Turkish defence ministry
7 month ago
Turkish choppers have airdropped hundreds of elite troops on top of Gara mountain to the west of Zap region in central northern Iraqi Kurdistan as Turkish defence minister announces a new ground military operation against the PKK
PM @masrour_barzani chairs a meeting with cabinet ministers to discuss progress in reforms and negotiations with Baghdad. Kurdistan
7 month ago
Islamic State (IS) militants on Wednesday attack the Iraqi Army forces in the eastern province of Diyala, killing at least one soldier
Turkish forces using warplanes and helicopters. PKK media claims; Turkish troops are on the ground near Siyan, Bargara, and Priz villages beneath Gara mount, Duhok
The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, during a press conference, stresses the need to preserve the prestige of the state from any party and refuses to encroach on the security forces
7 month ago
Kurdish media: Turkish fighters bomb the Kari mountains in southern Iraqi Kurdistan
7 month ago
Dohuk: Turkish warplanes bombed the Bergar and Prize area in Kurdistan region, without information on casualties
An expanded Iraqi security operation, including west of the capital, Baghdad, to pursue ISIS remnants
7 month ago
ISIS has claimed responsibility for a shooting attack targeting Iraqi army forces in the Al-Huraimat area in Ameriyat al-Fallujah in Iraq's Anbar Province, allegedly killing one and wounding 2 others
Director of Iraqi National Security Agency Abdel-Ghanni al-Assadi: the return of ISIS to holding terrain is a dream only. ISIS movements are for media reasons
@DoD_IG concludes ISIS down to 8,000-16,000 fighters in Iraq Syria from 14,000-18,000, based on comments by recently ret. Amb James Jeffrey, who served as the US Special Envoy to the Defeat ISIS coalition
In Iraq, Muqtada Sadr's Saraya Salam militia says it has delivered information on upcoming terrorist attacks to Joint Operations Command. Militia claims to have deployed 100,000 militiamen in Baghdad, Najaf & Karbala. Militia has since withdrawn
US embassy in Iraq announced military drills in the heart of Baghdad and apologises in advance for inconvenience
Iraq hangs five people convicted on 'terrorism' charges, security sources in Nasiriyah tell @AFP
7 month ago
Iraqi forces arrest Syrian infiltrators across the border
A member of Saraya al-Salam militia carrying a 60mm mortar on his back
There are reports of new IED attacks by suspected Shiite insurgents targeting convoys supplying U.S. military forces as they traveled on roads near Al-Diwaniyah in southern Iraq and through the town of Al-Yusifiyah south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad
PMF unit Saraya as-Salam in the streets of Baghdad, they say its mobilization against ISIS.
Iraqi source says Muqtada Sadr's Saraya Salam militia has gone into a high state of readiness after it received information about upcoming large ISIS attacks in Baghdad & the provinces
7 month ago
US Central Command chief Gen. Frank McKenzie calls the proliferation of cheap drones across the region "most concerning tactical development" since the rise of the improvised explosive device during the Iraq War. It's a "new component of warfare," he says
The International Coalition sends a convoy of weapons and logistical equipment to its military bases in Hasakah countryside through the Semalka border crossing with Iraq
There are reports that Iraqi Shiite militiamen from Kataib Hezbollah have once again engaged in armed clashes with ISIS fighters near Jurf al-Sakhr, south of Baghdad
Kurds Warn of Growing Islamic State Capabilities in Iraq  ⁦
In Iraq, police in Samarra deny that improvised explosive device has targeted an International Coalition logistics convoy
An activist, protester claims an IED has been planted in front of his house in Nasriya, Dhi Qar province, waiting for security forces to arrive and dismantle the bomb
Najaf activists say intimidated, threatened by pro-Sadr militias
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