Map. History of Iraq conflict

15 August 2018
Young Kurds take to the streets of the Kurdish city of Kirkuk in protest of Hashd al-Shaabi raids in Kurdish neighborhoods. "We will never give up," one of them says
ISIS propaganda Amaq claims that ammunition truck was destroyed with ATGM south of Al Bukamal near Syrian-Iraqi border and VBIED hit pro-Assad forces near Al-Hari village
Egypt’s el-Sisi says fighters of ISIS in Iraq and Syria headed to Libya and Sinai
Iraqi Forces have launched a Counter Insurgency operation between Rashad and Riyadh towns near Hawija to search for ISIS hiding in the countryside.
PMU Brigade 13 have been engaging in Humanitarian assistance for the residents of villages in W Anbar since Qa'im was freed.
Al Bukamal assault: IRGC, Hezbollah and SAA after continued shelling attacked Al Bukamal from two axes from desert in areas of Hamdan, Sukariya and Hari. Simoultanesly PMU attacked from Iraqi border
Macron: President Barzani played a crucial role in defeating ISIS.
It’s a decisive time for the Global @Coalition as the military campaign in Iraq and Syria nears its conclusion. We must stay vigilant and engaged. And we must work together to counter new challenges - NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg
Iraqi Army in Syria, defeating ISIS
Iraq Counter-terrorism service's 3rd ISOF Brigade commander: liberation of West Anbar is just a matter of time.
Iranian Ambassador in Iraq says Iraq is working on visa-free entrance for Iranian citizens after ISIS completely defeated
9 month ago
According to @alhayatdaily, The Turkmen delegation to Turkey asked Erdogan to assist them in terms of forming a special force to the Turkmen in Kirkuk and Nineveh.
9 month ago
Russian Missiles fly over Tartous
Iraq asks banks to suspend foreign trading in the Kurdistan Region
Qatar to reopen embassy in Baghdad. Iraq wants Qatar to invest in Iraqi reconstruction.
@MIG29_: No forces enter Al-Bukamal yet, city is just fire control from south-east Axis
ISIS says they have repelled pro-government forces attack from Iraqi border towards Al-Bu Kamal
Iraq needs an economic and cultural "Marshall Plan" to regain its confidence after the horrors of past wars and violence of the Islamic State group: Kirkuk bishop
ISIS attacks Iraqi PMU (Hashd) 28th Brigade on Iraq-Syria border, 4 PMU killed.
IHCHR :10,000 people under ISIS control in Rawa district west of Iraq
In new sanctions against KRG Iraqi Central Bank stops all financial transactions with Iraqi Kurdish region.
SE. Syria: moment when Iranian-led forces met on border with Iraq (mostly Lebanese Hezbollah and Iraqi Harakat Nujaba + Kataib Hezbollah).
9 month ago
Iraqi forces enter Albukamal from Al-Qa'im
Kurdish military official: Baghdad wants to abolish the Peshmerga ministry and reduce size of Peshmerga. Baghdad wants to return to 2003 borders, but we reject that.
According to Al-Manar TV, Syrian Army and Allies Start enter Al-Bukamal, DeirEzzor
9 month ago
The Foreign Minister of Qatar urges Baghdad to solve issues with Kurdistan Region through dialogue.
9 month ago
Iraqi Forces began operations to clear the deserts north of Qa'im.
Saraya Al Salam brigades, belong to Shiite cleric Al Sadr, are leaving Kirkuk now
Syrian Army and Allies Meet Iraqi forces east T2 in Syrian - Iraqi border
[email protected]_barzani says Kirkuk attack led by Iran with knowledge of US, British officials
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