Map. History of Iraq conflict

18 February 2018
IRAM launch by Iraq's Rapid Response units during the "White Flags" operation earlier today
Iraqi army moves to secure planned oil route to Iran
KRG @PMBarzani: Setting date for Kurdish elections needs consultation with political parties
New military border posts security systems have launched in Turkey's Iraq border in Hakkari1 week ago
New military border posts security systems have launched in Turkey's Iraq border in Hakkari
Iraqi forces, Iranian-backed Hashd launch operation against 'White Flags' east of Tuz Khurmatu
Nine US tanks given to Iraq's military to fight ISIS are in the hands of Iranian-backed militants, Pentagon watchdog says
Clashes in Hamreen Mountains and Ajeel Oil field between Iraqi forces and ISIS. air strikes is been Heard in the area
Iraqi Kurds say 4,000 jihadists detained, including foreigners
Authorities in the Kurdistan region of Iraq announced that it is holding about 4 thousand extremists, including foreigners
Greater Ali fighters east of Tuz this morning
US-led coalition says it is "adjusting" down forces in Iraq
[email protected]: "The Coalition will tailor our forces in consultation with our Iraqi partners in order to ensure the lasting defeat of Daesh (ISIS)Our enduring presence as invited guests in Iraq will shift to focus more on policing, border control and military capacity building"
US is pulling troops out of Iraq and sending them to Afghanistan – report
An Iraqi federal court says removal of Kurdistan flag in Kirkuk is not legal, Kurdistan's flag in the city is constitutional.
A spokesman for the Iraqi government confirms the start of the withdrawal of part of the US forces from Iraq after a ISIS defeat
Western contractors at coalition base: American troops start drawdown in Iraq following defeat of Islamic State group.
ISIS jihadists killed 4 Hashd Al-Shaabi PMU militiamen in the villages of Dabb and Tal Khadija in Kirkuk Province
Photos taken earlier of Federal Police units during their searches in Gharib village, which has been the focal point of ISIS attacks in recent days.
The moment of demolishing Slemani's Silo
Jordan appoints a new ambassador to Iraq after it withdrew its last one in 2014
KDP official, advisor to KDP president: "Had a productive, open and detailed discussions with Iranian consul general and consulte staff on boosting bilateral relations"
For January 24-30, the Netherlands says its F-16s carried out 6 strikes near Ar Ramadi, Iraq and near Abu Kamal, Syria: on ISIS buildings and formations, an HQ and a storage facility. Jets also supported ground troops in 12 missions
OIR Spokesman: A @CJTFOIR service member died Jan. 31 in what appears to be a non-combat-related incident. Name and circumstances will be released at the discretion of the pertinent national authorities. The incident is under investigation.
Erbil and Baghdad have agreed on 4 main points, including lifting air embargo on international flights - KRG Interior Minister
Department of State:[email protected]: "The @Coalition to defeat ISIS has captured almost 100 percent of the territory once held by these killers in Iraq and Syria." =
Iraqi Kurdistan regional Parliament called on the @UN and the international community "to make immediate efforts to stop the unjust Turkish attacks on Afrin"
Iraqi forces start large security operation in Najaf, Muthana and Dhi Qar provinces, reaching to Basra, searching for ISIS fighters fleeing Anbar. Operation is scheduled to last 3 days.
Iraqi Kurdistan region Parliament holds a special session on Turkey's offensive on Afrin
4 PMUs were KIA when their checkpoint SW of Kirkuk city was attacked
Brigade 56 suffered one KIA yesterday after ISIS attacked a unit in Muzhurih village and those elements have been surrounded at Fadikhih village.