19 September 2021
In Iraq, 26 year old man killed by gunfire in violence accompanying protests in Sulaymaniyah city in Kurdistan. Protests sparked by inability of Kurdish Regional Government to pay salaries after Baghdad fails to send funding
Military spokesman for Iraqi PM: Counter-terrorism service arrests deputy to ISIS governor of Iraq in Anbar Province. 3 other ISIS arrested in Fallujah district of Anbar
Iraqi security source: Minister of Interior held a meeting with security heads today to discuss imposing rule of law in Baghdad
Army and residents repelled an ISIS attack on Umm Hanta village at the outskirts of Jalawla
President of the Kurdistan government to Iraqi media: Demonstrations are legitimate, but sabotage is rejected
The Iraqi Human Rights Commission condemns the use of excessive force against the Sulaymaniyah protests
Human Rights Commission in Iraq: We are concerned about the security's handling of Sulaymaniyah protesters
The ISIS elements who escaped Knaus Island weeks ago fled to Hamrin mountain range
Iraqi Human Rights Commission condemns actions of security forces in suppression of rights of protesters in Sulaymaniyah Province of Kurdistan
The crowd grew to a bigger size before marching in downtown Sinjar
9 month ago
In Iraq, protesters in Sayyid Sadiq district in Sulaymaniyah Province of Kurdistan raise Iraqi flag over local government building
9 month ago
Qa'im is completely without power after ISIS elements destroyed 8 transmission towers
Al-Kazemi welcomes during his reception of the Saudi delegation the increase in trade exchange after the opening of the Arar port
The mayor of Chamchamal, Ramk Ramazan: Tensions rose during the protests today. Shots fired at the demonstrators from the KDP headquarters. One protestor killed. Three persons injured, one of them a police officer. Footage of KDP HQ today during protests shared on social media:
9 month ago
Protesters in the town of Saidsadiq set fire to the offices of five of the Kurdistan Region's largest political parties, as demonstrators were injured in clashes with police in the town. - one protesters has reportedly been killed
Iraq: KRG security forces are reportedly firing live ammunition during protests in Sulaymaniyah today
Pro/affiliated-PMU news group Sabreen News in Iraq have issued an image threatening it will be very painful the image is of Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait. US forces are based there.9 month ago
Pro/affiliated-PMU news group Sabreen News in Iraq have issued an image threatening "it will be very painful" the image is of Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait. US forces are based there.
The Iraqi President stresses during his meeting with the Saudi delegation the importance of strengthening relations
Another M16 seized after a force from 6/22 arrested a terrorist this morning at Umm Najm Thaniyah village within Tarmiyah sector
The burning of the headquarters of 5 Kurdish parties northwest of Sulaymaniyah to protest the delay in salaries
Baghdad considers the Pope's upcoming visit in March a historic and a message of peace
The Vatican: The Pope will visit Iraq between 5 and 8 next March
Iran-backed Shia militias and Iraqi army has given 24-hour notice to the Kurdish residents of Palkana village in Kirkuk province to evacuate their village.
Kurdish News Agency closed by security forces in Slemani amid rising protests against corruption of the government.
Pope Francis will visit Iraq from March 5-8, 2021, Vatican announces in surprise now. The visit "will take into consideration the evolution of the worldwide health emergency," Vatican says
Inherent Resolve: As our number of troops become smaller the Coalition continues to work closely with the ISF in a support role. At the request of JOC-Iraq, Coalition aircraft struck 5 ISIS hideouts in the Makhoul Mountains. Together we remain committed to defeating Daesgh
9 month ago
Within the hour Brigade 22 PMU artillery section shelled ISIS gathering in Al-Ayth area east of Tikrit. Militants were attempting to infiltrate towards one of the points but were spotted in the process
9 month ago
Some airstrikes were carried out, after ISIS movements were spotted. Seems to be a follow-up to the air activity over Telol Al-Baj last night
9 month ago
Iraqi Security Media Cell: International Coalition aircraft kill 5 ISIS in Yathrib subdistrict of Salah ad-Din Province. Among them is a prominent ISIS commander in the Office of Mujahadin Affairs in Ninawa Province
Reports that YBS elements who have not merged with security forces are attempting to organize a protest in downtown Sinjar tomorrow at 10am local time in rejection of the Erbil-Baghdad deal
Air activity in Shirqat sector, in direction of Khadraniyah
Piramagrun protestors attack offices of ruling parties, torching PUK's Kurdistan
Yesterday in Makhmour sector an Army patrol struck an IED which led to 2 soldiers being wounded
ISIS carried out an attack near Rashad and at least 1 Federal Police officer was Killed in Action
Iraq: Employees burn party headquarters in Sulaymaniyah
9 month ago
It was a helicopter flight that was active over Telol Al-Baj further west
Remnants from last night's Yathrib strikes9 month ago
Remnants from last night's Yathrib strikes
9 month ago
Security forces found 2 hostages in Azim area of Diyala who were kidnapped 4 months ago. They've been transferred to K1 base. Names: 1) Wala Mahmoud Mohsen Al-Obeidi 2) Hamid Al-Shammari
The Iraqi Commission: We are working to hold the elections on the sixth of June
Iran: An Iranian cargo ship sank this evening near the mouth of the Abdullah estuary near the port of Umm Qasr in Iraq. All the occupants of the vessel were rescued. (General Manager of Khorramshahr Port and Maritime)
The Iranian ship, Turan, sank for "technical reasons" while trying to head towards the ports of Umm Qasr
An Iranian ship loaded with iron sank while sailing towards the port of Umm Qasr in Iraq
Iraqi Parliamentary amendment committee fails to make any progress on article 140 of constitution regarding Baghdad-Erbil disputed areas. Some want to remove the article, some want to amend it, & some want to leave it as is
9 month ago
5 ISIS dead in a coalition air strike in Salah al-Din, Iraq
Turkish warplanes bomb Duhok's Gara Mountain: official9 month ago
Turkish warplanes bomb Duhok's Gara Mountain: official
Operations west of Nineveh: We will not allow any armed force in Sinjar, northern Iraq
9 month ago
The international coalition launches two raids on ISIS sites in the Iraqi province of Salah al-Din
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