Map. History of Iraq conflict

18 September 2018
KDP leader @masoud_barzani : US special envoy @brett_mcgurk have not asked me to postpone the Kurdistan parliament election.
Masoud Barzani: our relations with Iraqi government and Regional coutries like Turkey and Iran is very good.
Barzani: I'm sure one day Kurdistan will be independent.
Kurds have never sought to take the territory of others or attack them, but we have always defended ourselves throughout history, even up until now, says @Masoud_Barzani.
Barzani: Kurds are thirsty for independence. Countries not accepting us as neighbors nor partners.
Abadi refers to a number of former ministers and officials to the Integrity Commission on charges of corruption
Nine people killed in booby-trapped house in Mosul, once back from refugee camp
KDP rejects Deputy PM Qubad Talabani's claim that all Kurdish parties are in favor of postponing #KRGelection
In Iraq, 15 injured by explosion of PMF (Hashd) weapons cache in Karbala.
Iraqi court sentences to life French man and German woman for ISIS membership.
Iraq announces completion of manual recount of votes from May election -state TV
Ammo depot explodes in Babil's al-Musayyib town, southern Baghdad. Iraq
Huge blasts rock Al Musayb at this moment, explosions started at an Ammo depot, Babel province, Iraq
Weapons cache depot in Iraqi city of Karbala has exploded
Mikhan Hasso, a member of the KDP Leadership Council, said that @brett_mcgurk has asked for postponement of the elections based on the request of the PUK and Gorran Movement, McGurk believes elections would create "more division" and affects Iraqi government formation.
This was the moment an ammunition depot exploded in Erbil last night and how terrified residents and children run for cover.
A military depot which's owned by Kurdish Peshmerga Forces have exploded near Kani Qirzhala Village on the Erbil/Mosul Road
Heavy fighting between ISIS and Iraqi Federal Police in village in Makhmur district between Erbil and Ninawa Provinces. Makhmur is disputed between Erbil and Ninawa Provinces.
US wants Kurdistan's parliamentary elections scheduled on Sep. 30 to be postponed.
Mass protests continue in Babil southern of Iraq against the political parties
Armed groups continue to target Iraq's electricity infrastructure: Ministry
Erbil (Qaysari) bazaar is on fire at the moment , till now the damages are unknown but the most Of shops have been burned.
A firefight in the province of Basra near the headquarters of the Iranian consulate
Baghdad Council: Iraqi PM Abadi does not know the true situation of Baghdad with its poor services. He is surrounded by advisers who only tell him what he wants to hear. PM has not directed any funding to Baghdad but has to other provinces.
Coordination committees in Basra Province, Iraq, plan for biggest protests and strikes for today and Sunday. Raise ceiling of demands to oppose the political process and cancel constitution and political parties. Federal and local governments have not met demands.
US Air Force AC-130W Stinger II gunships at Al Asad Airbase (French Air Force A400M in the background). source videos on dvidshub and
Terrorist cell, of 15 militants, arrested in Kirkuk: Defense Ministry
Kurdistan Security Council releases confessions of three 'IS militants' responsible for Erbil attack
Improvised explosive device kills 1 Iraqi policeman and injures another in attack on their vehicle in Sabaa al-Bur area north of Baghdad.
Spokesman for Arab Tribes in Erbil-Baghdad disputed areas in Iraq says PMF (Hashd) Asa'ib Ahl al-Haqq militia killed 3 tribal sheikhs in Dujail district of Salah ad-Din Province, resulting in clashes. Calls on Arab League to intervene.
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