27 September 2021
Inherent Resolve:The Coalition congratulates the Iraqi Army in celebrating its 100th Birthday. The Iraqi Army was activated on January 6, 1921 and continues to be a key partner in the fight to DefeatDaesh
Senator Lindsey Graham: Iran is the biggest loser from the Gulf consensus
In Iraq, ISIS in Jallula subdistrict of Diyala Province kills 2 soldiers & injures 3
In Iraq, leader of Asa'ib Ahl al-Haqq militia: weapons must be restricted to state control. Foreign forces must leave
Iraqi Defense Minister: We still need the international coalition to support the Iraqi army
Iraqi Minister of Defense: We are working to secure diplomatic missions and pursue rocket launchers
Iraqi Defense Minister: There are those who want a civil war in Iraq, and we will not allow that
Iraqi Minister of Defense: Arming and training are the most important challenges facing our armed forces
Al-Kazemi: The Iraqi army emerged victorious from the ISIS war and attempts to break its prestige and obliterate its identity
IED Attack at US logistical convoy in Babil, Iraq
Inherent Resolve: NATO's mission in Iraq to train and provide advice is an important part of supporting Iraq and the Iraqi security forces in order to continue protecting its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. As the coalition continues its mission to defeat ISIS, the NATO mission in Iraq is focused on supporting stability
Federal Police strengthening patrols and security deployment in Baghdad squares, from which missiles are likely to be launched
The Iraqi authorities seized a large container carrying drones with surveillance cameras at the port of Umm Qasr, in Basra Governorate. Iraq
Baghdad - The Iraqi President rejects his country as a battleground for others' struggle or a starting point for aggression against anyone
Baghdad - The Iraqi President: The situation in Iraq will not be straightened with any external tutelage or intervention
The Iraqi President: It cannot continue, the country is inviolable, and the state is violated and infiltrated
Pro Iran militias threatening Dr. Hisham Dawud and BBC channel due to the documentary about Soleimani. According to their telegram channel they'll take a revenge from Dawud & BBC
No aircraft enter Iraq airspace without approval: air defense commander
Iraq's PM @MAKadhimi visits protesters in Baghdad's Tahrir square
8 month ago
An IED attack targets an international coalition convoy on Samarra Road, north of Baghdad
In Iraq, political blocs & militias condemn 3 presidents' failure to make a statement on one year anniversary of deaths of Qasim Soleimani & Abu Mahdi Muhandis
Iraqi Nujaba Militia: Armed factions formed after the killing of Soleimani to attack American forces
The Iraqi Ministry of Interior: Our operations are continuing with an increasing pace to confiscate illegal weapons
The Iraqi Ministry of Interior: Thousands of uncontrolled weapons were confiscated in several regions
In Iraq, spokesman for Muqtada Sadr says PMF (Hashd) welcomed US participation in war against ISIS & that US came at request of Iraqi government. PMF (Hashd) agrees not to respond to Sadr in order to avoid new tensions between PMF & Sadr followers
Iraqi Armed Forces spokesman calls on the US and Iran to respect the sovereignty of Iraq.
The Iraqi Armed Forces: Any strike between Iran and U.S will have disastrous results
The Iraqi Armed Forces: We do not want our country to be a starting point for striking neighboring countries
Turkish Air Force UAV active over Iraq8 month ago
Turkish Air Force UAV active over Iraq
The statement stated, "On New Year's Eve, an attack took place in front of the Family Mall complex in the city of Erbil, and some people attacked some of the tourists and those coming to this place, and damaged a number of buses and cars. That is why the security forces and police arrested" 16 "accused and arrested them. "
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