20 September 2021
ISIS attack on security checkpoint 6 kilometers south of Baquba in Diyala Province kills 1 soldier & injures 4 from 5th Army Division
Iraqi security forces kill 3 militants during attack on Federal Police checkpoint in Wadi Shay area in Hawija district in Kirkuk Province
The Iraqi parliament sets a session next Wednesday for confidence vote to the Al-Kazemi government
1 soldier KIA and 4 wounded after striking an IED south of Buhriz
Video: Al Tahrir square now in Baghdad
1 year ago
In Iraq, ISIS snipers kill 2 soldiers at security barrier in Hawija district in Kirkuk Province
Iraqi 16th PMF (Hashd) Brigade kills 1 ISIS & injures other in ambush in Daquq district in south Kirkuk Province. PMF 25th Brigade fires mortars on ISIS movements detected by cameras in Hamrain Hills
1 year ago
1 soldier was KIA by a sniper near Halawat
ISIS attacks multiple pro Iranian militias PMF beneath Qarachokh mount, Makhmour
1 year ago
Army in contact with ISIS elements at Halawat village on the north side of Zab river near Hawija. That means ISIS came down from Makhmour / Qara Gokh
ISIS shared online pictures from Neinawa. They claim that this guy (Anwar Naif) was an informer for Iraqi intelligence1 year ago
ISIS shared online pictures from Neinawa. They claim that this guy (Anwar Naif) was an informer for Iraqi intelligence
1 year ago
ISIS attack in Karbala province before withdrawing to Anbar. 4 militants killed in ISF shelling in Salahuddin - ISIS cell arrested in northern Kirkuk (4 militants arrested). 2 militants arrested in northern Nineveh
Iraq's Health Ministry reports 50 new Coronavirus cases, 54 new recoveries and one death in the last 24 hours
US has "consolidated and hardened" positions in Iraq says @EsperDoD
Reports that 14/50 combined with a force from Salahuddin Operations in Shirqat tracked down and killed 8 militants responsible for the Lazakah attack from earlier
1 year ago
Army Aviation in Salahuddin destroyed an ISIS vehicle near Ajeel Field, east of Tikrit
1 year ago
1st Division troops are engaged in a major sweep from Kilo 160 towards Nukhayb, large operation ongoing elsewhere in Anbar desert
1 year ago
3 soldiers were wounded by IED in Islah village, Sheikh Baba area
A fire devoured the Abu Ghraib Dairy Factory and Factories in the capital Baghdad
Iraqi Tribal PMF (Hashd) kills a number of ISIS suicide bombers inside of mosque in Haditha district in Anbar Province. Mosque collapses & unable to count ISIS bodies but more than 3
Mersad transmission line in Diyala has been disabled again after ISIS destroyed 3 towers on the feeding line that connects to Kirkuk Azim area. Mersad is one of the transmission lines that comes from Iran to provide power to eastern Iraq
Iraqi Military Intelligence arrests ISIS leader in Jada'a displaced persons camp in Ninawa Province
IS Detonate Three Power Towers, Leave Parts of Kirkuk Without Electricity
Iran changed the name of Mehran Border Crossing with Iraq to Qasem Soleimani Border Crossing, the Iranian commander killed by a US airstrike near Baghdad airport1 year ago
Iran changed the name of "Mehran Border Crossing" with Iraq to "Qasem Soleimani Border Crossing," the Iranian commander killed by a US airstrike near Baghdad airport
"Commander of a regiment" and two of his bodyguards were injured by an explosive device targeting them in Jalwala district ofDiyala Governorate
Explosion of stun grenade in the middle of the sit-in square of al-Rifai district in Dhi Qar province, at dawn today, by unknown persons.1 year ago
Explosion of stun grenade in the middle of the sit-in square of al-Rifai district in Dhi Qar province, at dawn today, by unknown persons.
1 year ago
Iraqi army and Hashd al-Shaabi launch a military operation in western Anbar province
Sex trafficker arrested in Kirkuk, two others at large
Footage of clashes between Iraqi army and ISIS near Qaratapa in Diyala province. Iraq
1 year ago
Two members of Iraq security forces killed, seven wounded in clashes with ISIS in Diyala province: Al Mayadeen
1 year ago
New ISIS attacks in Iraq today: — Iraqi Army's Brigade 18 were ambushed in Um al-Karami village in Diyala — Tribal Hashd (militia) were sent in support of army; were ambushed by IED and gunshots, 1 killed 3 wounded. — Solider killed by ISIS sniper between Qaratapa & Udhem
Iraqi Samarra Operations Command launches Operation Revenge of the Fasters in response to recent ISIS attacks. 6 ISIS safe houses destroyed. (Revenge of the Fasters refers to the Ramadan context of recent attacks.)
Demonstration in Al Wasit now
Jurf Al Sakhar in Babil: Brigades 45 and 47 repelled the attack. Reports that 4 ISIS were killed
Massive popular demonstrations in Wasit province against the Iraqi political forces obstructing the formation of the Al-Kazemi government
ISIS propaganda channels on Telegram releases photos of an Iraqi military vehicle set ablaze & claiming that they have targeted the military vehicle an explosive device in Jalawla town in Diyala province tonight. No official confirmation from the Iraqi defense ministry yet
1 year ago
A soldier of 5th Division Commando regiment after fending off an ISIS cell attack on the village of Ain Laila, near Daly Abbas, Diyala Governorate
Popular Mobilization Forces: Responded to the infiltration of ISIS attacks into the Al-Ruwa’iyah area in Jurf al-Sakhr, north of Babel
1 Brigade 21 fighter was KIA during the pursuit east of Tikrit
Iraq- Iraq's burning problem: the strange fires destroying crops and livelihoods - photo near Samarra
ISIS attack in progress at Jurf Sakhr/Nasr south of Baghdad
1 year ago
In Iraq, ISIS attacks Tribal PMF (Hashd) checkpoints in Athim subdistrict in Diyala Province. 3 PMF killed & 4 injured. Clash continues
1 year ago
PMU repels ISIS infiltration in the Jurayf al-Nasr area
1 year ago
Tribal Crowd clashing with ISIS in Azim area in Diyala near Salahuddin provincial line. 2 tribal fighters KIA
1 year ago
In Iraq, ISIS attacks PMF (Hashd) in north Babil Province. One PMF killed. Clashes continue
1 year ago
A new ISIS attack on the PMF in Hawi al-Azim, northwest of Diyala Governorate, and clashes are continuing
PMU: 4 ISIS operatives were killed by artillery shelling in eastern Tikrit
There's an intense fire exchange between ISIS militants and Iraqi security forces, east of Saladin
1 year ago
Movements of ISIS gangs in Nukhayb and Ain al-Tamr since yesterday and the forces present there confirmed the explosion of an explosive device today
Reports that Brigade 21 PMU killed 4 ISIS near Al-Itha east of Tikrit and are pursuing additional elements
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