Map. History of Iraq conflict

24 September 2018
CENTCOM announces that Iraqi security forces have captured al-Qaim on the Syrian border. The "caliphate" is nearly over.
Iraqi PMU enter Syria on al-Bukamal front and clash with ISIS at al-Hari village
KRG PM Nechirvan Barzani had a phone call with US Sec. of State Tillerson, both agreed on starting dialogue between Erbil-Baghdad.
Iraq: some footage of Iraqi soldiers outside of the town of al-Qaim earlier today before they captured it from Daesh
Turkey shells areas in Kurdistan Region’s district of Amedi10 month ago
Turkey shells areas in Kurdistan Region’s district of Amedi
Iraqi forces regain control of the center of the city of Qaim in the west of the country
PMU Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq participating in al-Qa'im offensive
ZSU-23-4 (Shilka) with Sarab at AlQaim Anbar Iraq
The Iraqi Forces have captured Al-Qaim and clashes in Al-Rummanah sub-district.
Battle for ISIS-held AbuKemal. Pro-government forces advancing from 2 axes: Euphrates and West desert from T-2 Station. Syria
PM Abadi congratulates Iraqi forces for their advances in al-Qaim on Syrian border
Iraqi forces gain total control of Qaim city center in West Anbar.
T-90 at AlQaim Anbar Iraq
Source : Iraqi forces will complete liberation of Qaim district within next hours
Iraqi PMU captures Krabala area of East Qaim district, West Anbar
PMF militias demolished a Peshmerga “Ase Qawali”’s home in TuzKhurmatu.
PMU captured al-Qaim Iraq-Syria border crossing
The Iraqi army capture al Qaim border crossing with Syria, this is the most important crossing between Syria and Iraq
Iraqi Forces have captured Al-Karableh sub-district and Al-Qaim train station
Counter Terrorism Forces: the central neighbourhoods of al-Qa'im will be stormed in the coming hours. Iraq
Iraq Counter Terrorism units break into east al-Qaem into Hay Ghaza: ISIS is caught between cross fire
Iraqi Army and PMU 2nd Div now enter Saada neighbourhood of inside last ISIS-held city in Iraq, Al-Qaim East sector
IS claims to have repelled an attack by the Iraqi army in southern al-Qaim west of the province of al-Anbar. #Iraq
Iraq-i forces advance towards al-Qaim, the main town in the Islamic State group's last bastion in the country. Today's pictures @AFP
Iraqi 7th DIV captures Tanak and Sikak neighborhoods in Qaim, West Anbar
US senators "we are deeply troubled at the prospect of American-supplied arms being used against Kurds or other minority."
Al-Qaem crossing between Syria and Iraq captured from ISIS by Iraqi forces
The Joint Forces opened humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians from Al-Qa'im to save them of ISIS control and provided all relief supplies.
Anti-American and Iranian backed militias group known as Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq receives Iraqi permission to participate in Election
IS posts infographic on"human /material losses of forces supported by International Coalition in Iraq and Syria"in past Oct
Iraqi Air force received 3 new F16s, they have arrived at Balad air base
Kurdistan Region and Iraqi military delegations, under supervision of the US army, currently holding a meeting in Mosul.
A source in Ramadi writes that Brigade 17 of the PMU joined the Anbar fight.
10 month ago
Islamic State atrocities in Mosul need international justice: U.N.
Brett McGurk: Ten months ago ISIS was plotting major terror attacks from its haven in Raqqa city. Now about to lose its entire so-called caliphate
Brett McGurk: With new Iraqi gains in western Iraq, ISIS has now lost 96% of territory it once controlled in Iraq and Syria. Now facing annihilation
Iraqi to receive 3 F16 warplanes from US today.
Sources inside Qa'im confirmed that the IQAF was able to destroy a 10-vehicle convoy attempting to cross into Syria
Iraqi Federal court responds to Abadi request and says they can't make any official decision on Kurdistan Referendum
Iraqi army/Hashd al-Shaabi have seized all weapons from Lahur Talabani's bodyguards in Kirkuk. They're not allowed to carry guns
Iraq holds talks with Turkey regarding export of oil from Kirkuk province through Mediterranean port of Ceyhan
Iraqi PM @HaiderAlAbadi: "I was surprised by the US position on Faysh Khabour and asked them "do you have a share in it?"
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