1 June 2023
6 month ago
Kurdish media: dead and wounded as a result of the bombing of the village of "Qamish" in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq
6 month ago
Turkey bombards Mawat town in Sulaimani province, causing civilian causalities- mayor tells Rudaw
6 month ago
Unidentified drone airstrikes target Asos mountain in Sulaymaniyah province, with preliminary reports indicate that a few people were injured, Kamaran Hassan, head of local administration in Mawat, told BasNews
6 month ago
ISIS announces the death of its leader, Abu al-Hasan al-Qurashi
6 month ago
According to ISIS, the late leader Abu Al-Hasan died while in the "battlefield" and killed some "enemies" before getting killed. He died without releasing audio or video recordings. The new leader might follow suit and stay behind the scenes to preserve his safety
ISIS announces its leader Abu al-Hassan Al-Qurashi has been killed in action, and declares Abu al-Hussain al-Hussaini al-Qurashi as its new leader.6 month ago
ISIS announces its leader Abu al-Hassan Al-Qurashi has been killed in action, and declares Abu al-Hussain al-Hussaini al-Qurashi as its new leader.
6 month ago
Turkish Intelligence Organization (MIT) killed Fatma Onur, so-called intelligence officer of the terrorist organization PKK, with an operation in Sinjar, northern Iraq
6 month ago
Khamenei: Iraq's security affects Iran's security, and Iran's security affects Iraq's security. To safeguard Iraq, we will stand up firmly in front of any party seeking to undermine Iraq's security
6 month ago
Khamenei: Mr. Sudani, you said that based on your Constitution you wouldn't let any group use Iraqi soil to harm Iran's security. But attempts are being made to harm Iran's security in some Iraqi regions. The only solution is for Iraq's central govt. to exert its authority in those areas
6 month ago
Khamenei: Some are hostile to Iraq's progress. They may not express their enmity openly, but they do not respect Mr. Sudani's govt. Stand up firmly to the enemy's plans by relying on the ppl & on the young, motivated forces who successfully countered the vast, deadly risk of the Daesh
6 month ago
Khamenei: Solidarity & unity between Iraq's internal groups and making maximum use of the country's young, motivated forces are vital for Iraq to be able to claim its true position
6 month ago
Khamenei: Iraq is the top regional Arab state when one considers its natural & human wealth, & its cultural & historical background & civilization. But it has yet to claim its deserved, true position. It is hoped Iraq can progress and reach its real position under Mr. Sudani
6 month ago
Khamenei: We congratulate Mr. Shia' al-Sudani on his being elected as Iraq's Prime Minister. He is a devoted, competent person whose appointment as head of the Iraqi government is a source of pride
6 month ago
Khamenei: Iraq's progress and its reaching its honorable, rightful position is to the benefit of the Islamic Republic. We believe you are the person to sort out Iraq's affairs & relations to elevate the country to an independent position that is in line with its civilization & history
Iraqi Prime Minister: We are committed to the constitution, which forbids making Iraq a springboard for aggression against its neighbours
6 month ago
Khamenei: Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia' al-Sudani, and his accompanying delegation were received by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution just moments ago
The Iraqi Prime Minister stresses the importance of addressing security files and supporting stability in the border areas with neighboring countries
Iran has gave until 1st of December for Iraq to deploy security forces across the border to prevent anti government Kurdish forces activities. In the last meeting of Iraqi national security council @qassimalaraji asked KRG to deploy Peshmerga forces in the area
The IRGC has attacked the headquarters of Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK), an Iranian Kurdish dissident group, in Altun Kupri, south of Erbil province, Iraqi Kurdistan. Video via @K24English
Iran's ambassador to Baghdad has said Tehran has given Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) 10 days to disarm Kurdish opposition groups which the Islamic Republic accuses of operating against Iran. "Iran has presented over 70 pieces of evidence to Iraqi officials regarding
The Iranian opposition party headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) has been bombarded in Koya district of Erbil province, the source added
Duhok Governor Ali Tatar told Kurdistan 24 that four persons were killed and 30 were injured in the Duhok gas explosion. Some of victims are heavily injured and the death toll is expected to climb
"Over the weekend, we saw a wave of Turkish airstrikes in northern #Syria & #Iraq, & new reports of attacks by Syrian Kurdish forces into southern #Turkey" per @DeptofDefense spox
@DeptofDefense "continues to oppose any military action that destabilizes the situation in #Syria or violates #Iraq's sovereignty through military actions uncoordinated with the Iraqi government" per Pentagon spokesperson re #Turkey #Syria #Iraq #Kurds
Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Shakhwan Abdullah: The Iranian attacks are an unacceptable transgression and a violation of sovereignty
Intense clashes between revolutionary youth and forces of the terrorist mullah government in Piranshahr today
6 month ago
Erdogan: Turkish operations in northern Syria and Iraq are not limited to aerial bombardment, and we are having discussions about ground operations
U.S. Central Command:Statement regarding Iranian strikes near Erbil, Iraq6 month ago
U.S. Central Command:Statement regarding Iranian strikes near Erbil, Iraq
IS insurgents in Azim, Diyala governorate claim to have killed 2 Hashd al-Sha'bi commanders and 5 other militiamen with 3 IEDs targeting Hashd patrols, damaging 2 vehicles:
4 rockets targeting @Komala_english headquarters in Zargwez near Sulaimani north of Iraq6 month ago
4 rockets targeting @Komala_english headquarters in Zargwez near Sulaimani north of Iraq
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