Map. History of Iraq conflict

22 April 2021
Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi announced a total curfew in Baghdad from 5 am on Thursday until further notice
Iraqi premier Adil Abdul-Mahdi orders to impose curfew in Baghdad starting from 5:00 AM (local time) until further notice
Death toll in southern Dhi Qar protests rises to 6 (Anatolia medical source)
Protest in Babylon now
Protests in Baghdad's Tahrir Square tonight. Video NRT Arabic
The deputy commander of Baghdad operations was injured while dispersing demonstrators near Tahrir Square.
Protesters in Najaf are heading towards the airport
Demonstrators entered the parking of Baghdad International Airport, in the square of Abbas bin Firnas.
1 year ago
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey warns Turkish citizens to avoid traveling to areas in Iraq where demonstrations continue
Hundreds of civilians in the disputed province of Kirkuk took to the streets on Wednesday as protests against corruption within the Iraqi government spread to other parts of the country
Internet providers stopped the service in Mosul. People are using the cell phone data right now.
Iraqi security forces control the security situation in Basra city and secure roads leading to the local government building
Protesters burn tires outside Baghdad International Airport entrance
Iraq is largely offline amid widening mass-protests; situation on the ground unclear due to blackouts; real-time network data show ~75% of country including Baghdad offline (excl. autonomous regions)
Iraqi demonstrators returned again to Tahrir Square in central Baghdad
Iraqi authorities impose curfew in Najaf and Babel cities
Demonstrators attempt to storm the Al-Jumhuriya Bridge to reach the Green Zone in Baghdad
The United Nations calls on the Iraqi authorities to exercise "restraint" in dealing with the protests
Reuters quoting sources: Iraqi authorities impose a curfew in the cities of Nasiriyah, Amara and Hilla in the south of the country
Internet access cut across much of Iraq: internet blockage observatory NetBlocks
1 year ago
Turkish army reports 5 suspected PKK militants were killed in airborne operations in Gara in Northern Iraq
Passenger from inside Baghdad International Airport Said: "the arrival and departure passengers not allowed to enter or exit the airport. we're stuck"
Iraqi security forces close all gates of the Green Zone
Protesters in the Aden square in the center of Baghdad continue their demonstrations demanding the downfall of the government
Protesters storm the building of Najaf governorate and the office of al-Dawa Party.
'Neither side will get everything they want' in Erbil-Baghdad talks: PM Masrour Barzani
Demonstrators storm the headquarters of the Dawa party in Najaf
The three presidencies hold an emergency meeting to discuss the developments of the protest movement in Baghdad and a number of provinces
Iraqi media: demonstrators burn tires in front of the local government building in Basra
Two killed and 30 wounded in Maysan province in southern Iraq after clashes between demonstrators and security forces
Iraqi Defense Ministry: We will resort to the use of force if protesters use weapons against security forces or attack public properties.
The building of Dhi Qar province administration south of Baghdad set on fire
Demonstrators in Basra in southern Iraq
After days of protests, Iraqi Defense Minister declares the state of emergency, and calls forces to be "on high alert"
Tonight: Protesters are blocking the main road leading to Baghdad International Airport in Iraq
Second protester shot dead in southern Iraq today, bringing total toll in protests over two days to 5 dead (2 in Baghdad, 3 in Nasiriyah) and a few hundred wounded
Iraq - 10 civilians and six security forces wounded in demonstrations in Najaf
Crowd has stormed the Babil provincial council building
US State Department: Concerned about casualties in demonstrations in Iraq
Popular protests in Basra
The National Security Council in Iraq affirms that appropriate measures are taken to protect citizens and public and private property
Internet service is cut off from a number of neighborhoods of the Iraqi capital Baghdad
Iraq Prime Minister chairs an emergency session of the National Security Council
Now, to Tahrer square, Baghdad
Smoke from burning tires filled the skies east of Baghdad
Iraq: Medical & security sources told @AFP a 55yo man was wounded in aftermath of Tuesday's protest, died at Kindi Hospital today
The US Embassy in Iraq regrets the use of violence and urges the easing of tension
ISOF-1 carried out a raid on Hamrin range and destroyed 9 supply caches belonging to ISIS
Iraqi security forces fire tear gas to disperse a demonstration in al-Tayaran Square in central Baghdad
UN Expresses Concern after Violent Protests in Iraq, Urges Calm and Restraint
Demonstrators gather in the Al Tairan square in the center of Baghdad
Iraqi security forces fire in the air to disperse demonstrators in al-Zaafaraniya area of Baghdad
OHCHR: Two civilians killed in demonstrations in Baghdad and Dhi Qar since yesterday
Iraq - Large riot, emergency, rapid reaction and police forces deployed in central Baghdad
Iraq - Clashes break out between demonstrators and security forces near Tahrir Square in central Baghdad
Demonstration begins in the Zaafaraniya area of the Iraqi capital Baghdad
First in Claw Operation: Bora missiles first used against real target1 year ago
First in Claw Operation: Bora missiles first used against real target
The Iraqi President: I emphasize restraint and respect for the law, and our duty is to meet the legitimate demands of our country's youth
Demonstrators in central Basra are burning tires at Al Tarbiya bridge
Federal police are now deployed in some areas of Baghdad
IHCHR in Iraq: 11 protestors detained in Basra and 30 in Wasit south of Iraq
Iraqi National Security Council holds a meeting chaired by Abdul Mahdi
Heavy shooting in the alleys of Saadoun Street and the Al-Bab al-Sharqi in central Baghdad
Security forces fire live ammunition over the protesters in Baghdad.
Ammar al-Hakim, leader of the wisdom movement calls for an emergency meeting of parliament to discuss the demonstrations in Baghdad
Demonstration in Governorate of Mesan
Demonstration in Baghdad tonight
Witnesses: heavy gunfire is heard in the vicinity of Tahrir Square in Baghdad
Sadr comes out, calling on the three presidencies to investigate what happened today in Baghdad's Tahrir Square
This was used against civilian protesters tonight in Iraq
Iraqi News Agency: End of Tahrir Square demonstration in Baghdad
According to Iraqi Interior Ministry, 1 protester killed, and dozen others wounded
3 killed and 30 wounded in Baghdad by security forces
Helicopters in Baghdad sky now
Live shots audible at Saadoun Street
There are many injured in Baghdad
Security forces are using live ammunition against the protesters in Sadoon area in Baghdad, the protesters are chanting anti-corruption slogans and Arab spring slogans. Video: Tahrir Square account
Protesters calling for the fall of the government. 5 hours ago it was a small protest against corruption
Security forces chase protesters withdrawing from Tahrir Square to Firdous Square in central Baghdad
Iraqi Ministry of Defense: We warn demonstrators against rioters and outlaws who are trying to distort peaceful demonstrations
One person killed and five others injured in demonstrations in Baghdad
Clashes at demonstrations in Baghdad. Wounded people, burning buildings
Protests near Baghdad's Green Zone. Iraqi security forces use live ammunition, tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters trying to pass Jumhuriya bridge which leads to the fortified zone.
Iraqi Foreign Minister orders the closure of the Iraqi consulate in Mashhad, Iran, until Iran apologizes for the attack on Iraqi employees
Iraq Counter-Terrorism Service: foiled a plan by ISIS to target pilgrims with 750 kg of explosives
Iraqi Security forces close the al-Jumhuriya bridge to the Green Zone and prevent anti-government demonstrators from reaching the Green Zone
20/60 and elements from the Tribal Crowd destroyed a VBIED south of Ba'aj and killed at least 2 militants in a tunnel today1 year ago
20/60 and elements from the Tribal Crowd destroyed a VBIED south of Ba'aj and killed at least 2 militants in a tunnel today
PMF repelled an attack by ISIS near Shirak village in Khanaqin subdistrict earlier tonight
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