Map. History of Iraq conflict

25 February 2021
Inherent Resolve:A New Zealand army instructor assigned to Task Group Taji, teaches building clearing drills to Iraqi soldiers from 3rd Battalion, 41st Brigade at Camp Taji, Iraq, Sep. 22.
Footage of the ongoing clashes between Arab and Kurds farmers in Daquq, southern Kirkuk.
Failed assassination attempt on Salahuddin Governor just now.
E. Syria: US-led Coalition carried out several airstrikes on Baghuz Tahtani SE. of AbuKemal, confirming ISIS took control of border with Iraq following SDF retreat.
Arab farmers attacking Kurdish farmers in Daquq, southern Kirkuk. asking them to leave the lands which originally belongs to the Kurds. clashed reported.
Kirkuk acting Governor Rakan Saeed al-Jabouri, has signed an executive order for more than 80 mostly-Shia Arab families to be settled in Shanaga, a Kurdish village in the province.
Federal Police carried out searches in Abbassi subdistrict today and arrested 3 ISIS hiding with their families.
On counter-ISIS fight in Syria -US official confirms that Syrian Democratic Forces has transferred small number of captured ISIS fighters to Iraq via the US. So SDF handed them to US forces, who handed them to Iraqis
Iraq: The Iraqi army and the PMU are sending more reinforcements to the border with Syria in the Qaim area.
23 suspected PKK militants were killed in Turkish airstrike in Qandil, Avashin, Gara and Metina in Northern Iraq
2 year ago
The Iraqi federal government shut an oil pumping station in a Kirkuk oilfield due to a crack in a key crude pipeline, two official sources from the state-owned North Oil Company (NOC) said on Wednesday.
The Iraqi army is hitting daesh in Bāghūz positions with artillery from border
A few dozen of people, affiliated to PKK protest near Um al-Shababik check-point [at Shingal entrance] against the return of the legitimate (pro-KRG) administration to the areas.
PKK and PMF not allowing Legitimate Sinjar Mayor to enter the city.
Today Peshmerga forces with French special forces implemented an operation in Palkana village in Khurmatu against ISIS sleeper cells and managed to kill 3 ISIS militants and arrest several others.
Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces(Al-Hashd Al-Sha'abi) Announce Bombing of Daesh Sites in Syria
Iraq's Hashd Shaabi announces killing of two ISIL commanders who were responsible for attacking "Syria Democratic Forces" (SDF)
OIR Spokesman: ISF elements launched operations with support of Iraqi AF and under joint operations to destroy 4 ISIS tunnels and 4 caves in the mountains of Salahuddin, also detonating 17 IED's and 4 ISIS elements KIA, to protect the Iraqi citizens.2 year ago
OIR Spokesman: ISF elements launched operations with support of Iraqi AF and under joint operations to destroy 4 ISIS tunnels and 4 caves in the mountains of Salahuddin, also detonating 17 IED's and 4 ISIS elements KIA, to protect the Iraqi citizens.
Reports that Kata'ib Hezbollah ambushed a stray group of ISIS near the Iraqi border, leading to the militants retreating back towards Baghuz.
Alleged Iraqi airstrikes targeted the Baghuz town, the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.
ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on Shiite pilgrims in Khanaqin
KRG and Iraq agree on return of Sinjar administration, says official
2 year ago
ISIS militants attacked several villages in Hawija's Abbasi sub-disrtict southwest of Kirkuk. One civilian was killed in the attacks.
Iraqi aircrafts continue to drop leaflets on Daesh-controlled areas in Eastern Deir ez-Zur urging militants to surrender
Iran's first vice-president Eshaq Jhangari arrived in the holy city of Najaf Tuesday for a one-day visit to Iraq. He also visited the holy city of Karbala after paying tribute to the shrine of first Shi'a imam in Najaf.
In Iraq, local government official in Sinjar says ISIS activities south of Sinjar and in Plains of Ninawa have greatly increased in the past 10 days. He has informed Baghdad numerous times in the past week but without response.
12 million visitors entered Karbala in the past 10 days alone, for Arbaeen according to official figures based on Electronic Monitoring
New Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi ultimately plans to withdraw Army from all cities and turn over internal security duties to Interior Ministry. Will cancel Army's regional operations commands. Army will focus on external threats.
Iraqi PMF (Hashd): the US is behind the return of ISIS to the Syria-Iraq border. The US is doing this to pressure the new Iraqi government so it will not discuss removing US Forces from Iraq.
Heavy airstrikes on Makhoul range today.
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