Map. History of Iraq conflict

23 Září 2018
Tuz was subject to several mortar attacks this morning. Another message posted an hour ago.
Uploaded by a resident of Tuz Khurmato an hour ago, a mortar struck the roof of his home.
Iraqi Parliament establishes committee to investigate Tuz Khurmatu events
KRG concerned with Iran's 'baseless' claims of plotting protests with CIA, wants good relations
Iraqi command again talking about sending additional military forces to stop tribal fighting in Basra
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6 PKK Members was killed in Kani Rash Village, Northern Iraq.
ISIS claim from Mosul,- this time assasination of a spy in Oreibi neighborhood
Iraq to start exporting Kirkuk oil to Iran before end of January, Oil Minister Jabar al Luaibi says
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IS said to have had a small military parade with trucks in Jazeera area of West Ninewa IS elements said to be moving from West Ninewa to Salahaddin and Anbar
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ISIS attacks Iraqi forces in Jubour area, Qaratapah, Diyala province.
Recent riots in Iran plotted in Erbil: Mohsen Rezaee
Abadi plans to disarm Hashid al Shaabi from heavy weapons: sources
ACLU tells federal judge it spoke this week with American citizen held as enemy combatant by US military in Iraq, and he says he wants to challenge his detention in court and have ACLU represent him.
PMUs killed 3 ISIS on Mount Khanukh near Hakana village.8 měsíc Před
PMUs killed 3 ISIS on Mount Khanukh near Hakana village.
Map of Iran with diplomatic and economic data
Kurdish PM has received a letter from the UN General Secretary.
ISIS media official arrested in North Baghdad.
PM @HaiderAlAbadi meets with Bafel Talabani, eldest son of PUK founder
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Brigade 52's Shammari governmentnt has joined the Counter Insurgency operation at Hamrin Mountains and have already dealt loss of life and equipment to ISIS. They'll continue operations until the elimination of the elements.
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Another section of Brigade 56. They were assigned to Mount Makhmour and discovered a tunnel recently after reports of ISIS activity in this area
Kirkuk Ops completed the inspection of 30 villages today. Summary is organized by unit. 37th Infantry Brigade : Five villages are inspected (Al-Rafayat - Al-Qarab - Sayed Hassoun - Said Effendi - Al-Sakhoul)
8 měsíc Před
Iraqi Forces carried out a successful ambush on ISIS near the Tigris, eliminating several militants. Took place in vicinity of Knaus village.
Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi also met with a Kurdish delegation (Gorran, Coalition for Democracy and Justice and Kurdistan Islamic Group) in Baghdad earlier today.
8 měsíc Před
Iraqi forces and Hashd begin large anti-ISIS operation around Kirkuk
UK Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson has landed in Baghdad.
All entrances and exits closed in Hawija, curfew imposed, as ISIS clearing operations begin, Kirkuk province, Iraq.
Hashd and senior Army commanders meet in Kirkuk to discuss upcoming 'Security Operations'
Iraqi PM Al Abadi: We've achieved victory over ISIS and we'll work hard to restore displaced Christians @iraqichristian and provide security in addition to the rest of the displaced.
Iraq says its oil exports in December were a record high
Baghdad - Security forces arrest 2 militants, defuse bomb west of Baghdad
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