Map. History of Iraq conflict

23 Září 2018
During Turkish Army Chief of Staff's visit to Iraq, Iraqi Defense Minister signs agreement for greater military cooperation between Iraq and Turkey for increased joint exercises and exchange of experience. Focus on border security and counter terrorism.
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Iraqi 8th Division shoots down ISIS reconnaissance drone coming from Syria on Iraq-Syria border.
The US company that repairs Iraq's US-made M1A1 Abrams tanks has pulled many of its people from Iraq after at least 9 of the armored vehicles ended up in the hands of pro-Iran militias. Now, many of Iraq's tanks are immobilized for want of maintenance.
'We have opened the Erbil-Kirkuk road' says Kurdish Peshmerga commander
Kirkuk Police spokesman to Kirkuknow: There is no danger on the city.
Between Feb. 23 and March 1, Coalition military forces conducted 23 strikes consisting of 35 engagements against targets in Syria and Iraq.
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) says it is receiving physical fitness, mountain warfare and map reading training in order to fight ISIS and White Flag cells in mountain areas.
At least 2 Iraqi security forces killed in ISIS attack in Mosul earlier today.
Turkey's army chief arrives in Baghdad on an unannounced visit.
Iraq MPs call for timetable for foreign troop pullout: official
Unknown armed group attacks home of Peshmerga member in middle of Kirkuk city and kills him, Iraq.
25 Russian women with their children transferred from Mosul to Baghdad's women's prison in preparation for court trials as suspected ISIS members. They were held in Mosul by Iraqi PMU (Hashd).
Iraqi authorities are increasing pressure on families in camps in western Anbar province, to return to their homes ahead of national elections in May, international aid agencies warned on Wednesday6 měsíc Před
Iraqi authorities are increasing pressure on families in camps in western Anbar province, to return to their homes ahead of national elections in May, international aid agencies warned on Wednesday
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Iraqi PMU (Hashd) Commander: we have killed 8 ISIS hiding in village in south Kirkuk province.
Iraq open to business, including with Rosneft, foreign minister says
Explosion near a shopping mall in central Kirkuk (Quds Street). Bomb came in the form of a rigged motorcycle. No injuries being reported from the blast.
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Multiple Da'ish hideouts and HQs were struck by Iraq's Air Force in northern Kirkuk province today. Air raids concentrated on the Al-Toon Kobri and Dibis areas
Suicide Bombing in Kirkuk city reported
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PM @HaiderAlAbadi: I have met representatives of all religious and ethnic groups in Nineveh province; we are engaged in an inclusive reconciliation process
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PM @HaiderAlAbadi: It is our duty to safeguard the integrity of the parliamentary elections on 12 May 2018. Voters in every province must be able to receive their voting card; this is fundamental
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PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Contrary to what some have falsely claimed, all our military airports and bases are under Iraqi sovereign control
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PM @HaiderAlAbadi: I met INTERPOL Secretary-General in Baghdad; we discussed counter-terrorism and returning Iraqi money smuggled abroad. It is important that we also pursue those who committed acts of terrorism in Iraq and fled overseas
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PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Iraq is leading the fight against Daesh in the region. I told world leaders that we in our region can eradicate Daesh and end its existence just as we defeated them in Iraq
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PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Today, the world looks at Iraq differently, and admire our achievements
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PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Our intelligence and security services continue to hunt down Daesh remnants in the western desert and the Al-Jazeera regions. We will not stop until we have completely eradicated terrorism from Iraq
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said he has agreed with Kurdish authorities to resume Kirkuk oil exports.
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Legal basis for US presence is Syria "largely driven by the collective self defense of Iraq" per Gen Votel
"That said, I think one of the most effective things that we can do in this particular area is build strong relationships" with Iraq military Syria Democratic Forces "to impede Iran's objectives in establishing lines of communications in these critical areas" per Gen Votel
Clashes happened last night in tikrit after swat opened fire on an unknown car Refuse to stop to the order
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ISIS attacks Iraqi forces, Hashid al-Shaabi south and west of Kirkuk
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