Map. History of Iraq conflict

25 қыркүйек 2018

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US Defense Secretary Mattis to Al Arabiya: Syria should be for Syrians, Iraq should be for Iraqis
7 month ago
KRSC Chancellor @masrour_barzani travels to Germany to participate in Munich Security Conference #MSC2018
UN says bombs will litter Mosul for more than a decade.
Iraqi MP in Parliament's Defense and Security Committee: we will call Iraqi Joint Operations Command to a committee meeting to discuss US presence in Iraq. US presence violates the constitution.
Turkish Air Force drone UAV on the Iraq border - TCS4
The PMU take of gas wells in al-Qaim and after securing it, they are handed over to the Iraqi center oil department
Kuwaiti Foreign Minister: $30 billion pledged for the reconstruction of Iraq
Iran's deputy foreign minister said that Tehran would contribute to Iraq stabilization efforts through the private sector, without announcing a financial pledge.
Giorgio Marrapodi, Italy's director general for development cooperation, said Italy will provide 260 million euros ($321 million) in soft loans to Iraq alongside $6.5 million in grants and $5 million in humanitarian assistance.
Turkish Foreign Minister in Kuwait:"There are PKK militants in Sinjar, Qandil and other Northern Iraq territories.We will clean them from Iraq with helping Iraqi brothers.They will secure their borders."
FM Çavuşoğlu: Turkey will provide $5B in loans and investments for the reconstruction of Iraq
Kuwait pledges $2 billion for Iraq's reconstruction
US Department of State: "Iraq is at an important juncture in its history. We support a united, democratic, federal, and prosperous Iraq, and a stable and viable Iraqi Kurdistan region as part of the Iraqi state." - Secretary RexTillerson today at KuwaitConference
US Department of State: Secretary Tillerson at KuwaitConference: We are committed to supporting the U.S. private sector in Iraq through @EximBankUS and @opicgov. Their work will create jobs and opportunity in the region and enhance economic cooperation between Iraq and the U.S.
@statedeptspox: At the Iraqi Reconstruction Conference today, Secretary Tillerson was pleased to announce that the United States is committed to supporting the U.S. private sector in Iraq through the @EximBankUS and @opicgov.
7 month ago
TSK: Sixteen targets were destroyed in air operations in northern Iraq
Iraqi PM AlAbadi meets with Rex Tillerson in Kuwait City at the Ministerial meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS before tomorrow's the Iraq Reconstruction Conference
Iraq's PM @HaiderAlAbadi arrives in Kuwait.
Here's a comparison of Mosul's Old City a year apart, in August 2016 and August 2017.
Kurdistan's airports to re-open to allow Kurds to perform Umrah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, a Kurdish MP said
It's propaganda
Islamic State Claims Several Attacks Against Security Forces In North Of Baghdad.
Fierce clashes recorded when PKK gattacked Turkish army base near Grebiye village, northern Zakho on the Turkish border.
Coalition members must help Iraq rebuild, Tillerson says
"We cannot leave Iraq now"- NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg points out lessons have been learned in the past about insufficient stabilization efforts. Expects decision to expand training of Iraqi forces
7 month ago
NATO SecGen: We all see a need for more training of Iraqi forces as we move from combat operations to building local capacity. Ministers will discuss what more NATO can do, in coordination with Iraqi government and international community.
I also expect Defence Ministers to start planning for a NATO training mission in Iraq – @jensstoltenberg
There are 14 Turkish military bases and 4 Turkish intelligence MIT bases in Iraqi Kurdistan, all in KDP/Barzani-controlled areas.
Turkish warplanes (F16) flew above Zaxo city 2 hours ago.
7 month ago
PKK have attacked Turkish Army base in GreBiye village northern Zakho. Warplanes flying over the area.
US military requests $1.4bn for Iraq, Syria train and equip in 2019
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