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26 Peut 2019
Iraq Army killed a terrorist named Ammar Khamis who was hiding out in Tarmiyah orchards near Tel Tassa
Khamenei demands withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq
Iranian leader Ali Khamenei criticizes the Saudi - Iraqi rapprochement
1 mois il y a
Khamenei: U.S. and Saudi officials' remarks about Iraq contradict their covert intentions. At a time when ISIS occupied Mosul, they provided the militants with money, arms and equipment and that Iraq has overcome ISIS, they pretend to seek friendship.
1 mois il y a
Khamenei: Human assets and rich underground resources in Iraq will make it the most influential nation in the Arab world. The U.S. and its cohorts in region oppose Iraq's current democratic setting, figures and trends ruling the nation and consider them detrimental to their interests.
1 mois il y a
Khamenei: If the Iraqi government and officials follow the U.S., they won't have problems with them. But the current Iraqi government, parliament and political activists are unfavorable to the U.S., thus they devise plots to push this assembly out of the political scene in Iraq.
1 mois il y a
Khamenei: The U.S. pursues goals beyond simply maintaining military presence in Iraq. They seek enduring presence and interests as well as forming a government like the military states that existed during the early years of occupying Iraq.
1 mois il y a
Khamenei: U.S. military presence in Iraq is detrimental to countries and nations of the region. You should take actions to make the U.S. withdraw its troops from Iraq because wherever they have had enduring presence, forcing them out has become problematic.
1 mois il y a
Coalition jets carried out another round of airstrikes on Hamrin range this morning.
Iraqi Security Forces arrest prominent ISIS leader in Khanaqiin district in northeast Diyala Province.
1 mois il y a
Turkish jets bombed villages in Qandil
1 mois il y a
Islamic State: 9 PMU were killed or wounded, including a commander in an attack by IS militants near "Tarbil" on the border between Iraq and Jordan
Authorities say water flow high, unregulated at Dukan Dam spillway1 mois il y a
Authorities say water flow high, unregulated at Dukan Dam spillway
Shoppkeeper killed in Langa market: Police
1 mois il y a
6 members of the Iraqi federal police were killed and another was injured after they were ambushed by unknown gunmen in Tal al-Basal in Kirkuk's sothern district of Daquq.
Iraqi Security Forces arrest close associate of ISIS leader Baghdadi in Rutba district in west Anbar Province. His name is Abd-Malaji Akil. Iraqi forces are conducting intense search for Baghdadi, who has a reward of $25M on his head.
VBIED detonated in Rutbah
The incident occurred on March 12 in broad daylight. Several gunmen ambushed an unprotected van that was carrying salaries of employees of Shar Hospital. Sulaimani
1 mois il y a
PMU killed a number of ISIS members in joint operation in Tharthar area Iraq
Two police officers killed, 3 others injured when unknown gunmen attacked a security checkpoint near Jalawla, northeast of Diyala late on Wednesday April 3.
US military analyst: "The role of Ayn Al Asad air base has changed from a training base for PMUs and ISF to a US FOB with real strike capabilities as more and more offensive hardware has been flown in in recent weeks " Iraq
1 mois il y a
Diyal police command declared the arrest of the so-called prince of ISIS group in the province's northeastern Hamrin area.
Saudi Trade Minister: A new phase of relations between Riyadh and Baghdad has begun
1 mois il y a
Military Intelligence within Iraq Army 8th Division, 32nd Brigade arrested a foreign terrorist in Qa'im named Abu Anas Al-Libi.
Kurdish Village Near Makhmour Evacuated in Fear of IS Attack
KDP and PUK agreed on forming the new @Kurdistan cabinet.
In Iraq, President of Basra Council: we await approval from PM Abdel-Madhi on our decision to make Basra an independent region. We need to hold a referendum and coordinate with election commission. We will protect Basra from being a "feeder" province.
Iraqi fighter planes based on intelligence reports destroyed a hideout used by ISIS militants in Diyala's Miqdadiya district.
Sulaimaniya directorate of security (Asaish) in a statement on Tuesday announced the arrest of memners of 3 terrorist sleeper cells in Sulaimaniya city., Chamchamal and Garmian area.
Leaflet dropped over Ramadi today by Iraq Army Aviation. 25 million USD for anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.
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