Map. History of Iraq conflict

25 Peut 2019
Protests continue in Basra City, Iraq, against lack of basic government services, lack of jobs and unfulfilled government promises.
4 mois il y a
US forces conduct air assault landing in south Riyadh area of Kirkuk Province, Iraq. Purpose unknown.
Moments ago dozens of US military vehicles seen heading to Kirkuk's K1 military base from Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region.4 mois il y a
Moments ago dozens of US military vehicles seen heading to Kirkuk's K1 military base from Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region.
Iraqi PMF (Hashd) 50th Brigade conducts sweeps in east Salah ad-Din Province to pursue ISIS sleeper cells. Operation conducted in conjunction with Diyala Operations Command, 5th Army Division and aviation support. 4 ISIS hiding places destroyed.
Six women killed as fire engulfs a homeless shelter for women in Baghdad's Adhamiyah district: Police Iraq
4 mois il y a
Erdogan: There are organizations such as the Daesh and the PKK who threaten the security of both Turkey and Iraq
4 mois il y a
Turkish President Erdoğan: I hope we will continue the meetings of the High-Level Strategic Council with Iraq in this year.
4 mois il y a
Erdogan: We pledged $5 billion to Iraq to support reconstruction efforts
4 mois il y a
Turkey President Erdoğan and Iraqi President Salih hold joint press conference
4 mois il y a
Erdogan: Turkey has provided full and complete support to Iraq in its war against terrorism
Iraq FM says not obliged to abide by Iran sanctions, seeking bypass to continue trade
KDP returns to Kirkuk, Hashd forces to withdraw under new deal
KDP Asayish raided on two homes of PUK officials and activists in Erbil, kidnapping them without having any arrest papers. In last 10 days, 15-20 PUK members and officials have been kidnapped/arrested by KDP in KDP area.
Iraqi Security Forces arrest 15 ISIS attempting to infiltrate into Badush area 23 kilometers northwest of Mosul.
Trump: I like Kurds but I don't like them selling oil to Iran.
Trump se moque des contributions militaires d'alliés américains aux coalitions dirigées par les Etats-Unis, affirmant qu'un simple "200 soldats en Irak" ou "100 soldats d'un grand pays en Syrie ou en Afghanistan" ne compensent pas la façon dont ces pays en tirent parti les États-Unis sur le commerce et autres. 
Leader in Iraqi Dawa Party: Iraqi Forces cannot provide security against ISIS. We need foreign forces to assist us.
Turkish Air Force targeted PKK's camps in KRG's Duhok in Iraq4 mois il y a
Turkish Air Force targeted PKK's camps in KRG's Duhok in Iraq
Iraq Dec. total crude oil exports 3.726m b/d, up 354k b/d m/m - oil ministry: statement.
4 mois il y a
Reports say the fighter jets of the Turkish army bombed the vicinity of the Guheriz village and scout flights were made in the Zap and Kurejero regions. There is no information on the outcome of the attacks.
Iraqi president @BarhamSalih to visit Turkey tomorrow, according to some sources Turkish president @RT_Erdogan will receive him to discuss many issues including bilateral relations and the case of PKK.
4 mois il y a
Turkish Defense Minister Akar: We respect the territorial integrity of neighboring countries and our military operations in Syria and Iraq is not optional but the need to eliminate terrorism
Military Intelligence managed to seize 3 of those ISIS-made suppressors from a tunnel in Makhoul range today. A total of 4 tunnels were destroyed this morning.
4 mois il y a
Un message final, également envoyé par l'envoyé spécial américain auprès de la coalition "Defeat ISIS", @brett_mcgurk "Je souhaite à mes anciens collègues civils et militaires qu'ils travaillent dans des conditions extrêmement difficiles pour protéger les intérêts de notre grand pays." 
IQAF a bombardé susah au sud-est de Deir ez-Zur
Israel's army top spy says Iraq is under growing influence of Iran, suggests Israel could attack there as it does in Syria
"Ridicule", déclare la CSRK après que la Syrie ait placé Masrour Barzani sur la liste du terrorisme 
Selon l'agence de presse syrienne, le président Assad a autorisé les forces irakiennes à attaquer le groupe des États islamiques en Syrie sans attendre l'autorisation des autorités à Damas.
4 mois il y a
L'armée américaine affirme être responsable de la mort par inadvertance de 1 139 civils dans la guerre menée par l'Etat islamique depuis août 2014, lors de 31 406 frappes aériennes par nouvelle comptabilité interne de @CENTCOM. En outre, 12 personnes ont été tuées en mai 2017 dans l'explosion secondaire d'une installation de fabrication de bombes à Mossoul.
Iraqi SWAT forces arrest reporter covering protests in front of Basra Province government building. Initially, security forces tried to seize his equipment. When he resisted, he was arrested.
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