17 April 2021
Governor of Dhi Qar announces his resignation from office on the backdrop of violence in the province
Night clashes between security and protesters in Samawa, Iraq
Najaf at these moments: one or protesters was shot dead by sniper
Snipers deployed on the roofs of buildings in the city of Najaf
Curfew declared in Najaf after 9 protesters were killed and 280 injured.
Baghdad: tear gas canisters are being fired at demonstrators at Al Sinak and Al Jumhuriya bridges
Protesters block major roads in Najaf province in southern Iraq
Angry protesters set Ammar Hakim's party office on fire in Najaf
More protesters heading towards the October square in central Najaf, Iraq
Babylon: Continued demonstrations and sit-ins in the square of the city of Hilla
Muqtada al-Sadr denies involvement in storming the Iranian consulate in Najaf
Two demonstrators were shot dead near the Iranian consulate in Najaf
Government forces fire live bullets and tear gas canisters at demonstrators in Najaf
3 demonstrators killed and more than 70 others injured by security forces firing tear gas at protesters in Najaf city
Militias attack demonstrators on Al-Ahrar bridge in Baghdad
Security forces are pushing big reinforcements to Sadrin Square in Najaftra in southern Iraq
Shots fired near Al Ahrar bridge in Baghdad
1 year ago
Iraqi Kurdistan PM @masrour_barzani in meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara
KRG Prime Minister, Mesrur Barzani: "We do not approve the presence of the PKK in Sinjar and other parts of Iraq, and we are against it"
AFP: Thousands of Iraqis go out in funeral processions despite the curfew imposed in southern Iraq
Iraq PM sacks new commander after 22 killed in crackdown: state TV
Death toll in Nasiriyah protests in southern Iraq rises to 22
US VIP, likely @FLOTUS or @VP, probably coming to Iraq or some other US base in the Middle East or Afghanistan for thanksgiving dinner. @usairforce B757-2G4 C32-A is flying over the Black Sea towards Middle East1 year ago
US VIP, likely @FLOTUS or @VP, probably coming to Iraq or some other US base in the Middle East or Afghanistan for thanksgiving dinner. @usairforce B757-2G4 C32-A is flying over the Black Sea towards Middle East
Internet access has been disrupted in Nasiriyah, southern Iraq since 5:30 am local time amid reports of army deployment and live fire against protesters with several killed; incident ongoing
Government forces fire live bullets at demonstrators in Nasiriyah
Protesters burn a security regiment in Nasiriyah, the center of Dhi Qar province of Iraq
Curfew imposed in Nasiriyah in southern Iraq
Government forces continue to target demonstrators with live bullets in Dhi Qar province in southern Iraq
8 demonstrators were killed and more than 70 others were injured until a clash between demonstrators and government forces in the city of Nasiriyah, Dhi Qar province. Clash centered near the Olive Bridge and Victory Bridge
The death toll in the Nasiriyah protests in southern Iraq rises to 13
Two Iraqi soldiers killed, four wounded in an ISIS attack in Tarmiyah, northern Baghdad.
PMU has sent armoured vehicles reinforcement to protect religious shrines in Najaf
Iran says Iraqi government is responsible for protecting its consulate Najaf, strongly condemns the attack by the "aggressors"
8 protesters killed in Nassiriya, southern Iraq before dawn. Govt appoints 'crisis cells' jointly headed by governors and military men to stem unrest Najaf still under curfew after Iran embassy torched
Nasiriyah: Heavy gunfire and ongoing clashes near the Al Zaytun bridge and the surrounding streets
Government forces chase protesters in the alleys and streets of Najaf.
Security forces withdraw from the perimeter of the Iranian consulate in Najaf after it was burnt
A prison breakout attempt is happening at this moment in Faisaliyya detention camp. The prison is full of ISIS fighters
Tear gas fired at demonstrators in Karbala
More footage shows the aftermath of Iranian Consulate blaze in Najaf
From Najaf: Iraqi protesters celebrating after setting fire to Iranian consulate. Curfew have been declared by local authorities
Iranian consulate in Najaf burning
1 soldier from 14Div/50Brgd was Killed in Action after striking an IED near Makhmour earlier
Police stopped demonstrators from reaching Iranian consulate in Najaf city
Tires burnt in the central Samawah
Medical and security sources: two demonstrators shot dead in central Baghdad
Iraqi protesters block the main roads in Basra city after many casualties.
Video showing government forces firing live bullets to disperse peaceful demonstrators in Karbala province south of Baghdad
Clashes continue in Samawa between demonstrators and security forces
Dozens of demonstrators were injured after demonstrators attempted to storm the police directorate of Babylon province.
Government forces fire live bullets; to disperse the demonstrators in the city of Samawah, the center of the province of Muthanna
Security source in Babylon police in Iraq: wounding 15 members of the security forces as a result of attempts by protesters to storm security headquarters
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