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19 August 2018
Member Of Kirkuk Council, Iraq: Hawija Has Not Been Properly Cleared, ISIS Is Still There. ISIS Assassinated A Police Commander And His Son Yesterday.
Security forces on high alert as people protest against the privatisation of electricity in Nasiriyah, Iraq.
Two IS militants killed in campaign at Hamreen mountains
PKK Guerrillas have attacked Turkish troops which deployed in Kaniya Rash village inside Kurdistan Region territory, Turkish Army announced; 2 Turkish soldiers killed another one wounded.
PKK has announced a self-administration in parts of Soran region in Erbil province and Pishdar region in Sulimania that they control because 'KRI experience is a failure'; they are copying Northern Syria 's system in the new self-rule area. Kurdistanprotests PKK
Some in Kirkuk asked to indicate if they voted in Kurdistan referendum
Another attack on PMU forces near Samarra reported by IS. Significant increase in operations this month.
Iraqi government has asked Kurdistan Islamic Union to withdraw from KRG cabinet so that @PMBarzani loss the legitimacy, especially after Gorran and IslamicGroup withdrawal
Two Iraqi officials will visit Erbil today and meet with KRG interior minister. Both sides will discuss and setup the dynamic of returning the refugees to the newly captured areas.
7 month ago
Australia ending airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq
3 PMU fighters were killed as they were repelling ISIS attack in Salahadin governorate
Ninth Brigade of Karbala PMU kill all of the attacker today in Jalam Ad Dawr in Salah ad Din Governorate 10+ isis where killed Two dead and five wounded from the Ninth Brigade
Unknown location
25 ISIS elements near Wadi Al-Haddam with 5 vehicles (1 Kia, 4 pickups) attacking the points of Liwa Karbala with machine guns and RPG-7 Talks of a second gathering of 35 elements with 6 vehicles and 4 motorcycles in progress. Grids attached.
Unknown location
SVBIED targeted Brigade 9 (Liwa Karbala) followed by gunmen.
A lawyer in Erbil, who is one of the group of four activists that submitted a request to the authorities in the city for a permit to organize a demonstration, wrote on his FB that the electricity feed to his house has been cut by orders from the authorities.
Hashd al-Shaabi Setting Up More Checkpoints in Sinjar
ISIS is attacking on the second regiment, the ninth brigade in Jalam al-Dawr, Salah al-Din Governorate
Kurdistan Region Security Council: Aerial footage from the same position available online. More imagery will follow next week
Kurdistan Region Security Council:Tracking continued Iraqi military buildup in and around Makhmour, SW Erbil. This position - 35.78022, 43.57016, includes additional armored vehicles deployed in the last two weeks.
UNAMI PR - Summary of UNAMI Findings in Tuz Khurmatu Baghdad, 23 December 2017 – Teams from the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) conducted monitoring missions to Tuz Khurmatu where they observed destroyed homes and businesses in several primarily Kurdish
Nineveh SWAT neutralized 6 militants, 3 of whom were wearing suicide belts. 1 arrested.
Doing some more research, Brigade 29 ( Kata'ib Ansar al-Hujja ) also maintains a detachment of fights at the Syrian border. On December 19th, they shot down an armed drone belonging to ISIS near Tal Sefok.7 month ago
Doing some more research, Brigade 29 ( Kata'ib Ansar al-Hujja ) also maintains a detachment of fights at the Syrian border. On December 19th, they shot down an armed drone belonging to ISIS near Tal Sefok.
Islamic State 2.0 has officially established it's presence in Dayala province in eastern Iraq
After being subject to attacks 3 days in a row whether by infiltration attempts or rockets, an infantry brigade along with additional PMU detachments have been sent to the Iraqi-Syrian border to reinforcement several points belonging to the Border Guards
TAF Announced: Turkish Army Military Operations ongoing in Northern Iraq7 month ago
TAF Announced: Turkish Army Military Operations ongoing in Northern Iraq
In Ranya district of Sulaimaniya province of Iraqi Kurdish Region, security forces use tear gas to breakup large crowds protesting corruption and lack of payment of salaries.
Protests flare up again in Raniya town, Sulaymaniyah Kurdistan
Turkish army slowly intruding KRG. In some areas soldiers are deployed 20km inside KRG, building new bases- Media close to PKK also mentioned KDP is cooperating with TAF. Relation between Turkey and KRG seems to be normalized.
Iraq: Islamic State Claims Raids On PMU Positions NW Of Samarra City.
ISIS sleep cells attack PMU checkpoint on one of Abbasiyah village, South of Tikrit killing 4 and leaving 1 heavily injured
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