23 September 2021
An Iraqi security source: an armed group killed the owner of a foodstuff store, who was active in the demonstrations in Al-Amiriya district, west of Baghdad
The start of the meeting of the heads of the Iraqi parliamentary blocs to resolve the electoral law proposals
.⁦@EsperDoD⁩-"I did speak with the Iraqi prime minister.I noted my concern about the uptick in attacks on bases in Iraq where US troops &materiel may be & that we-we have a right of self defense.my suspicion would be Iran is behind these attacks"
Islamic State: Yesterday, two Iraqi soldiers were killed, another wounded by a sniper targeting their barracks in Miqdadiyah district, Diyala, Iraq
Pentagon: Sec. @EsperDoD spoke with Iraq's Prime Minister Mahdi & "reiterated" US "support for a secure & sovereign Iraq & the people of Iraq" & "also called on our Iraqi partners to continue to assist in preventing attacks on US & Coalition personnel & facilities in the country"
Caretaker Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi informs the Iraqi President that the last date for continuing his duties is Thursday.
Five members of Iraqi forces killed in two ISIS attacks in Diyala: military
Iraqi Protesters have once again blocked the entrance to Iraq's Umm Qasr commodities port near Basra, preventing employees and tankers from entering and bringing operations down by 50%.
An explosive device has exploded near the al-Abkar City Company in the Mansour area of the capital, Baghdad, without any casualties
Iraqi PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi spoke with US Defense Secretary Esper in a telephone conversation, where they discussed the fight against ISIS and the security concerns in Iraq — PMO
1 year ago
Protesters close the University of Babylon building and prevent staff and professors from entering
A protester died in Najaf governorate from his wounds after being wounded by government forces last month.
Two members of the federal police forces were killed as a result of attack of ISIS in the Zghitoun Valley, south of the Riyadh district of Kirkuk
Mosul's directorate of Health declares that an Iraqi man infected with the Influenza A virus subtype H5N1, popularly known as bird flu, has died, becoming the first case of bird flu death in Iraq
Al-Hurra quotes a source within Iraq's Interior Ministry indicating that Iranian forces did indeed enter Iraq through the Zurbatiyah border crossing, after videos circulated on social media1 year ago
Al-Hurra quotes a source within Iraq's Interior Ministry indicating that Iranian forces did indeed enter Iraq through the Zurbatiyah border crossing, after videos circulated on social media
Iraqi cleric Shiite leader @Mu_AlSadr orders to Shutdown all the institutions linked to him for a year accept the Saraya al Salam militia and Muhamad al Sadr's Shrine l
US Secretary of State @SecPompeo: "Iran's proxies have recently conducted several attacks against bases where Iraqi security forces are co-located with US & international coalition personnel"
Iraqi Human Rights: The absence of the state security apparatus reduces the chances of holding those involved accountable
The sit-ins continue in Basra, near the governorate building
3 people were wounded, as a hand grenade exploded in a popular café, in the Al-Azza area, west of Kut, southern Iraq
Iraqi media: 3 people were injured in a motorcycle explosion in Diyala Governorate
Two explosive devices explode east of Baghdad, causing casualties
Reports of a grenade explosion in a school at Knaus village, 3 children killed and 2 wounded. The wounded were transferred to the Doctors Without Borders camp in Qayyarah
Protesters kill an armed man, hang his body to traffic-light pole at al-Wathba street in Baghdad, after the gunman reportedly fired at the protesters and killed 4
Since the beginning of the anti-government protests, 511 protesters killed and more than 21.000 wounded across Iraq - sources tell @AlhurraIraq
Iraqi protesters killed a sniper who was targeting protesters in Baghdad and hanged his body on the traffic-light. According to some sources the sniper was a commander of PMU Shi'a militias.
1 year ago
15 Katyusha rockets hit Qayyarah Military Airport in northern Iraq that houses US troops and wounded 3 Iraqi Air Force soldiers, Security officials in Mosul told CNN
Two rockets impact at Baghdad International Airport, second time in the last week
Senior US military official said that attacks by Iranian-backed groups on bases hosting US forces in Iraq were gathering pace and becoming more sophisticated, pushing all sides closer to an uncontrollable escalation: Reuters
Protesters surround the Ministry of Oil building in the center of the capital, Baghdad, and prevent employees from leaving.
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