20 September 2021
Eight Iraqi soldiers and a civilian were killed in an explosion in the city of Shingal (Sinjar) in the Kurdistan region of Iraq
USAF KC135R 61-0315 orbiting over Iraq near Jordanian border8 month ago
USAF KC135R 61-0315 orbiting over Iraq near Jordanian border
Iraqi forces: Al-Kazemi stressed the need to control the borders, especially with Syria
3 soldiers were killed when an explosive device exploded in Sinjar
Iraqi Intelligence: Seizing missiles and launchers in Kirkuk
8 month ago
ISIS has claimed responsibility for killing a Sunni Tribal Mobilization Forces commander and raiding the home of an "apostate" and killing him in the Al-Shuhada neighborhood of the Al-Jalawla District of Iraq's Diyala Province
ISIS has claimed responsibility for a shooting attack targeting Iraqi army forces in the Al-Tarmiyah area north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad
IRGC Forces has sent reinforcements from Iraq into Deir Ez Zor
Iraqi Anbar Operations Commander denies news that arrested Iraqi-Danish journalist has been taken to Anbar Province. Security source says she was released in Baghdad on Saturday
Iraqi MP from Fatah Coalition: Israeli & US airstrikes on the Iraqi-Syrian border are designed to weaken Iraqi control of western Iraq so ISIS can return
Inherent Resolve:Recently, our Iraqi partners received almost $14 million in surveillance systems equipment through the Counter ISIS Train and Equip Fund overseen by OIR. This equipment provides capability critical to Iraqi Security Forces in their ongoing mission to DefeatDaesh
The Iraqi Armed Forces arrest 6 ISIS members, including a commander, in 4 governorates
Mirroring developments in the U.S., Iraqi Shiite militia leaders have lodged formal complaints with the Iraqi government that major U.S.-based social media platforms are unfairly "blocking or banning" the accounts of their supporters for posting pro-militia content
Pentagon: U.S. forces have been reduced to 2,500 in both Iraq and Afghanistan as ordered by President Trump in November
The military crossing of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Militia reopens near the town of Al-Hri on the Syrian-Iraqi border
Iraq: PMU (Kataib Hezbollah) video which is presented as a bombardment several hours ago of what is indicated as positions of ISIS militants in the district of Al-Zorah, in the governorate by Samarra
Trump said in a statement: The number of US forces in Syria and Iraq is the lowest in years
8 month ago
Another day another alcohol shop in Baghdad gets bombed
Iraqi High Elections Commission: there are 25 million Iraqis eligible to vote in the June 2021 early elections. We don't know how many Iraqis living aboard are eligible but there were 800,000 in 2018. Coronavirus did not allow us to collect data
US Treasury Department places Iraqi PMF (Hashd) Chief of Staff Abu Fadk on international terrorism list for ties to Iranian Revolutionary Guards & for creating a security force not in Iraq's interests
The US Department of Treasury on Wednesday issued a fresh wave of sanctions targeting Iranian and Iran-backed entities – including Abu Fadak the chief of staff of the Popular Mobilisation Forces (Hashd al-Shaabi)
Iraq bans travel to 20 countries (Germany included) as new coronavirus variant spreads
Syria state news citing limitary source says citing: "At 1:10am Tuesday the Israeli enemy launched an air aggression against the city of Deir Ezzor and Al-Bukamal areas. The results of the aggression are currently being checked."
In Iraq, protesters in Hububi Square of Nasiriya City: we have stopped our protest but we await the release of detained protesters & activists. If random arrests continue, protests will escalate
YK-BAG  Cham Wings Airbus A320-212  From Tehran Iran  To Damascus Syria.  Pictures were taken moments ago from Ar Ramadi Iraq8 month ago
YK-BAG Cham Wings Airbus A320-212 From Tehran Iran To Damascus Syria. Pictures were taken moments ago from Ar Ramadi Iraq
8 month ago
The Iraqi Security Media Cell: 7 militants were killed and a tunnel destroyed in two air strikes carried out by international coalition warplanes in Kirkuk governorate
In Iraq, US ambassador tells Iraqi National Security Adviser Qasim Ariji he opposes US sanctions on PMF (Hashd) Council Chairman Falih Fayyadh
In Iraq, 2 members of Muqtada Sadr's Saraya Salam Militia assassinated & 3 injured on road in Maysan Province by unknown party. Saraya Salam consists of former members of Jaish al-Mahdi & Youm Mau'ud Brigade & was formed in 2014
Abu Faisal Al-Iraqi heads the Asa'ib militia in Al-Bukamal
The explosion in Iraq kills worker for British demining organization, wounds 2 more
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