150 Dutch soldiers arrived in Erbil today. Will be joining the coalition forces in securing the area

Map. History of Iraq conflict

9 March 2021
Iraq The PMU operation in the north of the Iraqi capital The Hashd al-Sha'abi (PMU) forces killed ISIS militants in the Taramiyah area after receiving detailed information about ISIS meeting in northern Baghdad
A spokesman for Iraqi Shiite militia Kataib Hezbollah has insisted that today's rocket attack on the Green Zone in the Iraqi capital Baghdad "was carried out by evil forces that seek to distract from the issues"
150 Dutch soldiers arrived in Erbil today. Will be joining the coalition forces in securing the area
US Department of State spokesperson: Iran is to be blamed for the attacked against Americans carried out by its proxies
The Pentagon: We hold Iran responsible for its militia attacks in the repeated attacks on our interests in Iraq
Spokesman for the US Department of Defense: We support the expansion of the NATO mission in Iraq and there are no plans to increase our forces
N. Iraq: PKK/HPG released a footage which shows the Gera/Gara after the clashes. Two Mk2 pattern MKE hand grenades, 37/38mm CTS 3221 tear gas canisters, MKE M5A1 demolition block (C4 explosive), 5.56 mags, gas masks etc. captured
Protesters set governor's office on fire in Dhi Qar
The Security Media Cell: rockets were fired at the Green Zone from the Al-Salam neighborhood
Iraqi security forces found the rocket launchpad used in this evening's attack in Baghdad
OIR Spokesman: [email protected] reports that two rockets fell on the Green Zone with o causing casualties at 1925 Baghdad time. @CJTFOIR reports no damages or injuries. For updates see @SecMedCell
Iran-linked 'Islamic Resistance' telegram account: "We are following events in Shingal. Monitoring Ops rooms of the enemy & its agents. As they disturb Iraqis, we are going to disturb them soon
Two rockets hit the Green Zone in Baghdad without causing casualties, Iraqi military said
AFP: A rocket landed in the vicinity of the Green Zone and another in an adjacent residential area
Smokes rise inside the US Embassy Compound in Baghdad. Iran-linked Islamic Resistance social media account claims C-RAM system failed to intercept the rockets
Medical sources: A protester was killed and 16 others were wounded, including security personnel, in clashes in the city of Nasiriyah, south of the Iraqi capital
A military delegation from the @CJTFOIR ,the 83 member International Coalition to defeat Daesh (ISIS), visited the Joint Coalition Coordination Center between the Kurdistan Region's military and security forces and Iraq in Erbil
One of the people injured in last week's rocket attack on Erbil has died of his wounds, Kurdistan Region Ministry of Interior Rebar Ahmed told reporters on Monday
Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein arrives in Saudi Arabia
Inherent Resolve:Coalition jets conducted a number of airstrikes in Wadi al-Shai which resulted in the elimination of two militants and the destruction of a number of caves. CJTFOIR has and will continue to support the ISF with precision fires, intelligence and combat advice
Iraqi joint operations: Two ISIS operatives killed in coalition airstrikes in Kirkuk
NATO says its presence in Iraqi & its increase in forces there is at the request of the Iraqi government. Iraqi National Security Adviser says Iraqi forces will benefit from the NATO presence. Fatah Coalition vows to block increase in NATO forces
2 week ago
We reject Turkey's military presence in Syria and Iraq, and its policy is wrong - Zarif
US convoy with military equipment was seen on the road between the Syrian border and the Iraqi city of Ramadi2 week ago
US convoy with military equipment was seen on the road between the Syrian border and the Iraqi city of Ramadi
Last night's clashes between Iran-backed Shia militias and ISIS militants in Tarmiya, northern Baghdad
2 week ago
Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu says HDP MP went to Gara
2 week ago
Turkish Interior minister Süleyman Soylu: "our work is not done in Gara"
2 week ago
Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu: "Gara is the crossing area between Kandil and the Syrian corridor"
Iraq's Shiite militia umbrella group has claimed responsibility for killing the ISIS official in charge of the Al-Tarmiyah area and the alleged death of the ISIS "Shariah Mufti" following heavy clashes with militiamen and allied security forces north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad
Security sources: Katyusha rockets fell on outskirts of the Balad base, and no losses
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