US Army Helicopters flying over Erbil in Kurdistan region of Iraq

Map. History of Iraq conflict

13 May 2021
Confrontations between the demonstrators and the security forces at the Karbala sit-in square
Groups of young people from Tahrir Square head to the Muhammad al-Qasim Highway to cut it hours before the start of the "million demonstrations" they called for tomorrow
[email protected]: "@SecPompeo spoke today with @NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg regarding the Iranian government's dangerous attack against Ayn al-Asad and Erbil Air Bases, and the continued threat Iran poses to the region."
The headquarters of the Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq militia was burned in the central Najaf governorate
Sr. Defense official says when @POTUS was presented the option to take out Soleimani , most of the other options presented "included far more casualties." Adds a plot to blow up US embassy in Baghdad was part of Soleimani's plans.
The chants of the protesters from Tahrir Square
US Army Helicopters flying over Erbil in Kurdistan region of Iraq
Gathering in Al-Rumaitha sit-in square to restore the momentum of the demonstrations and confirm the demands1 year ago
Gathering in Al-Rumaitha sit-in square to restore the momentum of the demonstrations and confirm the demands
A missile landed in the Dujail area of the Iraqi Salah al-Din Governorate, near the Balad military base that hosts US forces
1 year ago
Militants activity near Tabzawa town, southwest of Kirkuk. Federal Police engaged with ISIS elements
A missile hit an area near Balad Air Force Base, north of the capital, Baghdad
Pompeo met with UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab after Iranian ballistic missile attacks on Iraqi bases, which the top diplos called "dangerous and reckless." Comes after President Trump called for European allies to leave the 2015 Iran nuclear deal on Weds
In a press conference today IRGC had the flags of Hezbollah, Kataeb Hezbollah, Houthis among others
Iran: IRGC Aerospace Force Commander says the attacks aim was to target "the enemy's military machine", not to kill US troops
Iraqi caretaker PM Adel Abdul-Mahdi: Baghdad is committed to establishing balanced relations with neighboring countries and their regional and international surroundings in a manner that preserves the country's sovereignty
1 year ago
Erdogan: in Syria, in Iraq and as well as in the Mediterranean Turkey will continue until the end to defend its rights and interests.
Inbound traffic holding at Erbil airport #Iraq
Iraqi PMU: Launches of rockets into the Green Zone may be an individual act
The international coalition against ISIS suspends military activities in Iraq to focus on protecting Iraqi bases hosting coalition members
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 38km WNW of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
Leader of the IRGC Quds Force Ismail Qaani, in a message to the Iranian leader: We dealt the first blow to the strongest power in the world.
Babel: Civil disobedience of university and school students in the sit-in in the city of Hilla
Turkey's foreign minister arrives in Baghdad over US-Iran tensions
Iranian IRGC commander warns more attacks against US to come
Al-Anwar Bridge in Wasit reopened after clashes between demonstrators and security forces
1 year ago
ISIS launched an attack early Thursday against an Iraqi border police headquarters at the Iraq-Syria border, killing two people and wounding two others
Japan temporarily closed its embassy in Baghdad, says foreign ministry
People are waiting in long queue for kerosene in the oil rich city Kirkuk
Iraqi Shiite militia spokesman: "I assure you, brothers, that the response of the resistance factions will be very harsh and the coming days will be full of surprises."
US Secretary of Defense: There was no major damage, and the targets involved include tents and a parking lot. And a helicopter damaged
U.S. Defense Secretary: The United States has regained a level of deterrence against Iran
Gen Milley, Chairman of @thejointstaff said - he fully expects Shia militia groups - in Iraq, and maybe elsewhere in the region - to try and carry out further attacks against US facilities, US personnel
[email protected] confirms 16 missiles were fired and that only 12 impacted their targets. Only one impacted Irbil and the rest hit Al Assad. The missiles were launched from three locations within Iran
A senior US military commander told Reuters: It is too early to talk that Iran ended its strikes after the recent attack in Iraq
[email protected] Chairman Milley and Defense Secretary @EsperDoD just briefed journalists again: They believe Iran was targeting US lives at the Al Assad base, not intending to miss. Early warning saved those lives, they said
1 year ago
Trudeau: still have troops in Iraq. We should continue our mission against ISIS and it's important for that to continue
Khalid bin Salman: Saudi Arabia will do everything in its power to spare Iraq the danger of conflict between external parties
Baghdad: Riot police forces fire tear gas canisters at demonstrators in Al Wathba Square.
U.S. aircraft is flying over Baghdad after a missile landed near the American embassy in Baghdad
Two rockets landed near US Embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone. Sirens heard
In front of wasit police command, protesters demand wasit police chief resign In response to today's threats
Two explosions are heard in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and sirens sound
Large demonstrations in Kut to protest the threats of Wasit police chief
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