Footage of tonight's rocket attack on the US Embassy, Baghdad

Map. History of Iraq conflict

13 May 2021
Australian government 'strongly concerned' after US troops told to leave Iraq
Trump threatens sanctions against Baghdad and says his country will not leave Iraq until he pays for the US bases there
Tensions between the Wasit demonstrators and the deputy head of the teachers 'union1 year ago
Tensions between the Wasit demonstrators and the deputy head of the teachers 'union
University students march in Karbala
Iraqi protestors attack pro Khamenei Hashd al Shaabi militia building in Dhi Qar, Iraq. The fight against Soleimani & Khamenei's oppression continues
Najaf: The demonstrators in Sadr Square announce their continued support for the protesters in Tahrir Square
2 soldiers from Iraq Army 11th Division, 45th Brigade were killed following an attack by ISIS elements near the village of Tal Thiyab in Kirkuk. 3 wounded
Two Iraqi soldiers were killed and 3 wounded in an ISIS attack on a security post in the Kirkuk governorate
1 year ago
Security Media just confirmed the total was 3 rockets, 2 fell in the Green Zone and the 3rd was the one that hit the house in Jadriya
Footage of tonight's rocket attack on the US Embassy, Baghdad
The sound of a large blast heard near the US Embassy in Baghdad
Protesters in Tahrir square in Baghdad shouting against BOTH American and Iranian intervention in Iraq.
The Iraqi PM resigned because of Iranian interference - Pompeo
The Iraqi parliament votes to end the security agreement with the coalition forces. Votes to end the American military presence and confine arms to the state
A message from Moqtada Al-Sadr to the Iraqi parliament calling for the closure of the American embassy in Baghdad
A message from Muqtada al-Sadr to the Iraqi parliament calling for the agreement with the United States to be canceled
Iraqi Prime Minister calls for an end to the presence of foreign troops
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry presents a formal complaint to the Security Council regarding the killing of Soleimani and the "Engineer"
Iraq's Prime Minister Adel Abd al-Mahdi says the options are for the US troops to leave immediately or to set a timetable for them to do so
Iraqi lawmakers are demanding that the country be protected from Iranian interference in the event of a US troop exit
The aftermath of PMF office after angry protesters set on a blaze Nasriyah, Iraq
Coalition statement on suspension of training and counter-Daesh operation in Iraq
The Iraqi prime minister urges parliament to quickly end the selection and formation of the new government
Nasrallah: And if law on expulsion of U.S. troops doesn't pass in the Iraqi parliament, I know that Resistance fighters in Iraq will not allow one American soldier to remain in Iraq
Iraqi Prime Minister: ending the presence of American forces in our country is in the interest of both countries
Masked gunmen burn the tents of the sit-in protesters at the Al Bahri square in Basra
Abdul-Mahdi: We ask Parliament to study the implications of any decision to discuss protecting the sovereignty of Iraq
Mass demonstration of student continue in Baghdad
No session yet, MPs are just having chitchat between each other, still no quorum
Kataib Hezbollah threaten to "expose" everyone(MPs) who stands against the passage of the law to remove U.S. forces from Iraq
Dhi Qar: The protesters in Nasiriyah announce a curfew on the militias in the city by cutting off roads after the attacks on peaceful demonstrators at funerals of Soleimani and the "Engineer"
Two demonstrators killed and dozens wounded in Nasiriyah; after they refused to enter the symbolic rites of Soleimani
Iraqi Parliament set to vote on draft bill that ends U.S. presence in Iraq, closes access to Iraqi airspace for military activities — Iraqi State TV
Anti-terrorist forces deployed around the Iraqi parliament building in anticipation of any emergency
A demonstration in front of the Qurna oil field in Basra to demand the termination of the American Exxon Mobil contract
Extensive student participation in the Diwaniyah sit-in square in support of the popular protests
Basra sit-in denounced the violations of national sovereignty and dissociation from regional conflicts1 year ago
Basra sit-in denounced the violations of national sovereignty and dissociation from regional conflicts
Protesters remove a large photo of Qassem Soleimani hanged at a public area in Karbala and tear it down.
The bodies just arrived to Najaf International Airport
PMF said in a statement, the remain of al-Muhandis's body will be buried in Najaf after conducting DNA test in Tehran, because - as the statement says - the remains of al-Muhandis, Soleimani and other one are mangled together
Coalition confirms two attacks near Iraqi bases that host coalition forces. Added that No Coalition troops were harmed. Iraqi Security Forces are currently investigating the incidents
The sound of the planes in Baghdad
1 year ago
Canada has put out a travel advisory to several countries in the MiddleEast following Solemani's assassination urging Canadians to excerise a high degree of caution in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Lebanon,Jordan, Kuwait,Qatar, Oman, UAE, Iraq
Trump says if Iran strikes any Americans, the U.S. will target 52 Iranian sites, including "very high level" targets
The Saudi Crown Prince holds a phone call with the Iraqi Prime Minister
1 year ago
Metin Arslan, an intelligence official for the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), was killed in an operation conducted by Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MİT) in northern Iraq
Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs urges Filipinos to cancel any trips to Iraq amid the country's escalating tensions with the United States - Statement
Qais al-Khazali appeared in military uniform in Najaf for the first time since the killing of Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Muhandis
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