Students protest in Wasit province, they reject nomination of Muhammed Allawi for Prime Minister

Map. History of Iraq conflict

4 April 2020
Karbala. The formation of a security committee in cooperation with the security forces to protect the demonstrators in Al-Ahrar Square
Dhi Qar: Announcing the general strike in Al-Rifai district1 month ago
Dhi Qar: Announcing the general strike in Al-Rifai district
Abdul-Mahdi and the commander of the US Army Central Command discuss the decision to withdraw foreign forces from Iraq
Demonstrations by Diwaniyah students, the center of Qadisiyah governorate in southern Iraq
Rally at Tahrir Square now
A number of protesting students were injured after attack by Sadr movement followers in Tahrir Square in Baghdad
Demonstrators started flocking to Tahrir Square
Students protest in Wasit province, they reject nomination of Muhammed Allawi for Prime Minister
Students gather in front of ministry of higher education. Their slogans denounce Sadr for endorsing PM designate Mohammed Allawi
Baghdad Student Union announces "million-strong" protest by students in front of Ministry of Higher Education on Tuesday (tomorrow) and then marching towards Tahrir Square
Protester wearing a coat having US ARMY badge on his hand tells @Rudawkurdish that security forces & Sadr's blue hats have been attempting to storm Haboubi Square in Nasiriyah city tonight, but foiled. Haboubi Square is the 2nd largest square in Iraq witnesses #IraqProtests
Iraqi medical sources: A protestor was stabbed in a clash between protesters in Hilla, south of Baghdad
Demonstrators pushed Sadr supporters from the square in Babil Governorate and pursue them away
Turkish UAV squawking 7600 lost communication over Iraqi Kurdistan2 month ago
Turkish UAV squawking 7600 lost communication over Iraqi Kurdistan
Najaf Health Department announces that two protesters were wounded by gunfire after Sadr's supporters attacked the demonstrators in the city
Najaf Today, Sadrists supporters are firing live ammunition against the demonstrators
Clashes between Sadr supporters and demonstrators block a number of streets in the Iraqi province of Najaf
Baghdad: Sadr supporters seized all banners rejecting Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi as PM from Tahrir Square
Injuries among the Iraqi demonstrators in the city of Hilla, Babylon after Sadr supporters used firearms to disperse them
Sadr supporters attack the demonstrators in Babylon
Muqtada al-Sadr's supporters shoot protesters in Najaf
Armed supporters part of Muqtada Al-Sader's militia sending threatening messages via live FB broadcast in Iraq
Basra: Protesters flocked to the sit-in at Al Bahri square after rumors that the pro-Sadr militia entered the square
KNC officially decides to reopen their offices and resume activities in Northeast Syria/Northern Syria after initiative of SDF Commander-in-Chief @MazloumAbdi
Sadr militia attack the protesters in Tahrir Square in Baghdad
Reports of clashes between Blue Hats(Sar) and protesters in Tahrir Square. Blue Hats aim to have the site cleared and opened to all traffic by tomorrow
Karbala: Protesters continue to flock to Al-Ahrar Square
Sadr supporters try to open al-Jumhuriya bridge in central Baghdad by force
From Karbala "Neither Muqtada nor Hadi"
Iraqi Parliament: Prime Minister Allawi is obligated to implement the decision to remove foreign forces
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