Iraq: packed streets in Najaf today as thousands of Iraqis are marching to support the pro-reform movement

Map. History of Iraq conflict

13 May 2021
Here's the full DoD statement on the number of U.S. service members diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries
US halts the process of arming the Iraqi forces including delivering F16 fighter jets - reports
Government forces and members of the Al Etubad Abbasid threshold fired live bullets at demonstrators in Karbala Governorate, south of the capital, Baghdad
Video showing militiaman fire with automatic weapons in Kut, Wasit today
22 wounded among the security forces and the demonstrators during clashes that broke out between them in the Iraqi governorate of Wasit
Security forces fire live ammunition at demonstrators at the city of Kut, the center of Wasit governorate in southern Iraq
Iraq: packed streets in Najaf today as thousands of Iraqis are marching to support the pro-reform movement
Security forces dispersing protesters at Al Hora street in Wasit
Turkish warplanes bomb near Akre, killing one Peshmerga and wounding another
Several people were injured in clashes between Iraqi security forces and protesters in Wasit Governorate
An Iraqi medical source for Al-Hurra: Dr. Muhammad Hussein Alwan, a professor of the College of Education at Al-Mustansiriya University, was killed by unknown persons in the banks area
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley spoke with Iraqi Joint Headquarters Chief of Staff Gen. Othman Al-Ghanimi today by phone. "The senior leaders discussed the current security environment throughout the Middle East," according to Milley's spokesman
US Secretary of State: The missile attack on our embassy in Baghdad on Sunday is a flagrant attack on Iraqi sovereignty
1 year ago
US Secretary of State: During my contact with the Prime Minister of Iraq, I stressed the need for his government to take immediate steps to protect our diplomatic facilities there under international law
Security forces use live ammunition and stun grenades to disperse demonstrators in Al Wathba Square
Ambassador of 16 countries in Baghdad includes (US,UK,France,Germany,Italy,Spain, Netherlands) condemning Iraqi security forces violates against civil protesters in Iraq
More than 8 injured among the demonstrators as a result of security forces using bullets and gas canisters to disperse them, in the Khilani Square in central Baghdad
The US Secretary of Defense: Our forces in Iraq aim to eliminate ISIS and help maintain security there
Security forces fire live bullets and gas canisters at the demonstrators in Al-Khilani Square in the center of the capital, Baghdad, in an attempt to break the sit-in
1 year ago
A policeman was killed by an explosive device, near a security post, in the orchards of Al-Makhisa village, northeast of Diyala governorate
Wathba Square in Baghdad. Live ammunition used against the protestor
Dhi Qar demonstrators burn the headquarters of Qataib Hizbullah militia near Al-Haboubi Square
Burning the building of the Facilities Protection Section in Nasiriyah
Thousands of protesters are gathering at al-Habubi Square in Nasiriya following overnight attacks by unknown armed militiamen.
A number of demonstrators were wounded by government forces in Al-Khilani Square, central Baghdad
Reported rockets on US embassy in Baghdad last night confirmed to be mortars, which seems to widen the pool of suspects. Unlike most rocket/mortar attacks this one did some damage - inc to dining facility. One person believed slightly wounded
PMF condemned the rocket strikes on the Embassy last night
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry: The security services began an investigation process regarding targeting the American embassy to detect the perpetrators and bring them to justice
Baghdad Tahrir Square, the chants of the youth in support of the demonstrators of Nasiriyah, after attack on Al-Haboubi Square
State Department spokesperson: Since September there have been more than 14 attacks by Iran and militias that support it on Americans in Iraq
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