Tension and shooting in Nasiriyah amid crackdown on protesters

11 May 2021
Continued closure of the "Al-Bhoh" and "Al-Nasr Bridge" intersections and the withdrawal of the government forces towards Al-Shamiya in the city of Nasiriyah in southern Iraq.
"Incoming" alarm went off again in Union III base. Reportedly 5 rockets hit near the US embassy Baghdad. Everyone asked to take shelter at the base
At least one rocket lands close to the US embassy in Baghdad
Serious injuries to peaceful protesters after they were shot with live bullets at Al Wathba Square1 year ago
Serious injuries to peaceful protesters after they were shot with live bullets at Al Wathba Square
A protester has succumbed from his injury in today's events in the city of Nasiriyah in southern Iraq
Live ammunition towards Nassriyah Protestors
Iraqi Human Rights Commission: 12 dead and 230 wounded among the demonstrators within two days
These 2 drones have seen in Balakaity northern Erbil took photos by local people
Spokeperson of Muqtada (Salih Mohammed Aliraqi) says in statement not to protest today and threatened who continue to target Alsader
Video from Baghdad's Al Khilani square shows clashes between protesters and Iraqi security forces
Muqtada Al-Sadr calls for "surprise" demonstrations against the U.S. presence in Iraq in Baghdad and the other provinces today
Thousands of students entered Tahrir Square in Baghdad
Reuters: Security forces clash with hundreds of protesters in central Baghdad
The number of injuries among demonstrators, shot and killed by government forces, increased to more than 50, in Al-Nassiriya city, southern Iraq
Tens of thousands of Dhi Qar residents march out to protest against government forces' repression.
Protesters cut the road to Najaf airport
The security forces withdrew to the Al Shamiya in Nasiriyah, in front of the protesters' advance after the confrontations
Students from Basra have defiantly come out in full force today in a bid to keep the momentum of the protests alive
Nasiriyah: reports about the assassination attempt on Alaa Rikabi in Nasiriyah, and the protesters are trying to get him out of there for his safety
Mass demonstrations of Basra students denouncing the security forces 'dismantling of the main sit-in in the city and the burning of protesters' tents
Students of Al-Israa and Al-Mansour colleges in Baghdad joined the protest today, numbers have swelled again and the departure of Sadrists does not see to have a real effect on the ground
Huge crowd of students are marching toward Tahrir Square in Baghdad to show their support to the protesters who have been protesting in Baghdad and other southern provinces since October 25.
30 demonstrators were injured in Al-Nasiriyah city due to the crackdown by the government forces
Tension and shooting in Nasiriyah amid crackdown on protesters
Tahrir square an hour and a half ago
Anti-government protest in AlKut city, 160 Km southeast of Baghdad, Wasit governorate.
Crowds Flocked to Demonstration squares in Baghdad
Medical sources: 3 protesters were killed during the protests in Iraq
Two dead and more than 23 wounded, demonstrators at Fahd Bridge - International Road in Nasiriyah
Tahrir Square in Baghdad is packed with protesters chanting "With our soul & blood we redeem Iraq". The protests in Iraq are under threats of being ceased by the security forces after Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr supporters left the protests.
Iraq. Baghdad's central Wathba square, 25 January. Iraqi security forces firing live rounds and tear gas at anti-government demonstrators.
Muqtada al-Sadr calls on his supporters not to participate in the demonstrations in Iraq for thirty days
20 wounded among the demonstrators in Baghdad
Iraqi security forces withdraw to Al Wathba Square
Clashes between demonstrators and security forces in central Baghdad, and gunfire audible
New security forces arrive near Fahd Bridge and tension returns again
Baghdad: Protesters block the road near the Al-Sank bridge
Riot police set fire to tents outside Rafidan Bank, it's about 100 meters from Tahrir Square. They have now pulled back.
Large US military convoy en route to Duhok in Kurdistan Region, probably heading to Northern Syria
Multiple demonstrators injured as government forces deploying tear gas at Tahrir square in Baghdad
Government forces shoot protesters in the city of Nasiriyah, southern Iraq
Coordinating Committee for Demonstrations: we remain in the squares until our demands are met
Concrete barriers removed near Baghdad's sit-in
Iraqi television: security forces ordered to reopen roads in the sit-in in Basra
Iraqi protesters cut the Al Hadara bridge in the city of Nasiriyah
Protesters are keeping Tahrir alive. #IraqProtests
In pictures, the demonstrators of Babel Governorate cross the international highway
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