Karbala: live bullets fired to disperse protesters

Map. History of Iraq conflict

10 April 2020
Live bullets are being used by the security forces in an attempt to end the Al-Doura protest in Baghdad2 month ago
Live bullets are being used by the security forces in an attempt to end the Al-Doura protest in Baghdad
Protesters cut off part of Baghdad Street in Basra
Cut the intersection of Al-Kuzayza in the middle of Basra
Abdul-Mahdi: Launching missiles at the US embassy is bad for Iraq
KRG: all coalition countries have resumed training program for Kurdish peshmerga forces
NATO's Assistant Secretary General for Operations Dr. Manza also recently led the @NATO delegation to Washington DC to discuss President Trump's proposal for more NATO involvement in the Middle East
2 month ago
BP withdraws from Kirkuk oilfield — Statement
Baghdad Operations Command found the rocket launchers which were used to target the US Embassy last night in the Za'afaraniya neighbourhood of Baghdad
Karbala: The funeral of the Ali Hussein in Al-Ahrar Square after he was shot in the body by the security forces
15 protesters were injured in clashes with security forces in Baghdad
Iraq's first deputy speaker Hasan Karim al- Kaabi (senior Sadr official) urges Iraqi President Barham Salih to not meet with U.S. President Donald Trump in Davos, asks him to respect Iraqi sovereignty. WEF2020
2 month ago
Clashes between the security forces and the protesters in "Muhammad al-Qasim" and al-Kilani
Cutting of roads and burning tires in Rumaitha in Al-Muthanna2 month ago
Cutting of roads and burning tires in Rumaitha in Al-Muthanna
Diyala: Protesters shut down Al-Mafraq bridge in the city of Baquba
A protester was killed at the Muhammad Qasim Bridge near the Al Tayaran Square in Baghdad, as a result of a smoke bomb hit
"Emergency response forces" fire live on the demonstrators in the sit-in square of Basra Governorate, southern Iraq.
Basra: Live bullets were fired on students who went on strike at Al-Andalus Street
2 month ago
Two people were injured when an explosive device exploded under the "Kia" car, in Al-Karamah district, Nineveh Governorate.
Karbala: live bullets fired to disperse protesters
Reuters, quoting a security official: The rockets that landed in the vicinity of the American embassy were fired from the area of Za`faraniya in Baghdad, and no injuries were caused by the explosion.
Iraqi police sources say three Katyusha rockets have fallen inside Baghdad's Green Zone causing no casualties
Military aircrafts start flying over the Green Zone in central Baghdad, after a number of rockets have landed
Kurdish media: In addition to its two existing bases: the US is planning to build three new military bases in Iraqi Kurdistan: one in Sulimania, one in Halabja (14km from Iran border) and 3rd in south Erbil; US is also planning to increase its military personnel from 450 to 2000
Two rockets landed near the Green Zone in Baghdad, and the sirens sounded at U.S. Embassy
Rocket attack alarms sounding off multiple times on the US Baghdad Embassy Complex and Union III. Speakers telling all to take shelter immediately.
Large numbers of protesters cross the vital intersection of Kazeza
Clashes resume on Mohammed al-Qasim Highway in Baghdad
Live ammunition used at Al-Tayaran Square and Al-Kilani Square at the demonstrators and there are wounded
More protestors take to the street in Karbala after hearing gunfire against the protestors.
Demonstrators block the main roads in Karbala Governorate, south of Baghdad
Iraqi security forces fire live bullets at demonstrators in Baghdad
Iraqi protesters in Diwaniyah banning the major main roads of city and chanting against Iran
Dhi Qar police chief: more than 3,000 protesters are on the highways between Nasiriyah and Basra and Baghdad governorates2 month ago
Dhi Qar police chief: more than 3,000 protesters are on the highways between Nasiriyah and Basra and Baghdad governorates
7 killed and wounded by security forces on Mohammed al-Qasim Bridge
Two security personnel from the "Basra emergency Brigades" were killed in an over-run accident, carried out by unknown persons, in the city of Basra in southern Iraq
Iraqi Security: 14 officers were injured during clashes with rioters in Tahrir Square in the capital, Baghdad
The Kut-Amara road cut by protesters2 month ago
The Kut-Amara road cut by protesters
UN envoy to Iraq: Violent repression of protesters is unacceptable
Demonstration in Hila, Babel
Protesters cut the bridges in Nasiriyah by burning tires
Demonstrators cut the Republican Bridge in Baquba, Diyala Governorate
Protesters block key and commercial roads in Karbala governorate, central Iraq
Iraq: Protesters cut the main roads in Najaf
The demonstrators started flocking to the Kut sit-in square
Security forces used live bullets against demonstrators in Baghdad's Al Tayaran Square
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