27 July 2021
1 year ago
Turkey see that Sulaymaniyah province is somehow under PKK guidance, we believe there are countries that use PKK as a tool to put pressure on Kurdistan Region - Çavuşoğlu tells CNNturk
Amid PMU rocket attacks, Chief of Staff of Iraq Armed Forces: our partnership with NATO shall continue
Turkish planes and artillery shelled about 20 sites in Zakho district, Dohuk Governorate
After civilian killed in airstrike, protesters in Sulaimani march against Turkish military operations
Turkish warplanes strike PKK targets in Barwari area, Duhok. in spite of Iraqi goverment warnings
1 year ago
New Turkish raids on areas in Dohuk Governorate, northern Iraq
Duhok's Mount Spi bombarded by Turkish warplanes
The United Nations Security Council is considered a proposal to reopen a border crossing from Iraq into Syria for six months to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid to help millions of Syrian civilians combat the coronavirus pandemic
1 year ago
Gen McKenzie says Iran wants to eject us from the Middle East theater but doesn't want a fight with the US because they know how that ends. Adds that Iran is deterred from major conflict with US
1 year ago
Gen Mckenzie of @CENTCOM says Iran has turned to attacking US bases in Iraq because they have failed on a political level in Iraq - #AspenSecurityForum
The numbers of infected and deaths are increasing too fast in Iraq. Today: 1.463 new cases, 83 deaths. Total infected: 25.717
The Erbil province coronavirus crisis cell announced Thursday that they have decided to close mosques, sports centers, gyms, swimming pools, resorts, daycares, and parks until July 1, "due to the wide spread of coronavirus" in the province
Saudi Arabia confirms its support for Iraq to maintain its sovereignty and security
1 year ago
Senior Turkish official told Reuters that Turkey plans to set up more temporary military bases in northern Iraq after stepping up its strikes against PKK. He claims that "the effort would ensure border security"
Prime Minister of Iraq Mustafa Al-Kadhimi: The rockets that targeted the Monument of the Unknown Soldier in Baghdad aim to undermine our stability and future - this is unacceptable. I will not tolerate rogue groups hijacking our homeland, to create chaos and fined excuses to maintain their narrow interests
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry summons the Turkish ambassador in Iraq again and handed over a strongly worded protest note
Iraqi government: Turkey was the cause of increased insecurity in the joint border region
Iraqi Foreign Ministry: We affirm the necessity of the Turkish side's commitment to stop bombing and withdraw its aggressor forces from our lands
Iranian backed militia Usbat Al-Thaireen released a fresh video about the latest rocket attacks on US embassy, Taji camp and Baghdad international airport. vows to increase their attacks
Yesterday night Turkish war planes conducted airstrikes on the region Sidekan in Bashur: The civilian Ebas Mexdit has been killed as result of the Turkish airstrikes on the region (@Rojnewsku)
Iraqi Security Forces found the launcher used in last times rocket attack which targeted the Green Zone, Baghdad, Iraq
Multiple rocket impacts in Green Zone in Baghdad, 4 confirmed so far. Sirens reportedly sounded at US Embassy
UAE: Bombing northern Iraq violates the sovereignty of an Arab country
The UAE Foreign Ministry stresses the need to respect the sovereignty of Iraq and good-neighborliness
Huge crowd of Iraqi protesters in Basra are demanding this evening for the release of all detainees who were detained while protesting against the Iraqi Gov't. A protester in this video claims that the detainees are sick & they should be released
UAE Foreign Ministry: Bombardment of northern Iraq constitutes a violation of the sovereignty of an Arab country
IRAA: PM @MAKadhimi met with Iranian Central Bank governor Abdelnaser Hemti today in Baghdad, accompanied by CBI head Ali Allaq
1 year ago
The UAE Foreign Ministry condemns the Turkish and Iranian interference in Iraq
@obretix: Geolocation of drone footage published by Turkish military  of Mili Mamand mountain about 6km from the Turkish border into northern Iraq1 year ago
@obretix: Geolocation of drone footage published by Turkish military of Mili Mamand mountain about 6km from the Turkish border into northern Iraq
Turkish Ministry of Defense published strikes in Haftanin district of Kurdistan region of Iraq, part of Tiger Claw operation
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