Iraq: One person was killed and 3 wounded in an attack on a fuel plant in Kirkuk

Map. History of Iraq conflict

25 September 2020
Iraq finds rocket launch pad it says targeted US embassy in Baghdad1 week ago
Iraq finds rocket launch pad it says targeted US embassy in Baghdad
1 week ago
US embassy in Baghdad were strikes by 4 rockets. All of rockets were responded by C-RAM system. Rockets were launched from Washash area eastern Baghdad. most of US diplomats were in Erbil not in Baghdad. No casualties due to attack
Another video of US air defences intercepting incoming rockets over Baghdad's Green Zone tonight- @TheOmarHabeeb
Video of US air defences CRAM firing into sky of Baghdad tonight intercepting incoming rockets heading for the Iraqi Green Zone
Video with sound of US air defence CRAM system reportedly firing into sky of Baghdad
The air defense system of the US Embassy dropped a number of missiles
1 week ago
Iraqi security media: Two IEDs exploded in Diwaniyah and Babil, targeting transport convoys of the International Coalition
1 week ago
IED attack on the US military convoy in Babylon
Al-Kazemi's spokesman: Finding some clues to identify people involved in the assassination of Al-Hashemi
Iraqi Foreign Minister: Our country needs joint cooperation with Europe to get rid of the remnants of ISIS
Press conference of the foreign ministers of Germany and Iraq
Iraqi Foreign Minister: ISIS is still a threat in Iraq and Syria
Iraq: One person was killed and 3 wounded in an attack on a fuel plant in Kirkuk
Inherent Resolve: At the request of the Joint Operations Command - Iraq, Coalition aircraft in coordination with the 1st Tactical Unit from ICTS, conducted an airborne mission in Rutba, Anbar province. An ISIS financer was killed and another terrorist was captured
Iraqi TV: Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is making changes to several government positions, including the governor of the Central Bank
The Iraqi President: The upcoming elections are fateful, and we want them to be fair and transparent
1 week ago
Iraqi Health Ministry records 3,531 new cases of Corona virus
Al-Sistani supports the holding of early legislative elections in Iraq
The caravans of the cemetery of Coronavirus victims were burned by the families of the victims due to the loss of their relatives buried in Najaf
Maduro: "We captured an American spy yesterday in Falcón, spying on the Amuay and Cardón refineries. This spy is a Marine who was in the CIA corps in Iraq. It was captured with heavy weapons and a large amount of dollars"
Iraqi Security Media Cell: a joint force of commandos from Samarra Operations Command & Saraya Salam militia kills 4 ISIS leaders in Samarra district. 2 were wearing suicide belts
1 week ago
4 ISIS leaders were killed in a security operation in Samarra, Iraq
Pres Trump clasps the Medal of Honor around the neck of Sergeant Major Thomas "Pat" Payne, for his valor and intrepidity which serving in combat in Iraq in 2015. Payne currently serves as an instructor at the US Army Special Operations Command
Trump: We will soon reduce the number of our troops in Iraq to 2,000
Pres announces further drawdowns of US Forces planned for Afghanistan and Iraq. Says US troops will be down to 4000 in Afghanistan "in a short period of time," and to 2000 in Iraq, as well
PM @masrour_barzani Reiterates Call for "Constitutional Solution" to Disputes with Baghdad
The security forces burn a number of protesters' bicycles in Babil Governorate. Iraq
2 week ago
Iraqi PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi on Thursday made a visit to an international border crossing within the territory of the Kurdistan Region as Erbil and Baghdad hammer out a new working relationship, including sharing control over the borders and their revenues
2 week ago
Iraqi state media confirms that Iraqi PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi arrives to Ibrahim Khalil crossing border on Kurdistan region-Turkey border
From Iraq, Al-Kazemi orders the opening of an air and sea bridge to relief Sudan
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