Video of march towards U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

Map. History of Iraq conflict

13 May 2021
Iran rejects accusation of link to violent protests at US embassy in Iraq, as US deploys more forces to the area
U.S. helicopters fly over the skies of Baghdad to protect the embassy in the Green Zone
More than 100 U.S. Marines have arrived at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad to bolster security after Iranian-backed militiamen attempted to breach the compound (video: USMC)
After burning of the United States embassy gates, Iraqi CT units deployed in full force around the embassy perimeter. Baghdad
The US embassy in Baghdad wasn't stormed and there are no plans to evacuate it - Department of State
Pentagon deploying extra troops to Baghdad for embassy security
Iraq is committed to keeping the sanctity of the US embassy in line with the Vienna relationship accord - MFA
1 year ago
[email protected]: To those many millions of people in Iraq who want freedom and who don't want to be dominated and controlled by Iran, this is your time
Baghdad US embassy has been locked down but not evacuated. And the ambassador is out of the country on vacation, a spokesperson tells CNN
Tahrir Square protesters from the Turkish restaurant announce they are not connected to the ongoing events near the US Embassy.
1 year ago
[email protected]: Iran killed an American contractor, wounding many. We strongly responded, and always will. Iran is orchestrating an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Iraq. They will be held fully responsible. In addition, we expect Iraq to use its forces to protect the Embassy, and so notified
Iraqi Prime Minister: Any aggression or harassment of embassies and representations is an act that will be strictly prevented by the security forces and punished by law.
Iraqi Prime Minister Abdulmahdi asks the KataibHezbollah supporters to leave the US embassy premiters in Baghdad
Iraqi Minister Of Interior Affairs and a number of MPs have arrived to the vicinity of the American embassy in Baghdad
Hezbollah protesters filming U.S. Embassy protection forces through glass window
Footage of United States protection force at the Embassy compound in Baghdad, Iraq
Iraqi security forces fire tear gas to disperse protesters from the US embassy
Special forces arrive in the green zone
Iraqi security forces heading to the US Embassy in Baghdad
Demonstration outside the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad
Guard post has been set on fire in front of United States Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq
Security box near wall of U.S. Embassy complex in Baghdad set on fire by pro-Hezbollah protesters
Iraqi Hezbollah: not intention to attack Embassy, but the sit-in continue until the embassy is closed and the U.S. ambassador is expelled
Pro-Hezbollah protesters smashing windows in security box near walls of U.S. Embassy complex in Green Zone Baghdad
Outside walls of United States Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq
Video of march towards U.S. Embassy in Baghdad
Dhuhr (Noon) prayer outside the US Embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone.
Qais Al Khazali, Hadi Al Amri and members of Kataib Hizbulla and other PMF and Militia units are marching in front of the U.S Embassy in Baghdad with a plan of a sit in to request the closure of the Embassy
The protesters write on the wall of U.S. embassy "closed in the name of the people"
"No to America, No to Saudis" A group of protesters mainly Hashd AlShaabi (PMF) members carrying Kataeb Hezbollah's & Iraqi flags have managed (or were allowed in) to pass the checkpoints and reach the US embassy in Green zone Baghdad
A mass march of the teachers union in Babil Governorate
Protesters put the banner on the gate of the Najaf municipality
Preparing the tents for the sit-in outside the US Embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone. Iraq
Mourners of Shiite fighters killed in the US airstrikes are protesting outside the US Embassy inside Baghdad's Green Zone. Some are erecting tents for sit-in Iraq
Now, Hezbollah loyalists in front of the American embassy in Baghdad
Supporters of the Iraqi Hezbollah begin erecting sit-in tents in front of the gate of the U.S. embassy in Baghdad
Hundreds, perhaps thousands of PMF have crossed the hanging bridge towards the fortified Green Zone, chanting anti-American slogans
Massive funerals begin in Baghdad for Iraqi Hezbollah members killed in US airstrikes two days ago
Security forces beat protesting engineers in front of the Shuaiba refinery in the Zubair district of Basra Governorate
Al Hadath sources: The U.S. ambassador and the remaining embassy staff left Baghdad through the international airport
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry refuses to comment on the reports about the departure of the American ambassador
US Department of State: [email protected] spoke with Saudi Crown Prince MbS concerning the attacks on Coalition Forces. They agreed that the Iranian government and its proxies are a destabilizing force and that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia will continue working together to address this threat
1 year ago
An army soldier was killed in an attack by unknown assailants on a security point on the outskirts of Mandali district, east of Diyala Governorate.
In Iraq, unknown armed group kills activist in Nasiriya
U.S. planes are back to the skies over the Qaim area and the Iraqi-Syrian borders
A policeman was killed by an armed attack by unknown persons, in the center of Khalis, north of Diyala Governorate.
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry summons the US ambassador over latest US bombardment on PMF's Kataib Hezbollah in Qaim, Anbar
US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook: US strikes target weapons depots and sites used to launch attacks against Americans and Iraqis
US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook: Our forces in Iraq have been attacked by 11 Iranian agents
US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook: Trump has made clear repeatedly that we will defend ourselves if we are attacked
Prominent Shia cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr asks all the political parties to unite to expel the US forces through legal procedures. if failed "then I'm ready for other options"
Muqtada al-Sadr: We previously warned against the consequences of plunging Iraq into regional conflicts
1 year ago
Russia slams 'unacceptable' US air strikes, Hezbollah rocket attacks in Iraq and Syria
[email protected] today: "this was a defensive action designed to protect American forces and American citizens in Iraq, and it was aimed also at deterring Iran. This was an Iranian-backed rogue militia acting to deny the Iraqi people their basic sovereignty."
Iraqi Acting Prime Minister: We have repeatedly emphasized our refusal that Iraq be a battleground or a party to any regional or international conflict
Iraq National Security Council calls for a review of the relationship and security work contexts with the international coalition
Iraqi acting PM Abdul-Mahdi: US air strikes on PMU sites will have serious consequences
Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi: US air strikes on the "Iraqi armed forces" violate Iraqi sovereignty
Iraqi Security Council: US raids violate the rules of operation of the coalition forces
Iraqi Acting PM Abdul-Mahdi: the Iraqi government's position on the American bombing will be announced after the National Security Council meeting
KRG Ministry of Health says three have died of flu in Region so far this season. Advises people to get vaccinated at health centers
Israel's PM Netanyahu spoke on the phone with @SecPompeo and congratulated him on recent US airstrikes
Iraqi president @BarhamSalih receives Iranian ambassador to Iraq to discuss about forming new government and last US attack against pro Iran forces near Anbar
Iranian Revolutionary Guards: The American attack on the PMU is terrorist attack and revenge is a natural right for the Iraqi forces
Iraqi Shia authority stresses the need to respect Iraqi sovereignty
Two outlawed PKK members who captured by Turkish Intel and Turkish security forces in Qandil, Iraq brought to Van, Turkey1 year ago
Two outlawed PKK members who captured by Turkish Intel and Turkish security forces in Qandil, Iraq brought to Van, Turkey
Some of the damage in Al-Qa'im airstrikes by US on Kata'ib Hezbollah bases1 year ago
Some of the damage in Al-Qa'im airstrikes by US on Kata'ib Hezbollah bases
Demonstrators in Najaf governorate raise banners to dismiss a number of directors of government departments
5 students were killed after an explosive device detonated as they were leaving their school in Naeemi area of Fallujah
@obretix: Geolocation of the third Kataib Hezbollah site targeted by US airstrike on the border to Syria, about 20km southeast of al-Qaim, Iraq1 year ago
@obretix: Geolocation of the third Kataib Hezbollah site targeted by US airstrike on the border to Syria, about 20km southeast of al-Qaim, Iraq
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