Some of Iraq's last remaining internet connections are being cut 27 hours after nationwide information blackout; real-time network data show new drops in connectivity with leading provider Earthlink from 19:30 UTC; incident ongoing

Map. History of Iraq conflict

21 October 2019
Internet available in Basrah and Emara provinces
Police in Basra are saying 'criminal motives' were behind what looks more like a targeted assassination of activist Hussein Adel and his wife. Similar assassinations and threats followed last summer's protests in Basra
Iraqi forces are firing directly at protesters in Baghdad, as per AFP, and no longer shooting in the air.
Iraq forces fire on dozens of protesters in Baghdad: AFP
After a year in office, PM Abdel Mahdi blames the Iraqi Parliament (political parties) for not allowing him to appoint competent ministers capable of delivering essential services (electricity, water, etc) and creating jobs. Iraq
Iraq PM Abdul Mahdi, in his speech, did not announced his resignation as it was expected. Instead he listed sth that will not satisfy anybody. - Give salaries to families without enough income - Release arrested protestors - Completion of the cabinet lineup away from quotas
Protesters are pushing toward the green zone again, while massive gun shots are used by security forces to stop the wave of protesters from entering the green zone area.
Iraqi security forces fire live ammunition against protesters in Nasriya
The moment when a young protester body reportedly killed by security forces in Kut, Wasit is being evacuated
Massive protests restarted tonight after the internet is back in service, also protesters are restored their path to the Green Zone area in Baghdad.
Heavily censored Internet returns to parts of Iraq 28 hours after blackout amid widespread unrest; real-time data show national connectivity up to 60% but some providers have extended social media restrictions
ISIS: This evening Baghdad-Samarra road was cut
Iraqi Security Media Cell: terrorist group that cut off the Baghdad-Samarra road was eliminated
Demonstrators in Baghdad showing what security forces using against them
Video from Al Khilani Square in Baghdad
Demonstration in Wasit
Internet access has just returned in Najaf but electricity still cut off in some areas of the city. Residents could hear non-stop gunfire through the night yesterday and it started again this afternoon: "It's as if we're in the middle of a war"
Bayaa area in the city of Baghdad today
The Internet has returned to some areas of Iraq, but not in full force. This happened in conjunction with the prime minister's speech
Some of Iraq's last remaining internet connections are being cut 27 hours after nationwide information blackout; real-time network data show new drops in connectivity with leading provider Earthlink from 19:30 UTC; incident ongoing
Southwest Baghdad, protesters burned a Humvee
The KRG Ministry of Transport and Communications rejects Iraqi Federal government request to shut down the internet services in the Kurdistan Region
Amid the ongoing violence & protests in Iraq, @EsperDoD & Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Milley met with Iraqi National Security Advisor Falih Al-Fayyad at the Pentagon Thurs. "to reaffirm the strategic defense relationship between the United States & Iraq" per DoD
Clashes between the demonstrators and the security forces in the city of Baquba in Diyala province; security forces are using batons
Clashes between demonstrators and security in al-Khalani square in Baghdad
Protesters burn security checkpoints in Baghdad's Amel neighborhood
Iraq - Clashes between demonstrators and security forces in Al-Amel neighborhood, southwest of Baghdad
Najaf demonstrators control several security centers. And the armed confrontations continue in Kufa
Special forces of CTU arrived to Diwaniyah southern Iraq after protesters advanced towards some governmental buildings
Iraqi crisis cell announces the death toll of demonstrations at 31 people
Dozens of protesters in Kirkuk took to the streets on Thursday to show support to the ongoing protests in Baghdad and other provinces
Clashes between demonstrators and security again erupted near Baghdad airport
Iraqi forces firing live bullets to disperse protesters in Tayaran square, central Baghdad
Rioters attack Iraqi security with Petrol Bomb from close range.
Bahrain calls on its citizens not to travel to Iraq at the present time because of security conditions
Clashes between demonstrators and security in Muthanna airport street
Clashes between demonstrators and security forces near Aden Square in Baghdad, security forces vehicles were set on fire
Iraqi demonstrators accuse pro-Iranian parties of firing shots at them and suppressing demonstrations
2 week ago
Protesters burn government headquarters in Taji, north of Baghdad
Iraq - Protestor killed in Baghdad's Khalani Square
Health Bureau in Dhi Qar: 6 demonstrators killed in the province today
15 people were injured as a result of live bullets fired at demonstrators by protecting the building of Dhi Qar governorate in southern Iraq
One demonstrator killed near Tahrir Square in Baghdad
Police use live bullets against demonstrators and injure 20 civilians in Najaf, Iraq
Security forces fire live bullets and tear gas to disperse demonstrators in Qadisiyah province.
Rioting continues in Al Tayaran square area in Baghdad
A curfew was imposed in Babil province, south of Baghdad, from 5 pm until further notice
Iranian Foreign Ministry commenting on the demonstrations in Iraq: Baghdad government will not allow movements that may be exploited by foreigners
Security forces in the southern Iraqi city of Diwaniyah disperse demonstrators with gunfire and arrest a number of them
Security forces fire live bullets to disperse demonstrators in Al-Saadoun area of Baghdad.
The protesters chasing the security forces in Baghdad
Curfew declared in Najaf, southern Iraq
Death toll of demonstrations in Iraq rises to 21. Violent clashes with security forces in multiple cities, including Baghdad
Iraqi activist: 10 demonstrators wounded in Nasiriyah by the PMU militia
Security forces close all entrances to Tahrir Square in Baghdad and disperse the crowds with live bullets.
KRG President Nechirvan Barzani has said the region is committed to "protect and promote peace in our region and elsewhere."
Security officials: an Iraqi activist and his wife were shot dead by unknown gunmen in Basra
An Iraqi citizen collected a large amount of casings after gunfire and says that they were fired by the police at the demonstrators Photo:AFP
Iraqi Joint Operations Command: The security situation is under full control, although there are some gatherings of demonstrators
Two people were killed and 70 wounded in violence that accompanied protests on Wednesday evening and early Thursday in Kut
Iranian media: Iranian border guards close two border crossings with Iraq due to unrest in Baghdad and other cities
Protests renewed in the Iraqi province of Dhi Qar
2 week ago
There are injured as security forces opened fire on rioters attempting to storm the municipal council of Al Refai in Southern Iraq
Renewed shooting in Baghdad on the third day of protests despite the curfew in the Iraqi capital
UN Mission in Iraq: Demonstrators' demands for reform, fighting corruption and creating legitimate jobs
Iraqi security forces cut off key roads between Baghdad neighborhoods to prevent protests
2 week ago
11 protesters killed in last night demonstrations in multiple cities southern the country - Iraqi human rights commission
Some areas in Baghdad refuse to adhere to the curfew imposed by the Iraqi government
A complete blackout of the Internet in Baghdad and a partial interruption of communications
US military in Baghdad issues unusually blunt warning amid sustained protests in Iraq. "Coalition troops always reserve the right to defend ourselves."
Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi announced a total curfew in Baghdad from 5 am on Thursday until further notice
Iraqi premier Adil Abdul-Mahdi orders to impose curfew in Baghdad starting from 5:00 AM (local time) until further notice
Death toll in southern Dhi Qar protests rises to 6 (Anatolia medical source)
Protest in Babylon now
Protests in Baghdad's Tahrir Square tonight. Video NRT Arabic
The deputy commander of Baghdad operations was injured while dispersing demonstrators near Tahrir Square.
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