12 June 2021
Reportedly Hacked accounts of The head of the ICTS, Lieutenant General Talib Shaghati AA-Kanani, "announced the start of the military insurrection and the start of the military coup against the illegitimate government in response to the demands of the Iraqi people"
Burning tires near the municipality building of Al-Akika district in Dhi Qar
Iraqi officials: 13 demonstrators killed in the past 24 hours in the south
1 year ago
Number of victims of the attack village of Islah, northeast of Diyala rises to 12 dead and wounded.
IS attack in Jalawla town near Diyala leaves 4 killed and 3 injured from Iraqi forces
Four Iraqi army personnel killed by ISIS attack northern Diyala, Iraq
The sit-ins continue in Samawah, Rumaitha and Al Khadar
Today security forces used excessive live ammunition against the protesters in Basra province in southern Iraq, as the protesters blocked the main road to Umm Qasr port
Tonight angry protesters burned down the new Governorate building in Nasiryah city in Dhi Qar province. This actions comes after security forces killed at least 5 protesters today morning in the city.
Iraqi authorities close 12 TV & radio stations for 3 months due to their coverage of protests. Another 5 given warnings. (This is many of the main TV stations, but not the Iraqiya channel)
The number of demonstrators killed as a result of the repression by government forces rises to 7 dead and dozens of wounded, in the provinces of Basra and Dhi Qar in southern Iraq; during the past hours
Police in Dhi Qar province in southern Iraq calls on people through loudspeakers to calm down in order to preserve civil peace
The return of tension to the Rashid street in Baghdad
A demonstration in Al-'Akayka area and main bridge closed with burning tires
Iraqi police raise the alarm to the maximum level in the province of Basra
Schoolgirls show solidarity with peaceful demonstrations in Shula, northwest of Baghdad
Civil disobedience by school students in Ameriya area west of Baghdad
The death toll in Basra province rose to 3, in addition to 75 wounded
Video when security force fired live ammunition to disperse demonstrators near Umm Qasr port
Another protester was killed after being targeted by government forces in al-Daraya area in Southern Dhi Qar Province.
A spokesman for the Iraqi forces threatens to confront and arrest those involved in acts of sabotage
Iraqi Forces Spokesman: Gangs use demonstrations to attack oil installations and ports
Erbil and Baghdad have reached an agreement over budget and oil exports. Another KRG delegation to visit Baghdad tomorrow to sign the agreement with the Iraqi government - KRG representation in Baghdad
Baghdad this morning: live bullets on protesters in al-Rasheed Street near Ahrar Bridge
Mansour al-Mareed rejects the decision of Nineveh Provincial Council for electing a new governor, says "I am the legitimate governor and I will not leave office unless there's a presidential decree saying so."
Continued clashes towards Shamiya in Nasiriyah and shooting
US vise president Mike Pence in his visit to Iraq accused Iran of interfering in Iraqi affairs He expressed concern about what he called "Iran's influence in Iraq"
One demonstrator killed, other injured in the city of Basra
1 year ago
Iraqi demonstrators besieging the oil company of Dhi Qar and Ktaia oil field
A vehicle belonging to the security forces burnt near al-Askari intersection in central Basra
2 killed, 90 wounded in demonstrations in Umm Qasr, Basra
A demonstrator killed by government forces in Umm Qasr port in Basra, southern Iraq
Demonstrators burn the Shiite Waqf building in Dhi Qar province in southern Iraq
Riot police fire live bullets and tear gas at unarmed demonstrators in Al-Rashid Street in central Baghdad.
Baghdad just now. Riot police withdraw after hours of clashes near Al-Ahrar Bridge.
Clashes are currently taking place in Al-Ahrar Bridge in Baghdad
What happened in Mosul earlier tonight is that Nineveh SWAT went to the Provincial Building to close it by force and seize its assets in order to follow-up on the decision from the House to dissolve the Provincial Councils
Two killed in Nasiriyah. Live ammunition and tear gas was fired at unarmed protesters
Video: Demonstrators pushing back riot police in Nasiriyah
Live ammunition shot to disperse demonstrators in Nasiriyah
Tonight security forces are using live ammunition to push back the protesters from Khilani Square to Tahrir Square in Baghdad. This video by a protester shows live ammunition being shot toward the air to disperse the protesters in the neighborhood.
Fierce clashes and live fire at peaceful demonstrators in Al-Wathba
Demonstrator killed by live ammunition near al-Zaytoun bridge in central Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar province
Clashes between security forces and demonstrators in Karbala
One dead and ten wounded in clashes between security and demonstrators in Nasiriyah, Iraq
Violent confrontations between riot police and demonstrators near Al-Ahrar bridge in central Baghdad
[email protected] in Erbil: "I don't think that there was any confusion among the leadership here in the Kurdish region that President Trump's commitment to our allies here in Iraq as well as to those in the Syrian Defense Forces, the Kurdish forces who fought alongside us, is unchanging"
Iraq - Medical sources: protester killed, 12 wounded in Baghdad protests
US Vice President Mike Pence visit US forces at the base of Ein al-Assad in Iraq
US @VP Mike Pence in Iraq to visit troops
Maysan protests
Renewed clashes between demonstrators and Iraqi security forces in Al-Rasheed Street near Al-Ahrar Bridge in Baghdad
Anti-Riots Forces regain the control over Ahrar Bridge and burned 3 Tuktuk vehicles, in Baghdad.
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