Shaswar Abdulwahid's New Generation claims to be runner-up in Kirkuk province elections following the manual vote recount in the province.

Map. History of Iraq conflict

23 September 2018
Shaswar Abdulwahid's New Generation claims to be runner-up in Kirkuk province elections following the manual vote recount in the province.
20 Islamic State militants killed in airstrike by Coalition warplanes in Nineveh
Senior Da'ish security official "Abu Aisha" and dozens of Arab and foreign militants have been killed and wounded in Sousa, eastern Syria, after Iraq's armed forces launched cross-border artillery strikes, targeting 3 buildings hosting high-level meetings.
Kirkuk court sentences man to five years in prison for belonging to ISIS
Islamic State militants killed three government-backed militia fighters on Monday near Iraq's biggest oil refinery in the northern city of Baiji, police and militia sources said
Acting Governor of Kirkuk, Rakan al-Jubouri, says Iraqi Ministry of Transportation will open the Kirkuk International Airport to domestic and international flights starting next week. Iraq
Decreasing water levels of Mosul dam has caused the ruins of Kurdish old town [of Zumar], in the disputed areas, to remerge, revealing the remains of the old town as it stood when it was abandoned in 1985.
2 month ago
Kurdistan's Prime Minister @PMBarzani arrives in Turkey for day of events as the country's new government is sworn in.
Iraq's PM @HaiderAlAbadi arrives in Diyala province to meet with security forces.
Why water is a growing faultline between Turkey and Iraq.
One protester killed by police in Basrah, protesters threaten escalation in protests over lack of electricity.
All of exploded arms depots do not belong to Peshmerga Ministry: Jabar Yawar
Gorran hits back at Turkish FM's PKK claims: "Gorran will not hide that it will support Kurds outside the Kurdistan Region"
The delegation of the Fatih (Conquest) coalition meets with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Erbil to discuss Iraqi government formation.
Two Filipinas kidnapped in Iraq on Baghdad-Kirkuk road - Army commander, security sources
Outrage broke in the city of Tikrit after more than 15 days without Electricity . The local government said it has no solutions to the issue and accusing Baghdad for "not caring about the problem" This puts citizen in a state of an outrage on social media
Turkish warplanes target PKK position in Mangeshke area near Duhok city center.
Peshmerga on high alert at Qara Hanjir area in Kirkuk amid talk of possible PMU assault on the area
ISIS very active in Iraq in the last days, claims series of attacks from Mosul to Fallujah, Kirkuk and Diyala
The first joint operation between Iraqi troops and Kurdish Peshmerga since the Kurdistan independence vote is to take place against the last remnants of ISIS in Iraq. The operation is called "Vengeance for the Martyrs".
A Peshmerga force has apparently blocked an Iraq Army convoy that was transiting to Qara Hanjir north of Kirkuk city.
Turkish army shells Bradost in Kurdistan Region
Turkish artillery shelling PKK positions in Del mount, Khuakurk "Hakurk" mount northern Erbil.
Government forces arrested members of Al Sahawat clan in Anbar
Following the kidnapping of some of our citizens, the Joint Operations Command launched a major security operation against Daesh cells in Kirkuk and Diyala.
A bomb attack targeting the home of a local judge in the city of Khanaqin in Diyala is the latest incident in a spike in violence in the disputed territory.
Kurdistan region of Iraq: Arms depot in Duhok catches fire.
Protestors demonstrate against unemployment in Basra
Barzani met in Erbil Raid Fahmi, the leader of Iraqi Communist Party .
The son of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed by Russian jets in Syria's Homs — Iraqi intelligence
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