One person injured in Iran's attack on @PDKIenglish today is a Swedish citizen

Map. History of Iraq conflict

18 September 2018
Abu Mahdi al-Mohandis: The US embassy is controlling the situation in #Basra.
Sources in the Kurdish region of western Iran say IRGC has deployed large number of troops in cities such as Kamyaran, Mariwan, Piranshahr and other cities
Iraqi authorities lifted curfew in Basra after a night without security incidents
Abu Mahdi al-Mohandis of Al-Hashd Al-Sha'abi: What happened in #Basra is similar to what happened in #Egypt during the period that lef to Moubarak's fall.
"Engineer" of Al-Hashd Al-Sha'abi: We call on the Government to determine its position on the presence of the coalition forces at the present time
"Engineer" of Al-Hashd Al-Sha'abi: We insisted that the coalition forces should not be included in the war against ISIS and our forces were able to liberate Mosul
Commander of Popular Mobilisation Committee: We will provide all evidence of the destructive role of the US consulate in Basra
Iraqi troops deploy to southern city of Basra after deadly unrest
Coalition forces conduct airstrikes against ISIS on Mount Hanjira
From Brigade 56 Intelligence Officer: An element of 2 ISIS is using motorbikes to transport a 82mm mortar to carry out sporadic attacks around Hawija and Riyadh.
Video footage of Iranian military base from where ballistic missiles were fired at PDKI's headquarters and refugee camps.
Iraq's top two parliament groups demand PM Abadi resign over Basra crisis
One person injured in Iran's attack on @PDKIenglish today is a Swedish citizen
1 week ago
Turkish military conducts airstrikes in Hakurk region targeting outlawed PKK camps in northern Iraq
Iraqi Parliament convenes. Heated exchange between PM and Governor of Basra Province.
The moment when artillery bombarded Kurdish-Iranian opposition groups in Koya, Kurdistan Region.
11 people lost their lives and 37 other wounded Koye Hospital officials confirmed
Most likely the reports about launch of SAM in NW. of Iran are not true. In-fact Iran has launched precision guided artillery rockets at PDKI group base in Koya deep inside N. Iraq in response to Yersterday attack of PDKI at Iran ian border guards.
According to reports from the Iraqi Kurdistan, today the Revolutionary Guards launched rocket attacks targeting the headquarters of Kurdistan Democratic Party in Konya in Erbil province. Several dead and wounded reported.
Rudaw says bombardments continues in Koya
Military reinforcements arrive in the city of Basra to restore calm
Mustafa Mawludi the Gen . sec of Iranian KDP have been Injured by Iranian attack against the headquarter of Iranian KDP in the western Kurdistan camp in Koye city near Erbil .
Artillery thought to be from IRGC has hit several targets in Koya, Kurdistan region of Iraq. Multiple civilian injuries, as rockets deviated from intended target of @PDKIenglish compound in city
Iraqi security source says PMF (Hashd) Asa'ib Ahl al-Haqq militia shot 4 rockets at Basra Airport in response to yesterday's burning of Iranian Consulate in Basra City.
The Iraqi Council of Ministers is currently holding a special session in order to discuss the situation in the Governorate of Basra.
Iran government is shelling headquarters of Kurdish-Iranian party, in Koya Iraqi Kurdistan.
Iraqi PM @HaiderAlAbadi dismissals the Chief of Basra police because of firing the Iranian consulate during the last night protests .
Iranian KDP Peshmeraga fighters have been Killed after Iranian attack on the Headquarter of Democrat Citadel near Koya in Kurdistan Region of Iraq
3 mortars land near the US Consulate in Basra. Iraq
Surveillance Drones flying over Koya.
Iran bombing western Kurdish camps' refugees in Koye district, numbers of casualties not reported yet.
Iran used artillery have participated in Iranian against KDP (Iran) head quarter in Koya town of Kurdistan Region
Security sources: 4 rockets fired into Basra airport in southern Iraq
1 week ago
Turkey's Foreign Ministry asking turkish citizens to leave Basra southern of Iraq after mass protests targeted the Iranian Consulate and many other offices.
Umm Qasr port is open again, after Protesters withdrawal this morning. Basra
3 fighters from Brigade 88 were killed after their vehicle struck an IED in Albu Hiaza village east of Tikrit today.
Telegram channel of Quds Force claims quoting organizers of protests that the Baathist and sleeper cells of Daesh (Islamic State) set fire to the Iranian co dilate in Basra
An explosion targeting Iraqi protesters near Basra's Educational Hospital, while the clashes continue between the demonstrators and Asa'ib Ahl Al Haq militants .
Iraq protesters enter oilfield facility, hold two staff hostage: Lukoil, police
The Iraqi government declares a state of emergency in Baghdad and Basra
Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned Iraqi Ambassador to Tehran over the attack on Iranian consulate in Basra of Iraq, said Iran MFA spox Qasemi.
Protesters storm the West Qurna 2 oilfield in Basra. They are holding workers hostage
Security forces are pushing Special Forces for reinforcements to Basra
Iraqi army trying to breakup the ongoing clashes between Basra protestors and Khazali's AAH militia.
Clashes between the Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia and the Iraqi army, which intervened to resolve the clashes with the demonstrators in Basra
Protestors set fire on the home of Communication Minister the leader of Badr organization in Basra.
#Basra Coordination Committee says it will halt protests in the province on Saturday "to study mistakes that led to burning buildings that has nothing to do with protesters grievances" - Statement
Iran has called upon its citizens to leave southern Iraqi region of Basra immediately.
Security and medical sources confirm the killing of a protestor and wounding 11 during the Basra demonstrations
Asaib Ahl al-Haq militias open fire at the protesters in Basra.
The Iranian consulate in Basra today.
Iran closes the Shalamjah border crossing with Iraq and calls on its citizens to leave, says Iraqi sources
Black smoke covers the Iranian Consulate in Basra.
Demonstrators burn the building of the Iranian consulate in the city of Basra after storming
Thousands of demonstrators head to the Iranian consulate building in Basra and Iraqi security forces are trying to control the situation in the vicinity of the consulate.
The Iranian consulate in Basra south Iraq is one fire as thousands of protesters try storm it.
Protestors have broken the security ring and round the Iranian consulate in Basra and a few protestors have climbed the outer wall of the consulate.
Basra: A large number of demonstrators marched towards the Iranian consulate in al-Sarraji of Abu al-Khasayb district
Thousands of protesters gather outside Basra provincial council. Flames continue to eat up of whats left of the council and govt building.
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