A C-130J transport has been allocated directly by PM Al Abadi to fly to Beirut to pick up Sheikh Al Khaqani's body and return him to Najaf in the afternoon (local time).

Map. History of Iraq conflict

18 September 2018
Sadr, Allawi reject Maliki call for majority government #IraqiElections2018
The Kurdistan Islamic Union holds a rally in Halabja city — various Kurdish parties are staging campaign carnivals, rallies, and events ahead of Iraq's parliamentary elections. #IraqElection
Garmyan court sentences ISIS member to over five years in jail
Iran to start oil swap next week with Iraq's Kirkuk
Iraqi local police arrest 3 ISIS in Simah neighborhood of East Mosul.
A C-130J transport has been allocated directly by PM Al Abadi to fly to Beirut to pick up Sheikh Al Khaqani's body and return him to Najaf in the afternoon (local time).
Islamic State- Night time raid conducted on Iraqi police barracks kills or injures 7 officers in Jalawla Diyala, Iraq
IS just claimed assassination of Dr. farouq Aljuburi in Al Qayara-Nineveh
Gunmen assassinated Iraqi Parliament candidate Dr. farouq Aljuburi in Al Qayara-Nineveh province earlier this morning, he was widely accepted among the youth
Iraqi soccer fans welcomed the PMs representative with the chant " all of you are thieves " during the grand opening of the Najaf soccer stadium.
PM Al-Abadi orders the Air Force to strike Daesh leadership near Al-Dashisha in Syrian territory
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) prevents ISIS infiltration attempt into Iraq from Syria near Tall Safuk border crossing. ISIS was attempting to exploit poor weather conditions and rains. PMU fires artillery into ISIS assembly area on Iraq-Syria border.
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) and ISIS clash for half hour in 2 villages in northeast Tuz district in Saladin province. Clash followed by PMU artillery bombardment of ISIS positions. No losses to PMU.
Iraqi Foreign Minister calls on Turkey to withdraw its forces from northern Iraq.
US Pentagon: there are about 5000 US troops in Iraq. We have been reducing our numbers in Iraq since December's victory over ISIS announcement.
Iraq to sign deal with bp to develop Kirkuk field: oil ministry
S. Damascus: fierce clashes and bombardment ongoing on 16th day of Offensive. Some positions captured in Hajr Aswad and Iraq|i fighter killed by ISIS.
Iraq's top Shiite authority urges voters not to re-elect 'corrupt' MPs
Sistani: The only way to govern Iraq is through democracy.
Iraqi PM says there is financial corruption in Iraqi PMU (Hashd). Says recently assassinated PMU financial official informed him of this and said investigation needed. PM promises that PMU will pay a price.
Peshmerga commander says International Coalition in Iraq is still urging Baghdad to allow Peshmerga to return to disputed areas in light of deteriorating security. Nothing likely to happen until after elections.
The USS Harry S Truman aircraft carrier and its accompanying strike group join the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria as the US backed Syrian Democratic Forces announce a new push against the remnants of ISIS
TSK says a Pkk drone was downed by anti-drone system in Northern Iraq's Zap area.
Iraqi local police arrest 20 in 2nd Shuhada neighborhood in East Mosul as suspected ISIS members.
Iraq: Islamic State Claims Killing 3 Policemen and Wounding 4 In NW Of Diyala.
ISIS attacks Iraqi security checkpoint in Jalula area of Diyala province. Attack was preceded by mortar bombardment. 2 police killed and 2 injured. Situation under control as security forces search for 3 ISIS.
ISIS attacking Jalawla and it's been going for at least 45 minutes now.
ISIS militants attacking Iraqi forces bases around Jalawla, Diyala province. Many casualties reported.
While giving confession in Iraqi court, ISIS official close to ISIS leader Baghdadi says his last meeting with Baghdadi was in July of last year.
Islamic state claims responsibility for gun attack north of Baghdad
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