Iraqi protesters burning the municipality building in Basra south of Iraq.

Map. History of Iraq conflict

20 September 2018
Fire near US embassy in Iraq after targeting it by unknown militia from Zayuna neighborhood in Baghdad. Also Rocket sirens sounded inside the US Embassy and green zone which houses Iraq's government and the U.S. embassy
Protesters gathered in front of Muqtada al-Sadr affiliated Saraya al-Salam militia group express support to Sadr "Yes Yes to the leader," they chant.
Protesters are still on the streets of Basra despite the curfew announced by the government at late hours. Situation is already out of control of the security forces.
EU: Protests in South Iraq Emphasize the need for a representative government for all
A human barrier around the headquarters of the Saraya Al Salam e to prevent the burning by Basra demonstrators
1 killed and 35 wounded in Basra today - Ministry of Health
Protesters in Basra burn down the office of Kataib Hizbullah in Basra, Iraq.
Three Iraqi protesters have been killed in Basra, the army militants and PMF commanders are fleeing the city and running toward Baghdad
Protesters are heading towards Iranian Consulate in Basra
Demonstrators in Basra burning HQ of Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq militia
Basra protesters chant: "The army is with us, death to parties."
Basra demonstrators burning headquarters of Badr militia and the Supreme Council and the office of the Iraqi national TV channel
Footage shows Iraqi protesters burning the house of Basra governor. Iraq
Protesters in Basra set the Iraq's State TV main office on fire.
Angry protesters in Basra firing the office of Al Badir organization, after firing the office the animations which have explode .
Basra: Protesters burned the Badr office tonight
Now: Protestors in Basra, Iraq set a government building aflame as anger intensifies over a water crisis and unemployment
Iraqi protesters burning the municipality building in Basra south of Iraq.
During a funeral Iraqi protesters in Basra holding a guns and weapons to protect themselves from Iraqi Army and those who want to break the protests
Protests resume in Basra city.
IRGC hits targets at Piranshahr mountains in west of Iran by artillery cannon.
Source says Iraqi Interior Ministry has arrested an ISIS cell north of Baghdad that was planning to use a series of car bombs at sensitive sites in Baghdad in the name of the ISIS State of Baghdad.
Basra Operations Command imposes a curfew in Basra starting from 15:00 until further notice.
2 week ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Iraq's relations with countries around the world are based on non-interference in the internal affairs of others and respect for national sovereignty:
Iranian artillery shells Kurdistan Region's border areas Iran Kurdistan PDKI PKK Turkey Erbil Iraq Bradost
DierEzor: Iranian militias released video shows military convoy enter to Albukamal city from Iraq2 week ago
DierEzor: Iranian militias released video shows military convoy enter to Albukamal city from Iraq
Shia Cleric Sadr: If the government can't solve Basra issues, it's better to step a side.
Unknown snipers deploying over Basra municipality and governorate build, they're targeting protesters and Iraqi security forces , also unknown force have deployed inside the city they've captured the most of military vehicles and weapons which's belong to Iraqi army
Muqtada al-Sadr calls for parliament to hold special session on Basra
Protests resume in Basra and Nasriya, southern Iraq
Iran shelling Kurdistan Region's Bradost area: Sidakan mayor
Iraq Human Rights Commission: 1 protester killed and 25 injured in Basra yesterday. Security Forces used tear gas and live fire in clash with protesters in front of Basra Province seat of government building. Protesters responded by throwing Molotov cocktails.
Mass protests continue in Basra southern of Iraq , the tribal heads are leading the demonstrations.
Um Qasir port in Basra , Iraq was shut down by protesters earlier tonight. Iraq's only water front to the world.
Basra Municipality Building is on fire
Demonstrators burn three government buildings in the city of Basra south of Iraq
10 people wounded as demonstrations resume in Basra, southern Iraq.
Ongoing clash between Iraqi forces and ISIS in Razaza area between Anbar and Karbala Provinces. Iraq aircraft intervene. Earlier today, 7 police injured in same area by improvised explosive device.
Iraqi forces use tear gas to disperse protesters in front of government seat building in Basra city.
Protesters block the main road to Um al-Qasr port in southern Basra province. Iraq
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