Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi also met with a Kurdish delegation (Gorran, Coalition for Democracy and Justice and Kurdistan Islamic Group) in Baghdad earlier today.

Map. History of Iraq conflict

19 January 2018
Kirkuk Ops completed the inspection of 30 villages today. Summary is organized by unit. 37th Infantry Brigade : Five villages are inspected (Al-Rafayat - Al-Qarab - Sayed Hassoun - Said Effendi - Al-Sakhoul)
Iraqi Forces carried out a successful ambush on ISIS near the Tigris, eliminating several militants. Took place in vicinity of Knaus village.
Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi also met with a Kurdish delegation (Gorran, Coalition for Democracy and Justice and Kurdistan Islamic Group) in Baghdad earlier today.
Iraqi forces and Hashd begin large anti-ISIS operation around Kirkuk
UK Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson has landed in Baghdad.
All entrances and exits closed in Hawija, curfew imposed, as ISIS clearing operations begin, Kirkuk province, Iraq.
Hashd and senior Army commanders meet in Kirkuk to discuss upcoming 'Security Operations'
Iraqi PM Al Abadi: We've achieved victory over ISIS and we'll work hard to restore displaced Christians @iraqichristian and provide security in addition to the rest of the displaced.
Iraq says its oil exports in December were a record high
Baghdad - Security forces arrest 2 militants, defuse bomb west of Baghdad
2 days ago, Iraq army arrested Abu Omar, ISIS' "white beard" executioner who stoned dozens of innocent Iraqis to death in Mosul
Baghdad will pay KRG salaries, says Abadi, but no 17% share of budget.
Brigade 28 thwarted a large attack by ISIS on the border near Tal Sefok killing 18 suicide bombers and destroying 2 SVBIEDs
Iraqi troops kill 15 Islamic State militants on border with Syria
Kurdish govt: no handover of borders to Iraq, joint management instead
Kurdistan Region's Haji Omeran border crossing with Iran reopened.
Iraq Baghdad - Bomb targets army patrol: 2 soldiers injured
Police member wounded in bomb blast north of Ramadi
Baghdad: A civilian was killed in an armed attack near his home in the north of Baghdad.
OIR Spokesman: As part of @Coalition's ongoing campaign to defeatDaesh and defend against terrorist threats, @CJTFOIR is helping train and equip Iraq's Border Guard Force -helping ensure Iraqi security and preventing ISIS movement across the border
Kanimasi base was attacked again
Inherent Resolve:The first group of Iraqi Border Guard Force members graduated today from a 12-day program conducted by members of the CJTF-OIR in Iraq
It's fake
[update: attack confirmed, but only wounds. Fatalities - fake] 11 Turkish soldiers killed in an attack on Turkish Military base near Kani Masi, KRG.
Federal Police out of Tal Afar are designing a robot for explosive ordnance disposal as well as combat operations.
Some photos from yesterday. IQAF was active around Hawija, launching preliminary strikes before 9th Armored Division begins its operation.
Protesters teared down a picture of al-Quds commander Qassem Soleimani in Shiraz. Soleimani is popular for his operations in Iraq and Syria
Three bombs which resemble rocks were found on the route of a major camp of the Iranian Kurdistan Komala party.
PMF leader Qais Khazali publicly states, his forces fought US forces in total 5337 operations in "resistance" era.
New report on @CJTFOIR continuing airstrikes in December against ISIS; many near Abu Kamal and Hawija
Amidst evacuation of Hermon pocket IRGC-linked Iraqi Al-Imam Hussein Brigade showing its presence in Beit Jin area.