Diyala Criminal Court sentences four Al Qaeda members to death

Map. History of Iraq conflict

18 September 2018
3 Iraqi petroleum police on patrol injured by improvised explosive device on road between Kirkuk city and Riyadh subdistrict in Kirkuk Province.
1 month ago
ISIS currently attacking PMF in Zarga area southern Kirkuk.
Fierce clashes ongoing between Turkish army and PKK beneath Del mount, northern Erbil. Turkish army using Helicopters, artillery.
ISIS still maintains control over parts of Al-Rawdah Badiyah in Northeast Deir Ez Zor Desert,all reports that SDF has captured All of Al-Rawdah Badiyah is denied,Also ISIS maintains control over part of the Syrian-Iraqi Border South of Tal Kassir
One killed in dispute over water allocations in Kirkuk
In daylight, ISIS infiltrates into village in Hadr district in southwest Ninawa Province, Iraq, and kills 4 villagers. ISIS escapes into desert. Tribal PMF (Hashd) says such attacks are common.
Turkish Armed forces Bayraktar TB2 drone targeting PKK in Zap district of Iraq
Diyala Criminal Court sentences four Al Qaeda members to death
The ISF are in pursuit of at least 10 ISIS in vicinity of Makhoul after discovering a den near Naml village with abandoned weapons, a generator, food, and medical supplies.
Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani on Monday met with his Iraqi counterpart Haider al-Abadi in Baghdad.
Iraq will take electricity from Saudi Arabia1 month ago
Iraq will take electricity from Saudi Arabia
Between July 23 and July 29, Coalition military forces conducted nine strikes consisting of 11 engagements against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
The women of Samawah distribute fruit to the protestors And the start of civil disobedience in the city of Samawah today
Video shows snipers from Iraqi security forces killing protestor in front of Basra governorate southern of Iraq.
Iraqi Government deployed tanks and Armored vehicles to break the demonstrations in Basra southern of Iraq but the youth demonstrators stood in front of a column of tanks.
ISIS blows up electricity station in west Kirkuk Province, Iraq, affecting power to Hawija and south Kirkuk Province. This comes as protests continue due to poor electricity service.
Iraqi Government and Kurdish Regional Government agree to reopen Erbil-Kirkuk Highway, closed since last year after tensions between Peshmerga and Iraqi Security Forces.
Iraqi Human Rights Commission: Security Forces are preventing protesters from starting sit in in Basra and Muthanna Provinces.
Four tribal fighters killed, injured in attempt to detonate bomb, west of Anbar
East to Tikrit: Photo from today of one of the pylon downed by ISIS
Iraq: demonstrations in Basra, Muthanna and Dhi Qar demand better services and job opportunities
Iraq PM Abadi suspends the Minister of Electricity due to 'poor performance'
After destroying Towers 113 and 114 on the transmission line east of Tikrit, ISIS destroyed a substation overnight which feeds to 10 villages in the vicinity.
Samawah invites people to demonstrate tomorrow through loudspeakers
Footage from Bayraktar TB2 shows the Turkish Air Foce operation to a Pkk cave in Northern Iraq with guided bomb.1 month ago
Footage from Bayraktar TB2 shows the Turkish Air Foce operation to a Pkk cave in Northern Iraq with guided bomb.
1 Iraqi PMF (Hashd) killed and 8 injured in ISIS attack on their convoy in Rutba district, Anbar Province.
OIR Spokesman: The progress made by ISF and SDF against Daesh is creating space and opportunity for stabilization projects across Iraq and Syria. More needs to be done in order to rebuild and restore communities.
Iraqi Federal Police kill 2 militants in Riyadh area of Kirkuk Province. Operations continue.
A delegation From KRG will visit Baghdad today, the Delegation will be lead by Abdul Khaliq Talaat and they'll discuss about reopening the main Road between Erbil/Kirkuk with Iraqi Interior Ministry.
Protests in Tahrir Square in Baghdad continue.
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