Iraqi local police arrest 20 in 2nd Shuhada neighborhood in East Mosul as suspected ISIS members.

Map. History of Iraq conflict

20 September 2018
TSK says a Pkk drone was downed by anti-drone system in Northern Iraq's Zap area.
Iraqi local police arrest 20 in 2nd Shuhada neighborhood in East Mosul as suspected ISIS members.
Iraq: Islamic State Claims Killing 3 Policemen and Wounding 4 In NW Of Diyala.
ISIS attacks Iraqi security checkpoint in Jalula area of Diyala province. Attack was preceded by mortar bombardment. 2 police killed and 2 injured. Situation under control as security forces search for 3 ISIS.
ISIS attacking Jalawla and it's been going for at least 45 minutes now.
ISIS militants attacking Iraqi forces bases around Jalawla, Diyala province. Many casualties reported.
While giving confession in Iraqi court, ISIS official close to ISIS leader Baghdadi says his last meeting with Baghdadi was in July of last year.
Islamic state claims responsibility for gun attack north of Baghdad
Iraq's House Speaker Salim Jabouri condemned ISIS attack in the town of Al-Tarmiyah 15 miles north of Baghdad killing 12, injuring 10 others
ISIS has said it has killed 22 Iraqi soldiers and wounded a further 10 in Albu Farraj region to the east of Ramadi, Iraq.
Iraqi security source says a clash has occurred between a combined US-Peshmerga force and ISIS in Tuz district in Saladin province. A number of ISIS were killed.
ISIS attack on village in Tarmiya district north of Baghdad leaves 7 civilians dead and 13 injured. Iraqi Security Media Center says situation is under control after security forces arrive.
PKK says it has killed 7 Turkish soldiers in north Iraq in past few days.
Fire in Baghdad's Green Zone. Looks worse than it is. A fuel truck caught fire near the American embassy.
OIR Spokesman: CJFLCC deactivated today at a ceremony in Baghdad, signifying the end of major combat operations against Daesh in Iraq. The composition and responsibilities of @CJTFOIR continue to evolve but mission unchanged: defeatDaesh. @Coalition
"The end of major combat operations against ISIS in Iraq" is here - @CJTFOIR announcing the deactivitation of the @coalition's Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command (CJFLCC) HQ Former Cmdr Maj. Gen. Walter Piatt calls it "a symbolic gesture"
US-led Coalition declares an end to "major combat operations" in Iraq
Iraqi local police arrest 3 ISIS in Matahin neighborhood in West Mosul. Other Iraqi forces break terrorist cell and arrest all members in Hammam al-Aliil district south of Mosul.
Director of Iraqi PMU (Hashd) financial directory assassinated in Baghdad.
Iraqi 20th Division kills 3 ISIS trying to cross Tigris River near Mosul floating on inner tubes. The inner tubes were being used to transport food and other supplies.
Iraqi court sentences 19 Russian women to life in prison for their links to ISIS Iraq
4 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Iraq is about to enter a new phase as the Iraqi people vote to choose their parliamentary representatives and next government
Iraqi military court investigating fall of Mosul to ISIS in 2014 authorizes Defense Minister to bring legal charges against Peshmerga for Peshmerga's seizure of Iraqi military equipment in the wake of the fall of Mosul.
Iraqi PM's Office: there are no discussions about returning Peshmerga to disputed areas. We make decisions about where forces go, not the International Coalition in Iraq.
4 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We will not allow Iraq to be threated again; we will target Daesh militants anywhere in the region.
Iranian news agency: resuming flights between Tehran and Erbil after a six-month suspension as a result of the referendum
Islamic State claims the destruction of a 4x4 and the death of 3 Iraqi #ISF federal police officers using a hand-made mine near the village of Nawafal west of Rashad in the province of Kirkuk Iraq
Iraqi 15th Division says it has killed 7 ISIS in Badush area west of Mosul. Iraqi helicopters supported 15th Division in attacks on ISIS tunnels. In East Mosul, police arrest 12 suspected militants.
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) 43rd Brigade kills suicide bomber in Balad district, Saladin province.
Islamic State Claims Destroying 2 Federal Police Bulldozers and A Vehicle In Hawija Of Kirkuk.
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