KRG @PMBarzani is in meeting with US Secretary of State Tillerson in Davos.

Map. History of Iraq conflict

20 September 2018
Yesterday's attack at Gharib village: 25-40 ISIS being involved. A joint force from the Army and Federal Police arrived to the area today. Unfortunately, one of the wounded Brigade 56 died today. Total is 4 dead
A Brigade 51 patrol was attacked by ISIS elements near Sukniat village 5 hours ago. Incident would later end with 1 PMU KIA and 2 ISIS killed.
The @UN Security Council stands united in its condemnation of yesterday's horrific terrorist attack in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Council's full statement:
Speaking at Davos, Iraq PM Abadi says the country needs $100bn to rebuild. Says donations and Iraq's own budget won't be enough to cover this, and so Iraq is seeking private investment
Abadi says Iraq's reconstruction may top $100 billion
Iraqi Prime Minister: Kurdistan Regional Government agreed to hand over all oil to the federal government
KRG @PMBarzani is in meeting with US Secretary of State Tillerson in Davos.
Car blast hits Kirkuk
Iraqi Prime Minister @HaiderAlAbadi meets with Kurdish Prime Minister @PMBarzani and Deputy PM @QubadJT in Davos, #WEF2018.
Iraqi Air Force T-50s - six were already delivered
Turkish Foreign Minister: we are in talks with Baghdad to conduct joint operations against PKK in Sinjar area of Ninawa province, Iraq. PKK are no different than ISIS.
Abu Mahdi al Muhandis has stated that the PMF are moving to secure and maintain important roads along the Iraqi-Syrian border, with the Crowd remaining with the ISF to meet the challenges.
Jens Stoltenberg: Good phone call with Prime Minister @HaiderAlAbadi today. NATO stands with Iraq in the fight against terrorism.
Turkish aviation operations reported in North Iraq
Barzani: We are worried about latest civilian casualties in Afrin, we urge all sides to sit and solve the issues peacefully.
Iraqi Parliament voted on upcoming election date, approved May 12, 2018.
PM @HaiderAlAbadi met today with @CENTCOM Commander Votel and discussed maintaining victory over Daesh while focusing on rebuilding captured and other Iraqi areas, securing our borders, ensuring elections take place on time, and reforming economy.
PM Abadi meets Gen Joseph L. Votel
Iraq condemns German woman to death for belonging to IS
Iraq sentences German terrorist fighter femail to death by hanging
Turkish Foreign Minister arrives to Baghdad.
Iraq Wardiya - Bomb blast kills 1 and injures 4
KRG PM Nêchîrvan Barzani and his deputy Qubad Talabani arrive in Tehran
8 month ago
Turkey's Foreign Minister @MevlutCavusoglu to visit Baghdad tomorrow.
Kurdistan Region's @PMBarzani has met with Iraqi Prime Minister @HaiderAlAbadi in Baghdad.
KRG PM Nechirvan Barzani will visit Tehran tomorrow.
8 month ago
Nasrallah: Their true intentions are exposed. Syria responded and its condemnation is known. Is there agreement with Iraqi Gov? I don't know
8 month ago
Nasrallah: I tell the US, you don't want IS to return then don't make them return. Iraqis and Syrians are capable of dealing with IS
8 month ago
Nasrallah: I have said before, US is using IS to further its own policies. They are using IS to return to Iraq and stay in Syria
8 month ago
Nasrallah: Tillerson announced that US is remaining in Iraq and Syria. Why are you staying? Didn't you say objective was only to defeat IS?
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