Unknown gunmen assassinate a high-level member of the Kurdistan's Independent High Electoral Commission near Family Mall in Erbil.

Map. History of Iraq conflict

20 September 2018
One Hashd al-Shaabi fighter killed, five others wounded in an ISIS attack southwest of Kirkuk Province.
Source close to PKK says PKK has killed and injured 15 Turkish soldiers in northern Iraq. Turkish forces respond with random artillery fire that damages villages and orchards.
Unknown gunmen assassinate a high-level member of the Kurdistan's Independent High Electoral Commission near Family Mall in Erbil.
Turkish warplanes striked several PKK bases northeastern Duhok.
Iraqi MP from Ninawa province: the US is sending money to Peshmerga in order to prepare for a new war that is a great danger to Iraq. The funding will allow Peshmerga to be independent from Baghdad or might go to the White Flag group.
At NATO summit in July, we expect to launch a new training mission in Iraq: this could be another area where NATO and Australia could join forces - @jensstoltenberg
Insurgency grows bolder in west Anbar and across northern Iraq. ISIS moving freely among villages, shopping for supplies, and using threats to enforce local compliance. In many areas, there's simply a complete lack of capable security.
Tunnel found by Iraqi Forces near Qa'im. It was destroyed shortly after.
Iraqi Security Forces prepping for election security seized "truckloads of ammunition and mortar rounds" northeast of Sadr City" says @DeptofDefense spox Col Rob Manning
New electronic system to speed up Iraqi election results: elections chief
600,000 names of dead and duplicate voters removed ahead of Iraqi elections #iraqielections2018
[email protected] says that relations between the US and Kurdistan are developing, "within the framework of a federal Iraq," stressing the ties are decades-strong.
ISIS threatens to target polling stations in Iraqi elections
Iraqi Counter-terrorism service 2nd ISOF Brigade: no units have withdrawn from Kirkuk province. News that Peshmerga is in Kirkuk province is false.
Three people killed, wounded in bomb blast, southwest of Kirkuk
In Kirkuk province, Iraqi Security Forces detonate 12 improvised explosive devices, remove another 250, and arrest 3 militants.
Islamic State claims the killing of an Iraqi army soldier (#ISF) through an improvised explosive device in Al-Asiyoud near #Muqdadiyah northeast of #Baquba in the province of #Diyala #Iraq
Islamic State claims to have killed and wounded several Iraqi #ISF federal police officers during fighting in Al-Khadrah village in western Al-Qaraj in #Makhmur district in the province of #Erbil #Iraq
ISIS militants attack Iraqi army in Hawija, Khanaqin
ISIS wounds four people including two Iraqi police in Khanaqin Iraq
[email protected]: Between April 13-April 19, US-led Coalition military forces conducted 30 strikes targeting ISIS in Syria (23) and Iraq (7)
ISIS Militants attack Iraqi Army in Hawija, Khanaqin
Footage of Iraq's Air Force flattening a Da'ish building in Syria, earlier today
Iraq, Iran, Syria and Russia، the joint intelligence-sharing headquarters in Baghdad today.
Iraqi jets bombed ISIS outside al-Shaddi, Syria near the Iraq-Syria border Thursday. The strike was approved by Iraqi PM Haider Al Abadi: U.S.-led coalition statement
Iraqi F-16 hit ISIS targets in Syria in support of government forces
The air strikes which targeted ISIS positions inside Syria, carried out in coordination with Damascus - Iraqi Army
Iraqi warplanes bombarding ISIS positions inside Syria.
Secretary General of Arab Tribes in Tuz district, Saladin province, Iraq: some entities (unnamed) are cooperating with ISIS. PMU (Hashd) do not perform duties professionally. The atmosphere is not correct for elections. Security bad since Peshmerga left.
5 month ago
Thousands of Iraqis moved to oil-rich Basra in the hope of finding work in the energy industry. Instead they live in cramped and chaotic shanty towns
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